Articles – Israel Shamir Ideas that will Derail the descent to Barbarity Fri, 16 Dec 2016 23:04:56 +0000 en hourly 1 Yuletide Trump Fri, 16 Dec 2016 20:59:18 +0000 It is so dark now in the North. The Sun rises at 10 am to go down at 3 pm. White and plentiful snow and glorious stars outside and Christmas trees indoors make this darkness bearable – just. Here one understands why the people of the North had viewed Yuletide with great anxiety: they never were quite sure whether the Darkness would actually lift and pass away and the Day would gain this year, too. Last year it worked, but who can be sure that this year the Undead creatures won’t keep the Sun in eternal captivity?

Now we are in a similar quandary. Will the sun rise? Will Donald Trump gain the White House from the Undead Ones? Never before in our memory has the President-elect’s progress been so full of uncertainties and so pregnant by possible dangers. It appears that the losers still do not accept their defeat. Like the Germans in 1945, they look for a Wunderwaffe, a wonder weapon to turn the tables and win, no trick is too mean to try.

They will try to influence electors, they may try to prevent Congress from approving their choice, they may try their hand in public disturbances or a military coup. The Yuletide will be anything but peaceful and dull.

Their idea of recount did not work the desired miracle. In vain Ms Stein had turned her fine party into a tool in the hands of Soros et al. Trump is still ahead in the marginal states he won. No state had been shifted into Clinton’s camp.

After the failed recount, they turned on the Russian scare, to wit: the Russians influenced the elections, therefore the results are invalid, and the White House should go to Ms Clinton. Trump is a Russian agent, they say. (Accusing Trump of being Putin’s Man, is as effective as accusing Galileo of working for Satan, or accusing Solzhenitsyn of working for the CIA, said witty Prof Golstein). And the independent media, i.e. rather small internet sites that do not belong to the media lords, (that includes the venerable Unz Review), are Russian stooges and Putin’s agents. “If you are not with us, you’ve got to be a Russian spy”, or words to such effect. How do they think this small band of independent thinkers could sway the millions? By churning out “fake news”? Mainstream media easily outperformed by producing so many “fake news” stories that Putin could never compete. Just by virtue of Putin’s approval? Do they think a Russian agent gets a service magic wand to bend American minds?

Nothing wrong, mind you, with trying to influence elections. It is done all the time. My countrymen Israelis have their mighty AIPAC for such a purpose, and they are usually successful. (And yes, they read your emails). They succeeded in blocking the second terms of Jimmy Carter and George Bush, Sr. They said no man or woman could get elected to the Senate or Congress without paying obeisance to the AIPAC and receiving their blessing. If you object, or even notice their meddling, you would be called an antisemite and expunged from the polite society.

But the Russians could not do it to the US even if they would like (and I doubt they were of one mind about who’s better for them): this is a great overestimation of Russian abilities. Wonderful people, great stamina, beautiful women, good skiers, they excel in arts, yes, they regained quite recently their voice in the media (until two years ago, they could only repeat some Western cliché), fine, but they can’t possibly compete with the one and only world-embracing media syndicate.

It happened that a group of like-minded individuals controls all the mainstream media of the West. Nobody can compete with the NY Times, and the Washington Post and Reuters, Hollywood and the Guardian and Le Monde, and all this media has been united behind La Clinton. What is more important, these Masters of Discourse are fully integrated with an obscure world-embracing entity behind the visible power. This entity influences every election in the world, and it is used to winning. This time they lost, and they can’t still believe it and accept this defeat.

What is this obscure entity, and why is it so hostile to Donald Trump? I’ll tell you. In my young son’s class there was a bully. A silly, but big and strong boy who made the life of other kids, including my son, quite miserable. He enjoyed beating the weak ones, and there was not a nasty trick that he did not try. The bully had a sidekick, a minnow of a boy, who could not harm a baby. We paid little attention to him. It happened that the sidekick was transferred by his parents to another school, as they moved to a far away suburb. And to my great surprise, the big boy ceased to bully other kids. Moreover, he became a good friend of my son and of other classmates. It turned out that the sidekick was actually the evil spirit behind the big boy’s shenanigans. As he was gone, the big boy turned out to be a rather good fellow, real sport, and even his academic marks improved drastically.

The obscure entity integrated with the mass media is the evil spirit that gained possession of the fine strong body of America. And they meddled in, influenced, or subverted many elections in many countries from the days of The Quiet American. In 2014, they paid five billion dollars to organise the coup in Kiev and installed their puppets. They tried to subvert elections in Tehran and in many Latin American countries – and nowhere did they do it in the interests of the American people.

They did it to the Russians, too. When they succeeded in retaining Yeltsin the Drunkard in the Kremlin in 1996, the Time magazine was proud of it and published the cover with brazen “Yanks to the Rescue. The secret story of how four U.S. advisers used polls, focus groups, negative ads and all the other techniques of American campaigning to help Boris Yeltsin win” (You can read the fascinating storyof the US subverting young Russian democracy as it was told by two American expat writers of the ExileD magazine). But it was not the US – it was the evil spirit bend on world domination.

And now they are about to lose their control over America’s mind and body. A few days ago, in Cincinnati, Ohio, the President-Elect had vowed that the US will stop trying to overthrow world governments. No more regime changes, he said. This is a sea change.

That is why Trump has been attacked by the CIA, the most evil organisation in the known universe. Assassinations, revolutions, civil wars, bribery, drug industry are the CIA daily tasks. They are the weapon of choice in the hands of the Obscure Entity, their Nazgul. The CIA is anti-American: American soldiers fight in Afghanistan, while the CIA produces, buys and sells the bulk of Afghan opium trade.

The CIA spoils relations between Americans and people of the earth. The CIA gives lessons of torture to the darkest regimes. The CIA stood by at 9/11, and it pushed the US into new wars since then. The CIA organised and supplied the Middle East terrorists of the Islamic State and al Nusra. They are the guys that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and steamrolled the Iraq War.

If you doubt where do you stand regarding Trump, after the CIA attack on him there should be no doubt. Remember, JFK tried to undo the CIA, but alas, the CIA undid him. Trump is a chance to get rid of this Order of Assassins, or tame it, at least. Wise Trump refused even to listen to their indoctrination lessons, so called “briefings”.

I’ll tell you why he can do what Kennedy could not. The CIA attacked Trump in a way no American president (save JFK) had ever been attacked by his own security services. They claimed that the Russian hackers elected him, not the people of the USA. Anybody else, in the place of Donald Trump, would go into creeping mode and declare his undying hatred to Russia. But Trump selected, or preselected Rex Tillerson, the man who had received the Order of Friendship from Putin’s hands to be the Secretary of State. I’d say, Trump has the balls of best American steel. I did not know they still make such men. If somebody can purge the body of America of the possession by the legion of demons, this man with yellow hair is the one.

The choice of Tillerson is brilliantly good and encouraging after the dreadful rumours that Trump might choose Mitt Romney, or Rudy Giuliani, David Petraeus or John Bolton (hard to make the choice who is the worst one). Tillerson is a man of real economy, he is used to deal with real people and real problems, and it makes sense for Trump to nominate him.

Forget about Democrats and Republicans, this is a fake distinction. There are two parties, the Party of Real Economy (builders) and a Party of Virtual Economy (destroyers), or, if you prefer, people who love their countries and their working people – and agents of the Obscure Entity. Virtual Economy includes finances, military industry, and other no-gooders. Trump is a man of Real Economy who needs no war, but peace for rebuilding his country the USA to make it productive and good for its working people. So he chooses a good practical man of real economy to do his diplomacy.

His adversaries are not necessarily Democrats but the warmongers of the Party of the Virtual Economy, and they can be hard-core Republicans. Tillerson is too soft on Russians, said Foxnews: “We cannot allow the State Department to be led by a friend and ally of Vladimir Putin and continue the disastrous diplomacy of negotiation and appeasement that has handed Putin his greatest victories”. “Friend and ally” would be nice, but these are ravings of a right-wing warmonger that are identical to a tee to ravings of a left-wing warmonger, say, Dan Rather who warned of “a newly aggressive and assertive Russia [led by] Putin a former KGB officer” and therefore Trump Man of Peace has to be discarded.

The warmongers have good reason to be worried. Trump is about to rid America of its worst plagues: the “regime change” neocon guard and the CIA are just for starters. He declared war on the military industrial complex when he said: “The F-35 program and cost is out of control. Billions of dollars can and will be saved on military (and other) purchases after January 20th.”

This is a wonderful news – not only for the Americans, but for the world. Four hundred billion dollars (yes, this is the price tag asked by the company for the unnecessary piece of hardware) poured out of empty Treasury into coffers of Lockheed-Martin would increase the US debt and come instead of much more useful investments. It would lead the world into a new armaments’ race: the Americans, the Russians and the Chinese would spend money on weapons instead of improving their people’s life.

And it would make the world war more probable: as Hillary’s sister-supporter and Bill’s Secretary of State Madeleine Albright said to Colin Powell, What’s the point of having this superb military that you’re always talking about if we can’t use it?

The Masters of Discourse, the voice of the Obscure Entity, sounded alarm. Fortune, the Bankster’s Voice said Trump Hate-Tweeted against Lockheed.

‘Hate’ is a dog-whistle word of the Masters. Their trained obedient and willing slaves know how to respond. If the Masters say that somebody is “angry” or “hates”, it is a sign for their people what to think.

If Israelis kill hundreds of Palestinian kids, the Masters will report in their media: Palestinians are angry and swear revenge. A few days ago, the Masters’ hatched Islamists bombed a church in Cairo, killing about thirty Christians. The Masters’ media obscured this terrorist act so it would not interfere with their campaign for the Islamists in Syria and with movement of Islamic migrants to Europe. So the chances are you did not even know of this attack. And in their meager reports, the Masters’ media would incorporate the dog-whistle word: hate or anger. The NY Times wrote of this mass murder, “angry churchgoers gathered outside and hurled insults”.

No, they did not use “mass murder” expression: it is usually preserved to a terrorist act against Jews, and then no anger, no hate is mentioned, just pure suffering. Alternatively, ‘mass murder’ can be applied for the Russian bombardment of the Islamists in Aleppo; they are “mass-murdered”, the Christians are just ‘slaughtered’.

I get annoyed by the word ‘hate’. It is such a mother-in-law-ish word: “Son, I know you hate me and want me dead!” “No, mama, but I want us to manage our lives ourselves.” So now we know that Trump hates not only women and Jews and the CIA, this monster hates even pure harmless and innocent Lockheed-Martin! It would be better if he kicked kittens, as they accused Julian Assange of doing. The more I hear about Trump’s hate, I am more certain that he is right.

Not only Trump “hate-twitted” Lockheed-Martin: he said he would not fork out billions of the US taxpayers’ money for a new Boeing for Air Force One. He got annoyed when he learned that a general Mark Welsh, yesterday’s Air Force chief of staff, joined Northrop Grumman after granting the company the multibillion dollar contract to build a next-generation stealth bomber. Trump will save your money – and will save us from war, if he makes it to the White House.

But he takes on board so many generals, people complain. Mind you: the US of Trump still will be the biggest and the strongest state in the world community, just without the evil spirit. This spirit still lingers in the mainstream media, where it keeps heaping lies upon lies and bids its time to return and possess again this big fine body with its trustful mind. However, the Trump’s US won’t be the bully we hated.

It will not become an angel, either: rather, a regular great power with its own interests, not more, neither less, as it was in the days of Theodore Roosevelt. This should be remembered when you are told that Trump hired so many generals to his cabinet. It won’t be the mean interfering spirit bent of the world domination, just a great state.

The world is too big to have one master and ruler. The desire for domination is the cause of the monstrous twenty-trillion-dollar debt of the United States; Donald Trump, a proverbial hard-nosed Yankee saw this drain on his country’s recourses, and decided to fix it before it will cause the States’ collapse.

Many years ago Trump gave an interview to Playboy. It makes fascinating and obligatory reading. He understood before everybody else that Gorbachev “will be overthrown, because he has shown extraordinary weakness”. This shows his clear-mindedness in the foreign policy.

He understood the danger of nuclear war: “I’ve always thought about the issue of nuclear war; it’s the ultimate, the ultimate catastrophe, the biggest problem this world has, and nobody’s focusing on the nuts and bolts of it. It’s a little like sickness. People don’t believe they’re going to get sick until they do. Nobody wants to talk about it. I believe the greatest of all stupidities is people’s believing it will never happen, because everybody knows how destructive it will be, so nobody uses weapons. What bullshit.” Twenty five years later, he came to save mankind from imminent nuclear war.

On the question “You categorically don’t want to be President?” he replied: “I don’t want to be President. I’m one hundred per cent sure. I’d change my mind only if I saw this country continue to go down the tubes.” Now he saw it and accepted the job. He will do it well as he does everything.

In order to save the country and its people from looming disaster, Trump wants to cut off the frills of the world domination. The US does not need so many bases, so many aircraft carrier groups. The Obscure Entity wants the US to dominate on its behalf, but the Americans do not need it. In NATO countries, European politicians began to recognise that their bonanza at the American taxpayer’s expense will soon be over. They enjoyed it while it lasted. Their defence budgets were used mainly for conferences, visits, missions and support of friendly politicians.

Until now, the US paid and paid through the nose, payrolling thousands of European politicians and generals. It was not done for the benefit of Europeans who were in no danger from any corner of the earth, it was not done for the benefit of the Americans, either. Now it will be over and out, and the new elites implanted in Europe by the US-nurtured Obscure Entity will find themselves without external support facing their own people.

They will not enjoy it. Consider an English Parliamentary Ben Bradshaw MP. Bradshaw is a typical new elite: a Blairite, an instigator of the Iraq war, ex-Secretary for Culture, ex-BBC, same-sex-married to a BBC producer, he charged his mortgage to be paid by British taxpayer. He is loved by metropolitan gays (“100% support”), but the party working voters are not so keen on him. He hates the new elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who came to power when the British working guys decided to regain their party from the manicured hands of the cultured gay warmongers.

Bradshaw participated in a failed coup of party functionaries against Corbyn despite the popular vote. Corbyn is an enemy of military industrial complex, Bradshaw is fond of wars. He is strongly against Brexit: he wants Britain Bremain under the rule of Brussels, the second capital of the Obscure Entity.

Taking a ride on the CIA attack on Trump, he already proclaimed that it is “highly probable that Vladimir Putin’s Russia interfered in the UK’s Brexit referendum”. His American CIA-connected counterparts would like to give the White House to Clinton despite the will of the American people. Bradshaw wants to ditch the Brexit referendum results, for it was Putin’s work.

This is the profile of the Obscure Entity’s left wing. They do not believe in democracy if it does not deliver what they want. They despise working men and care more for their refined homosexual arty milieu. They love wars; the war against Iraq was nice; and the war against Libya was jolly; they would like more war in Syria, as those wars provide them with fresh young bodies of Middle Eastern boys. A slice of pizza, anyone? They hate Putin for he having stopped the disintegration of Russia – and now of Syria. They see another way of getting rid of the debt: instead of cutting profits of military industry, to nuke Russia, if the threat of war wouldn’t suffice.

The Left had a better past. In the same Playboy interview, Trump said he does not want to become President, but if he would, he’d run for in the Democratic party. “I’d do better as a Democrat than as a Republican–and that’s not because I’d be more liberal, because I’m conservative. But the working guy would elect me. He likes me.”

Twenty-five years ago the working guys voted for the Democrats, but now they voted for Trump, who ran as a Republican – because the Democratic Party became the preferred Party for the Masters of Discourse, obsessed with unisex toilets and gay rights, not with working men. But the Republicans have their own beasts, the “Anybody but Trump” warmongers.

Amazingly, there is a new coalition of “the tree-hugging, NPR-listening granola eaters getting in bed with McCain’s war mongering neocons — all united in their anger at Russia and Russia’s man in Washington” (in words of witty Golstein) and, we’d add, in love to Lockheed Martin, Goldman Sachs and the CIA. It should be encountered by the coalition for peace and reconstruction from both parties.

The nationalist Left formerly activated, and dumped, by Sanders is too weak to deal with the Obscure Entity’s agents by its own, but it can support Trump. Tulsi Gabbard, the wonderful Democrat-against-Wars from Hawaii, can be the model. She is against sending arms to Syria Islamists, against regime changes. Let her, and many others, become the left-wing support of a new Trump coalition, to save the US and the world. A time for a new re-alliance is ripe. That is, if we want the sun to escape the Undead ones and rise again, after the Yuletide.

Israel Shamir can be reached at

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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The Liberation of the Slaves Tue, 22 Nov 2016 21:02:17 +0000 Donald Trump’s electoral victory unleashed pent-up tectonic energies on the unprecedented scale. The world has been changed, much more than could be expected from any election of a US president. Just a short time has passed since election day, but it appears that the New World Order has received a shattering blow. There is a great feeling of freedom in the air, as if the vote broke the chains of a generation, and we suddenly found ourselves free.

As the first sign of this new freedom, there are reports that the dreaded TTIP and TTP, the twin agreements almost imposed by Obama administration on the world, are as good as dead. Trump killed the agreements, said the Germans, and it is a very good news. Just for that, it was worth electing Trump.

Silly activists say they stopped the TTIP and TTP by their own efforts. Bunkum! Without Trump, the agreements would have been duly signed and ratified despite all the protests. Let us give him his due.

I congratulate Trump on choosing Stephen Bannon. He is so heavily demonised by the NWO forces, so fervently called “an anti-Semite”, that he’s got to be good. If Trump will persevere and keep him, it will be additional proof that Trump is fearless, that the magic of political correctness has stopped working and that the word “anti-Semite” does not ruin a career anymore.

I feel sorry for the poor guys and gals who walk the American cities proclaiming their love and fealty to Obama and Clinton. They were zombified into blind trust that the NWO regime was forever, that docile blacks, emotional latinos, delicate gays and clever Jews will always vote as they are told by smart women in pants, while the workers of Detroit would forever cringe under the whip of white male privilege. They watched too many movies and lost touch with reality, like royalists worshipping portraits of the deposed and dead king.

We were all slaves, but slaves of two kinds: slaves willing and unwilling, house slaves and field slaves of the NWO. The “Not My President” crowd are house slaves; they learned to love and obey the masters. Trump freed them, too, but they do not yet enjoy it and beg to be returned to bondage.

Europe is full of house slaves. For a generation, the only way to advance was to become a happy slave, and so they did. There are tens of thousands happy house slaves in Sweden, who learned by heart all the slogans of the NWO, though they carried Sweden to disaster. They agreed to radical feminist rule and to migrant takeover, and all of a sudden it is not needed anymore. Now they face freedom and they do not like it.

But for us, for the field slaves, Trump’s victory is sheer bliss. We hated the slavery, and we shall enjoy freedom, and we shall see through the cheap tricks of our former slave masters who try to frighten us back into the cage.


The New World Order is Dead

We called the old regime “The New World Order”, and we feared it would last long. It came into being sometime in the late 1960s, expanded in eighties, came to its fruition in the beginning of the third millennium, and collapsed just a few minutes before destroying the world. Within this short lifespan, the West experienced an unusual form of highly ideological governance, of futuristic enslaving of the Man, as Orwell predicted.

The majority of the population has been demonised; ordinary people who worked, had loving wives and children, went to church were called ‘fascists’, or “privileged white males”; their traditional Christian faith was outlawed and pushed out of the public space; normal gender relations were cast in a negative light; the propaganda of homosexuality became as pervasive as the Communist propaganda in Leonid Brezhnev’s days, parents and children relations were out of sync; quite ordinary words were banned.

“Hate speech” became the leading NWO crime; “bigot”, a mild term previously applied to elderly colonels, became the worst label one can put on a man, while the mortal sins were tolerated or encouraged. “Anti-Semitism” became an unforgivable crime, and it included disapproval of the Federal Reserve, dislike of Janet Yellen, of Goldman Sachs and rejection of the New York Times. When Donald Trump spoke against international financiers, the ADL screamed “Anti-Semitism!”, though he did not mention Jews at all, for we know who are these financiers. “Greed” went out of use altogether, though it was considered the worst sin or the father of all sins. Probably “greed” became a hate word, too.


The Jewish Century is over

Yuri Slezkine described our times as The Jewish century. It appears that this Jewish century is over, with the election of Trump. The Americans collected enough courage to vote for their interest, instead of doing what they are told. This was a big surprise for the Jews who already planned to enjoy the Jewish millennium. The NWO had been built to last, but so were many other human enterprises, including the Third Reich.

Probably you did not enjoy these last years of NWO rule, unless you belong to the one per cent of the very rich and very powerful, and maybe not even then. Probably you had less security in your job and your income, probably you had to watch your mouth more diligently, probably you felt yourself out of place just by being a straight white Christian man. Perhaps you did not like that your country had been stolen from you and repopulated by foreigners. Perhaps you did not enjoy it when Lena Dunham called for your extinction. But you had no way to even object, without being called a Nazi, and that was a deadly label.

However, the Jews enjoyed the best time of their history. Whoever they accused of anti-Semitism, was expelled from public life. Chemi Shalev, an American-Jewish-Israeli Haaretz columnist, bewept these great times: “It is probably no coincidence that during Obama’s tenure, American Jews reached a pinnacle of social and cultural acceptance. Being American Jews was hip. It was cool. It was the thing to be. Pew Research Polls repeatedly confirmed that Jews were the most loved and most admired religious group in all of America.”

And what did they wish for, these most-loved and most-admired and, by the way, wealthiest Americans? “They support immigration, pluralism, multiculturalism, social reform, government intervention, separation of church and state, gay marriage, abortion rights and on and on. It is easy to see, in fact, why so many of Trump’s radical supporters would view the Jews as their mortal enemies” – concludes Shalev.

Reality is more complicated than he claims. Shalev said “the Jews” wanted NWO. Perhaps this is true regarding the unelected leadership of American Jews. But a sizeable and powerful minority of Jews do not agree with “the Jews”. Some of them prefer Zionism. Zionism is full negation of everything “the Jews” want: no separation of Jewish church and Jewish state, no goy immigration. “The Jews” defend the Muslims from being registered by Tramp, while Zionists register every Muslim under their rule. Until now, the Zionists and liberal Jews did not quarrel, for the Zionists organised the Jewish state, while “the Jews” told the goyim how they should live.

Now the difference caused a split: NWO enemies claimed their support for Israel and Zionism should protect them from (still dangerous) accusation of anti-Semitism. Though Zionism is evil enough, it is evil localised, in comparison with the universal evil being spread world-wide by “the Jews”. It would be better to reject both varieties, and so do many people (including those of Jewish origin). Hopefully, rather sooner than later, we shall reach the point when accusation of anti-Semitism will be met with a disinterested “Is it so?”, and this will remove the unpleasant necessity of choosing between two evils, but we are not there yet. A cautious politician chooses one evil, whatever he considers a lesser one.

In England, Jeremy Corbyn preferred anti-Zionism, but he had to pay for this indulgence by “fighting anti-Semitism”. He sacked some of his supporters, offered extra protection to Jews, but the Jews immediately attacked him. In the US, Trump and his people prefer to flirt with Zionists, and Zionists defended him against the liberal Jews. In France, too, Marine Le Pen befriended Zionists to secure her movement from the broad-fronted Jewish attack.

Zionists are willing to accept Trump and Le Pen. Zionism flourished in 1930s as a Jewish National Socialist movement; it was built to fit Jewry into fascist-dominated Europe and the Middle East. Zionists loved Mussolini and admired Adolf Hitler. They have no problem with befriending any right-wing movement (no comparison is intended). If they would build their Jewish state on a remote unpopulated island, it would be their internal matter, but their Palestine project created too many problems for others.

Zionists are problematic allies for Trump, and the neo-cons are their extremely dangerous offshoot. They should be kept as far from power as possible, for they will charge a high price for their support and lead America into new wars.

Donald Trump can find better Jewish allies than Zionists or liberal NWO Jews. Do not forget: many Jews (as well as non-Jews) voted for Sanders or for Jill Stein. Now Bernie Sanders is looking for a new opening, and Jill Stein is available. Both are known for their anti-NWO and moderate non-Zionist positions; they could be adopted into Trump’s administration. Sanders actually expressed his willingness to work with Trump.

Such a step was made by Menachem Begin, the Israeli right-wing leader, when he came to power in Israel in 1977. He had made Moshe Dayan, a leading figure of Labour whom he defeated in the elections, his Foreign Minister. This wise and daring step strengthened his positions immensely, and undermined Labour for many years.

Trump’s administration with Bernie Sanders or Jill Stein in an important position (Secretary of State? Secretary of Commerce? Secretary of Labor?) would be immune to many attacks and accusations, and it will heal the tear in the society. It will also solve the Jewish problem of Trump and make the NWO Jews and extreme Zionists irrelevant.


Saving Europe

Though NWO excesses were bad enough in the US, they were even worse in Europe, and for West Europeans, Trump’s victory is as important for them, as nomination of Mikhail Gorbachev was for East Europeans. The US troops are still based in Europe, but the spirit is gone. Europe is about to become independent, just before the point of no return had been crossed.

The problem is that many years of American dictate obliterated native European leadership. The European politicians were trained to rule in the name of the NWO and by the US leave. The nationalist far right has ambitions, but no serious leaders of national calibre (excepting France).

A Russian-American professor compared the impending liberation of the West with liberation of the East 27 years ago: “The one party system which the West had since the collapse of the Soviet Union is over. So is the dominance of one ideology and simplistic preachy press”. Indeed, like in the Soviet days, the multiparty system had been practically dismantled in Europe.

There was no difference between “left” and “right”, as the two parties became identical, competing which one will show more fervor embracing migration, fighting anti-Semitism, denouncing white male privilege, imposing austerity, cutting social state, taking children from their parents, eliminating production jobs, restricting the church, giving more money to rich bankers, fleecing the workers and beefing up the security services and the NATO military.

This process started after WWII, as Europe was partitioned and subjugated. Western Europe has been as thoroughly colonised by the US, as the Eastern Europe had been subjugated by the USSR. The colonisers of the Western Europe, the NWO builders from America – I hesitate to call them “Americans”, for many of these people were immigrants from Europe who used the US as their tool to create One World Government. For them, 1945 victory was a great chance to crush national forces, to promote compliant politicians in sync with their plans.

After the Soviet withdrawal in 1990, the NWO people took over the whole of Europe. PC control became total, radical feminism and juvenile courts destroyed the European family, the very concept of parenthood, of fatherhood and motherhood had been delegitimized; millions of migrants were transferred into Europe to replace its population, and every objector has been called a “Nazi”.

The Germans are a special case: after the terrible air bombardments of 1945, after the intensive Holocaust education, they were infected with an exaggerated form of guilt feeling. This once proud and industrious folk had been brought down and turned into obedient slaves. Now they do not want to part with their American masters. Merkel promised Obama to keep the fire on until his return, after the years of Trump pass.

It reminds me of the Roman Empire’s retreat from Britain. Though the legions went home, the post-Roman British rulers claimed they ruled in the name of Rome. Perhaps this ruse will be played again in Europe, and new European leaders will claim they still have American imprimatur – until Europeans will find for themselves their new independent leaders.


Russians are cautious but jubilant

The Russians are happy with Trump’s victory, but they still are not sure. Could it actually happen? Do they see what they think they see? However, the advent of Trumpmania is just around the corner. If Trump will make it to his inauguration, if he will keep neocons and Washington warriors out of important positions, he will have the Russian bear eating out of his hands. And this is likely to solve many problems of the world, from Middle East to East Europe.

If Donald Trump is a belated answer to Mikhail Gorbachev’s peace initiative, he can draw the American troops home, and the Golden Age is likely to descend upon troubled mankind.

Meanwhile we should be happy with the forthcoming retreat of the transhuman agenda, with the end of liberal tyranny, with termination of mass migrations and with attempt to restore the ruined fabric of our society.

Israel Shamir can be reached at

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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Congratulations, Folks! Wed, 09 Nov 2016 21:44:02 +0000

What could be better than waking up in time to witness the last few minutes of the historic race between the Champion of Deplorables and the Best Friend of Banksters, and to see Trump emerging victorious! Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to see these scenes at all and especially in sunny Jerusalem where I am now, and thank you, our American friends, for achieving this victory. You were not scared when they called you “racist rednecks”, you did not despair when the CNN said (yesterday) that Clinton had a 96% chance of winning. You did not sat down with a bottle of beer, you still went to the booths and voted, God bless you.

And thank you those who voted against Trump. Ex-Pres. Bush said he did not vote for Trump – why, this news made my day! I am so happy that we do not owe anything, not a single vote in the victory, to the warring Bushmen. It would be embarrassing to find oneself in the same camp as the Butcher of Iraq. John McCain tried to knife Trump, didn’t endorse him – this is also good news. The FBI boss submitted to pressure and supported Clinton instead of adhering to the law: good riddance!

God bless you, my colleagues and editors of the truly great independent American media, Ron Unz of, Jeffrey St Clair of Counterpunch, Justin Raimondo of! By attacking the corrupted mainstream media, you preserved the dignity and the meaning of our profession, you delivered analysis and opinions to the thinking working men of America.

God bless you, Julian Assange of Wikileaks, in the windowless room in the Ecuadorian embassy in London! You did so much by publishing the documents nobody dared to touch. Without you, the American people would not know of the evil stratagems in the DNC, of the Podesta plots. You unmasked their plans. These discoveries will provide much material to tomorrow’s media. Let President Donald Trump pardon Julian, for all he did, he did for us, in the great battle against the evil globalizers. And while he’s at it, let him pardon Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning, let them go home in honour.

Today, mankind has avoided a great danger. We peered into the abyss of Armageddon and quickly moved away. Now the world can fix its many problems. The Middle East wars will soon be over. With defeat of the Daesh Queen Hillary, the fanatic rebels will leave Aleppo for their bases in the Arabian desert and allow Syrians to rebuild their beautiful land. Let Saudis feed and house the ISIS gangs, perhaps they will be useful camel riders. There is enough space in Saudi Arabia for all the jihadis, let them go there and stay there.

Friendship with Russia will disarm the other source of danger, Eastern Europe. The NATO warmongers will retire to cultivate cucumbers. Estonia will be safe, actually, safer without American tanks. The world does not need so many weapons of mass destruction; the funds can be spent on something better, like affordable medical care for the average Americans. Or indeed infrastructure, as Trump mentioned.

Minority politics did not work. The women, the white women of America gave their votes to Trump, despite being ordered to march with the sisterhood of Madeleine Albright. US citizens of Mexican origin knew they are being used by people who do not care for them: and they did not bother to go and vote for Clinton.

What about the Jews? I’ll surprise you: despite many dark hints to the contrary, Israelis were happy with Trump’s victory. The US citizens living in Israel voted for Trump. Religious Jews (in Israel and in the US) voted for Trump. There was a hysterical scream in the Jewish liberal camp, among the gay parade Jews, or among financial Jews, but this is a small though voluble part of Jewish population.

Indeed Hillary propaganda warriors claimed that all the Jews support Clinton and are afraid of Trump. But not every Jewish woman is called Janet Yellen; not every Jewish man is George Soros (who is very unpopular in Israel) or the CEO of Goldman Sachs, Lloyd Blankfein. Conservative and observant Jews did not like the push against gender normalcy that seems to be the favorite topic for Clinton camp.

Trump’s idea of a border wall is already a success in Israel: such a wall has been built between Israel and Egypt’s Sinai. Before the wall was built, tens of thousands of African job-seekers flooded Israel; since the wall has been completed about one hundred plucky persons made it. The liberals in Israel demanded to provide full rights to the refugees from Eritrea and Sudan, who were housed in the poor Jewish neighborhoods. There was a lot of aggravation, and the wall solved it all.

In short, the claim for “all the Jews” has been as false as the claim for “all the women”. One can expect that the Jews will produce a new community leadership instead of the old one that had been tainted with hatred to working class whites and to the Christian church. It is possible: Jews are very flexible, and they usually know the difference between what they want and what they can get.

The Palestinians I meet these days in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Ramallah do not regret the Fall of the House of Clinton. They have gotten nothing from the Democratic Presidents. They were obedient to AIPAC and quick to veto every pro-Palestinian resolution. Is there a possible solution for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict? Yes, this is called One State Solution. Let Israel absorb all Palestinian territories and populations, give them equal rights, as the Americans did to their minorities. Provided the equal rights campaign in the US had been very popular with American Jews, surely they will love to repeat it in Israel, too.

Palestinian Christians, a big native community, are especially happy with defeat of Clinton who was partial to radical Muslims of the Middle East. They hope the US and Russia will help to rebuild the community and will protect them from the extreme Zionists and Wahhabis’ rage.

The Russians are flabbergasted with Trump’s victory. Yes, many of them hoped and prayed for Trump, but practically all Russians I know of were damn sure that Clinton would win despite the popular vote. After being manipulated for years, the Russians had lost their belief in democratic process. They were certain that the banks, the Pentagon, the Supreme Court and the media will force Clinton’s election through. My friends in the Russian pro-Kremlin media did not believe that in the US, people’s will may prevail over the Masters of Discourse. Ye of small faith, I told them, everything can happen if we want it. Now they learned that not everything is “sxvacheno” (agreed and decided in advance).

Trump’s victory is the great triumph of democracy, the next after the Brexit. Twice within one year, the people of England and America proved they can achieve what they want, even if the globalizing elites of bankers and media will stand against them. We can hope that the elections in Europe will follow this new pattern of true democracy, instead of the fake one practiced recently. France may be first to get her Trump, Marine Le Pen.

If Clinton had won, there would be more transgender toilets, more immigrants and more wars. Not much fun. Now we are entering the whole new world of new ideas and deeds. There are hundreds of suggestions ripe to be implemented. Donald Trump can borrow a leaf from Kennedy’s book and immediately start a nation-wide discussion of what can be done. Trump can harness the energy of the masses like has not been done for a century. And yesterday’s betrayed Sandernistas can take a prominent place in this transformation.

The interesting – and dangerous – part begins right now, after the election. The New York Times has already proposed: “Trump can be a good president. He just needs to forget most of what he said on the campaign trail.” What is good for the New York Times is bad for Trump’s voters and supporters. We hope Trump will avoid the danger of being co-opted by the people who besmirched him yesterday. Let him implement his ideas. And let us help him to lead us into a better and newer world.

Israel Shamir can be reached at

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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I Envy You Thu, 03 Nov 2016 20:48:58 +0000 I envy you, American citizens. I do not care about your military might, nor for your supreme currency, the US dollar. I envy your chance to deal on 11/8 a decisive blow to the rule of the Masters of Discourse. Though the Masters control the entirety of world media, and they decide what people may think and say from Canada to Hong Kong, only you, American citizens, can defeat them. This is a great chance, a unique opportunity not to be missed.

The Masters of Discourse can be defeated. They are not stronger than any ruler of past. Trump has a great quality making him fit for the task: he is impervious to labels and libels. He had been called everything in the book: anti-Semite, racist, women hater, you name it. And he still survived that flak. Such people are very rare.

We know he is against the Masters because every newspaper is against him. I never saw a similar onslaught but once, in Russia in 1996. Then President Yeltsin, an old drunkard who had brought Russia to collapse, had to run for his second term. His popularity was next to zero. Two per cent of Russians intended to vote for him. And then the oligarchs turned on their propaganda machine. Yeltsin’s competitor Gennady Zyuganov, a mild church-going post-communist, had been presented like a Hitler of his days. All the Russian media of the day belonged to oligarchs, and all of it participated in the onslaught. Zyuganov surrendered.

Perhaps he won the election, but he congratulated Yeltsin with his victory. It was said that he was threatened with assassination unless… Others say he was bribed. I do not exclude both explanations, but for sure the might of united media can crush a timid man.

In the days of the Jewish Temple, there was a Magrepha, a wind instrument able to produce diverse and frightening sounds. There is no agreement among the scholars about what sort of thing it was. Whenever it sounded, people were scared.

The media of our days is a new Magrepha. If all of its outputs are united, they produce a terrible roar.

Yes, the onslaught of the media upon Trump had been exceedingly unfair, but he survived it. What is even more important, you survived it. It does not matter what the polls say: they say what the newspapers tell them to say. Even people answer the polls according to the media prognoses: they are shy of saying they would vote for a man who … But at the moment of actual vote, they do what they know is right for them. Not for transgenders, not for Muslim brokers, not even for single mothers, but for themselves.

You have a very good chance to win, and to defeat the witch and her supporters. We learned that the British people voted for Brexit, though all the media said that proposal had no chance. But we also learned from Brexit, that nothing is over until it is over. The Masters of Discourse will try every trick to steal the elections, and only their fear of armed rising may finally force them to acknowledge their inevitable defeat.

We know that in 2015, when Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli Prime Minister, was afraid of losing the elections, he revealed that the American intelligence has some superior software which allows them to falsify the elections. Perhaps, but he won despite this magical software, despite Obama’s wrath.

Even in Israel, that favorite son of the Masters, the Masters are hated. The New York Times is always speaking good about Israel, but still Israelis do not like the newspaper. Nobody likes them, nobody likes an old aunt who tries to tell us what we can say and what we can’t. If Netanyahu could win, Trump can win twice.

After the first debate of Trump and Clinton, people said: She won! But we shall vote for him. This was a very encouraging sign. Indeed every woman worth its salt would win an argument with her husband or son-in-law, let alone a pretender. That is the way we are made. The story of sirens enforces the belief that if you listen to a woman, she will bewitch you. Sirens actually ate the bewitched sailors; our womenfolk do not go to such extremes, but they can cause us a lot of trouble.

Trump seems to be almost pure of heart and deed, as even extremely prejudiced media could not find anything really incriminating about him but bragging about having his way with women. I shall not recount so many proven accusations against Hillary. All of that can be found in the emails revealed by Julian Assange and his great Wikileaks team. The media kept mum about it, but the secrets can’t be kept forever.

There are many practical things Donald Trump will be able to fix. He can return industries home, he can return American GIs home from four ends of the world, he can improve lot of working men. But he surely will set all of us free from the annoying bondage of the Masters. Just for that reason, go and vote, for yourself and for millions of us who aren’t entitled to.

Israel Shamir can be reached at

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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Erdogan Consolidates His Power Sat, 29 Oct 2016 20:48:57 +0000 Turkey is restless. President Erdogan is consolidating his power, trying to get rid of Parliament’s bothersome interference. He intends to reformat Turkey into a presidential republic, assuming the powers of an American president. He wants to be a Caliph, the people in Istanbul jest, and call him “Sultan Erdogan”. And the failed July coup has been used as the pretext for a huge purge in the power structure. However, the result may be better than many observers expect.

That much I learned during my visit to Turkey, where I was given an opportunity to meet Turkish members of parliament, ministers and chief editors of the major mass media. I expected the failed coup belongs to history, but I was mistaken.

Its shadow lays heavily on everyday events in the country. I was shown the debris in the parliament, where a bomb dropped by the putschists fell; there is a photo exhibition showing previous successful military coups with a horrible picture of President Menderes on the gallows. The Turkish coups weren’t vegetarian. The army intented to keep power for itself and for its NATO allies.

The July coup caused death of 240 people, half of them killed at the Bosporus bridge in a confrontation with the army. It is not much compared with the successful coup in Egypt, where the victims were counted in the thousands; and where the army defeated the legitimately elected moderate-Islamist President Morsi.

After the coup, Erdogan began the purge of Gulenists, or Fethullists, as they call the followers of Fethullah Gülen, the father of moderate Turkish political Islam and the creator of the vast school network reaching 160 countries. They were supposed to be the initiators of the coup. It is not really clear whether Gülen and his followers were behind the coup, but they are definitely enemies of Erdogan.

The purge is not bloody but painful: the purged Gulenists aren’t shot, but they lose their jobs and often land in jail. Some seventy or eighty thousand men have been purged, 35,000 are imprisoned. They are judges, army officers, officials and many teachers. 500 persons have been purged from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, some of them refusing to return home when called back. The state of emergency had been declared right after the coup and it was extended a few days ago for an additional three months.

Such emergency justice is notoriously blind: one judge died three months before the coup, but he still was purged for his participation in the coup. Some companies belonging to Gulenists had their assets confiscated, while their obligations and debts remained with their dispossessed owners. It is difficult to defend oneself against such moot accusations as Gulenism.

The Turks answer with a salubrious joke referring to ‘blind justice’: “A blind man screws whomever he can catch”.

The government claims that the Gulenists formed a conspiratorial organisation called FETO, and described it as “a terrorist organisation.” They compare it to Daesh (ISIS), to the Medellin Cartel and (surprise!) to the Jesuits.

However, it is hard to comprehend in what way the Gulenists were terrorists. The worst thing they are accused of is fraudulently obtaining examination tickets for the civil service and thus securing good positions for their followers. This is surely not cricket, but hardly an act of terror.

How can one unmask a Gulenist? This is not an easy task, but there are a few cues to revealing a crypto-Gulenist.

Users of the ByLock messenger system are suspicious. This amateur messenger had been popular with Gülen followers and with some people implicated in the coup. One hundred fifty thousand users of ByLock are being screened. This messenger system had been hacked by the state security services some time ago, for it was very light on security. Afterwards, the plotters switched to the professional WhatsApp messenger. That one offered good security, but it was enough to seize a smartphone of one plotter to gain access to the rest.

Another way to unmask a crypto-Gulenist is to locate the one dollar bill a follower of Gülen received from his guru. I was told by a member of parliament that a true Gulenist often sews his one dollar bill into his underwear, close to his skin.

This idea has been pioneered by Lubawitscher Rebbe of the Chabad Hassids. The late Menachem Mendel Schneersohn also gave away dollar bills and even blessed vodka for his Hassids’ consumption. He conversed with God, and so did Gülen – according to his followers and adversaries. Hassids also tried to obtain influence, with considerable success – but they were never called “terrorists.”

Gülen had been, and remains a very powerful figure in the Turkic-speaking world, especially in the ex-USSR and China, from Tatarstan and Yakutia to Sinkiang (Xinjiang). Youths from Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan studied in his schools as well. The Gülen movement had been considered the leading moderate pro-Western branch of political Islam. Practically all modern Islamists of Turkey passed through his schools. He was the most important ally of Erdogan in his uphill fight against the violently secular Kemalists who ruled Turkey until 2002.

It is being said that the Kemalists were quite pro-American, but they refused to privatise public assets. Erdogan and Gülen were equally pro-American, and they accepted the idea of massive privatisation and sale of assets to American and other Western companies. Much of Turkish wealth is now in the foreign hands, and this is what inhibits Erdogan’s U-turn towards Russia.

While Erdogan and Gülen were friends and partners, Gülen helped Erdogan cut the secular and all-powerful army generals down to size. His followers, well established in the legal branch of government, organised the Ergenikon affair. They had claimed to have discovered a vast ultra-nationalist terrorist conspiracy called Ergenikon and sent 43 generals and many politicians to jail. Erdogan was amazed by this feat of Gülen, amazed and frightened, as this old man from Pennsylvania apparently controlled the legal system of the Republic from police to attorneys to courts.

Indeed Erdogan had good reason to be afraid. In 2013, Gülen demanded that Erdogan let him fill one hundred seats in the Parliament, and when he was refused, he unleashed his legal machine upon his old buddy. In December 2013 Gülen followers in the police and the attorney general office accused the Erdogan government ministers of corruption. Among the accused there was Bilal, Erdogan’s son, and personal friends of Erdogan.

Instead of trying to refute the accusations and argue the cases in courts, Erdogan described the accusations as “an attempted coup.” He went to people, traveled the country, appealed to the masses, and the masses supported him. He forced the police and the courts to close the cases, and began his de-Gulenisation of Turkey.

For people brought up with the concept of Supremacy of Law, this feels like a travesty of the normal order of things. However, the Law is not better than the Legislative or the Executive, it is less democratic, it is less connected to an ordinary citizen, it is more connected to the real power of money. In the US, there is no Gülen or Gulenists, but the judges beginning in the Supreme Court can disregard the people’s will as we observed when they pushed for same-sex marriages or for the right of corporations to buy candidates. They are the Deep State, so their uprooting is not bad an idea.

Yes, we want justice, but we want democracy, too. Once, the US judges were all elected, all connected to the people, but not anymore. In Turkey, Gülen had been too successful in promoting his people to legal positions; he had lost the people’s support. And the Turks were ready to forgive Erdogan even some very real corruption: they felt he cared for the people, while Gülen and his followersdid not. For the legal system, corruption is a crime, and a corrupt politician must go to jail. If a politician is not corrupt, he can be sentenced for an indecent proposal to a woman. Thus the legal system has the power to block any politician, to override the political democratic process. Erdogan succeeded in overriding the legal system.

After his victory in December 2013, Erdogan accused Gülen and his followers of having created Ergenekon affair and arresting many innocent people. Generals and politicians regained freedom.

In Ankara, I’ve met a leader of the Republican Kemalist parliamentary faction, Mustafa Ali Balbai. This handsome, wiry, muscular European-looking (as many Turks do) man did five years in jail for his alleged involvement in Ergenekon conspiracy. He was elected to parliament while still a prisoner, and lately had been freed. “Now the judges who sentenced me are in jail themselves”, he said cheerfully.

Did the Ergenekon plot exist at all? I asked the chief editor of CNN Turk, a powerful network, that played the key role in neutralisation of the July coup. “There was a core of a plot, a tiny core, and it was blown into a monster that it never was”, he said. In other words, there was a conspiracy, but a conspiracy of judges and of security services, the most frequent sort of conspiracy.

As for present purges of alleged Gulenists, one number tells a lot about its extent. The Ankara police had received forty thousand tips denouncing various Gulenists, I was told on my arrival to the capital of Turkey. Wives denounce unfaithful husbands, landlords denounce tenants who are in arrears. It became a universal accusation; naturally the police are not arresting everybody, but a lot of people have been called in for investigation. This campaign reminds of McCarthy’s campaign in the US, or the campaign against Trotskyites in the USSR of 1930s.

For some people, the purge is not consistent enough. An editor of a small newspaper, let’s call him Mehmet, told me: “If they were to purge all followers of Gülen, they would have no party and no Parliament faction. All the party bosses and all ministers passed through Gülen’s network. They purge only small people, the big ones escape the purge.”

However, there is no doubt, Erdogan takes the purge very seriously, as he did the Ergenekon conspiracy purge five years ago. He does not want to have Gülen standing behind his back ready to plunge a dagger in, and he prefers to completely remove completely that network, extensive as it was. Erdogan says that the July coup was the second, while the previous one was the attempt to use police and court in December 2013 against him and his family.

Turkey’s relations with Russia and with the US are directly connected with the story of the two coups. I visited Turkey right after Putin’s October 2016 visit, when the two leaders agreed to proceed with the very important gas pipeline, and completed the last, or the most recent stretch of their zigzagging relations.

The Erdogan-Putin friendship suffered an unexpectedly strong setback in November 2015, when a Russian SU-24 jet was downed by an air-to-air missile fired by a Turkish jet over Syria. Relations were severed, Russian tourists ceased to arrive, Turkish vegetables lost their Russian market, oil and gas projects were shelved.

In June 2016, there was another zigzag. Erdogan sent his apologies, and the relations turned better before the July coup. Possibly this step of Erdogan actually triggered the attempted coup. After the coup, it was roses all the way. In August, Erdogan visited Russia and met with Putin. This was his first trip abroad after the coup. And now, in October, Putin came to Istanbul and signaled that their relations were as cordial as ever. Even the gas pipeline project was signed, putting paid to the only leverage Kiev had on Moscow.

The Gulenists were useful here, as well: the downing of the SU-24 has been attributed to them, though previously Ahmet Davutoglu, the Prime Minister, claimed he ordered it. On the other hand, Davutoglu was close to Gülen and even visited him in 2013, but then, Gülen was still a persona grata in Turkey. It was alleged Davutoglu was being groomed to assume power in case of the coup’s success.

So why did Turkey turn to Russia and away from the US, its old senior partner? Mehmet, the editor, ascribes this move to Erdogan’s well-developed self-preservation instinct.

It appears that the American administration decided to ditch the unruly Erdogan some time ago, and install Gülen’s man Ahmet Davutoglu in his stead. A leading American neocon expert on Turkey, Michael Rubin, had demanded Erdogan’s head for quite a while. In March 2016 he called for a coup, in August 2016 he said Erdogan should blame himself for the coup, and now in October he predicted, or rather called for another coup.

The new putsch is expected on November 10 or thereabout, and it will begin with Erdogan’s assassination, it being said. Erdogan considers his partnership with Russia and friendship with Putin give him his only chance to survive politically.

The Americans are upset by Erdogan’s attitude to the Syrian Kurds. The Turkish president cares about preserving Turkey, the rump state of the vast Ottoman empire intact, while the Americans prefer to dismantle Turkey altogether, and create a Great Kurdistan from the mainly Kurd-populated areas of Turkey, Iraq and Syria.

The Americans would like the Syrian Kurds to unite their enclaves, but Erdogan does not agree and actually stopped their offensive.

Now the battle for Mosul is a new point of disagreement. Turkey, says Erdogan, has certain rights on Mosul. The city and its area had been illegally seized by the British, the Turks say. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk tentatively agreed with Mosul being given to Iraq only in 1926, well after the Treaty of Lausanne (1923). And now Erdogan objects to Mosul being taken from the Daesh and transferred to the Kurds. The people of Mosul are also far from happy about the perspective of passing to Kurds or to the predominantly Shia government in Baghdad.

In the struggle for Mosul and for Aleppo, in the battles between Kurdish enclaves in Syria, Erdogan goes against the will of the US. The problem is that there aren’t many important Turkish leaders who are ready to stand up to Washington. The Kemalist opposition and the Gulenist forces prefer to accept the American line, more or less.

If Erdogan loses in a power struggle, Turkey may collapse into a civil war: between Turks and Kurds, between various Muslim movements and Kemalists. This was the purpose of the July coup, I was told by Ali Mustafa Balbai, the Republican MP.

It is not an easy time, for sure. The Turkish lira went south. The agenda has been changed: once, Taksim square demonstrated against Erdogan, now they demonstrate against the overwhelming presence of Syrian and Iraqi refugees. Not only the European Right: Turkey also feels there are too many refugees. They are afraid the battle for Mosul will force the two millions inhabitants of that city into Turkey.

And the demonstrators are different. It is ordinary people who demonstrate against the influx of Syrians, while the educated and Westernised Turks demonstrated against Erdogan. The latter are quite unhappy and discuss whether they have a future in Turkey. The political class is unhappy, too. They do not cherish the authoritarian rule of Sultan Erdogan. Gulenists are extremely displeased. The generals are still reassessing their positions after so many purges. And the long-standing dispute between the secular and religious populations goes on unabated.

While the US has a definite idea which way should Turkey should go, its competitor, Russia, just does not care about Turkish internal politics. Or about anybody’s else internal politics. The Americans under Obama, and presumably even more under Clinton are likely to interfere; to impose their rules from swimming suits to same-sex marriages. The Russians do not interfere.

This is their tradition since the times immemorial. They did not interfere into private life of Uzbeks and Tajiks, and Chechens, and Finns, and Poles. That’s why inside Russia one can find areas ruled by Muslim law, by Buddhist tradition and even by sheer polytheist custom.

For the Russians, Erdogan is a valuable partner, and they let him – and other Turks – decide whether they should have a parliamentary or a presidential republic and whether girls should go in a scarf or without. You may be sure the Russians will not teach them what to do in their private life. This is a big advantage of having the Russians for allies.

We shall see whether having such good allies is enough in order to survive. Much is hanging upon the US elections: Erdogan was furious when Ms. Clinton referred to Kurd ambitions. But then, the whole world waits for the decision of the American people.

Israel Shamir can be reached at

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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Nuclear Poker Mon, 10 Oct 2016 01:39:40 +0000

If the greatest poker game of all times will end by nuclear grand slam, and the survivors will review the causes of WWIII, they will die laughing. The Third World War had been fought to save al Qaeda. Yes, my dear readers! Uncle Sam invaded Afghanistan in order to punish al Qaeda, and now he started the World War to save al Qaeda. Positively a great ambivalent passionate love/hate relationship between the American gentleman and the Arab girl, from 9/11 to Aleppo.

For the future historians, the WWIII commenced with the US decision to terminate bilateral talks with Russia over Syria. Let the arms do the talking, they said. Here is an exclusive revelation:

The US decided to suspend talks after Russia called for withdrawal of al Qaeda (al Nusra Front etc.) fighters from Aleppo. This was the casus belli.

I have in my possession two war-starting documents:

Document One, headlined October 2 Agreement. This is an American draft of an agreement presented by State Secretary John Kerry to Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. Its first line said “The Russian Federation will ensure an immediate halt on October 3 to all offensive military operations etc.”. It is based on the older short-lived Lavrov-Kerry agreement with an important addition: “without the previous requirement for repositioning of forces”.

Document Two, called Reducing violence in Aleppo, full-scale humanitarian assistance to civilian population, setting of “effective Cessation of Hostilities” and separation of moderate opposition forces and Jabhat Al-Nusra. It is subtitled “position document draft”. This is the Russian counter-proposal, confirming the Geneva agreement of September 9, 2016.

Its most important part is the call to separate al-Qaeda fighters (aka terrorists) through pushing the terrorists out of Aleppo via humanitarian corridor to the Castello Road.

This Document has been answered by American termination of talks.

Thus, the Russians wanted to take al-Qaeda out of Aleppo, so the city can be fed and brought back to life. The Americans were ready to start armed hostilities against Russia for the right of Al Qaeda to remain in the city.

In other words, the Americans did not believe in their own myth of moderate opposition. They knew, as well as the Russians, that without “terrorists”, the insurgency in Syria is doomed. They did not want to let Syria be under Assad and with the Russians.

As usual, they made a lot of humanitarian-sounding noise about suffering children of Aleppo. Why Aleppo, and not Mosul with its mounting victims? Just because the killers of Mosul are supported by the US? Why not Yemen, where Saudi troops using American weapons (procured after giving a hefty bribe to Clinton’s war chest) to kill more children than there are in Aleppo? And where is this great sisterly supporter of Mme Clinton, Mrs Albright who famously said “it was worth it” to kill five hundred thousand children of Iraq?

There is no doubt, the Aleppo children and grown-ups suffer, and there is a simple way to stop their suffering: to remove the “terrorists” and to allow more moderate forces to join in the political process. But on this way, Assad and Russians will remain in control of the bulk of Syria.

The insurgency in Syria would have died out long time ago, if the Gulf states and the US did not pump billions of dollars, heaps of weapons and wagonloads of jobless fighters from nearby countries. It would be very sad for many people, but not a terrible disaster for Syrians. Sometimes, rebellions end with defeat. This is not end of the world.

The Irish Rising of 1916 ended in defeat, but Ireland is still there. Tamil Tigers failed to take over Sri Lanka. The suppression of the Confederacy in the American Civil War has been bloody and cruel. Atlanta was burned and its citizens expelled by force. One million dead: much more than in Syria, as mankind was much smaller in those days. One can imagine the European force landing on the American shore and relieving Atlanta in the name of human rights, preserving the Confederacy. But it did not happen. Civil wars have their own logic. A defeat of rebels is not the end of the nation.

As a young idealistic Israeli soldier, I planned to go to Nigeria and join the Biafra rebel army. I thought the Ibo tribe are “Jews of Africa” who had to be protected from a coming genocide. At the end, I was stuck in the Attrition War at the Suez Canal, and the Biafra war ended without my interference. In spite of apocalyptic predictions, Nigeria was reunited, and Ibo reintegrated.

The Syrian war also can end with rebels’ defeat. The government will assume its control, the Syrians will run the elections, and eventually come to a modicum of co-existence. Are you worried the elections under Bashar Assad won’t be fair? The US can loan them Mrs Debbie Wasserman-Schultz to oversee the elections. I am sure, chances of Assad won’t be better or worse than those of Mrs Clinton in the US elections.

The al-Qaeda forces (I keep using this name, for they forever change their official titles; it was Al Nusra, and Ahrar al-Sham, and probably Squirrels’ Union for Syrian Nuts, but they are basically the same good old Al Qaeda that bombed out New York on 9/11 and had been bombed in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya) are on their way to defeat. If the Americans are so keen on them, ship them home to the US on direct flights Aleppo-Washington, as this city seemingly is most pro-Al-Qaeda place beside of the caves of Bora Bora. Probably the Democratic Party will greet them and President Obama will grant them the US citizenship.

The only way to save al-Qaeda (short of the described above) is to start war with Russia. And this is actually the choice the US administration is about to make.


Provided the US can’t be serious planning to destroy mankind while saving Al Qaeda, we are forced to look for a better explanation. I do not want to dwell too much on “conspiratorial” reasoning of “for the sake of Israel”, or for gas pipeline.

These explanations are valid. We know that the US supported Qatari plan to build a pipeline from the Qatari gas field to Europe to undermine the Russian economy and European dependence on Russian gas. We know that Hillary Clinton promised to break up Syria “for the sake of Israel”, as she wrote in a wikileaked email.

And still, these are just rationalisations of the true thing. I’ll tell you the real reason.

Why the war? For the fun of it. American leaders appreciate brinkmanship, I was told by a very prominent American insider. This is a human quality. Young kids like to walk at the edge of the precipice. This is their way of proving they are better than their mates. Grown ups do it too, for the same reason.

Brinkmanship is the practice of causing a situation to become extremely dangerous in order to get the results that you want, says a too-rational dictionary, but in real life of elites, the reason (“in order to get the results that you want”) has been forgotten. It is pure art, brinkmanship for the sake of brinkmanship.

For quite a while, the US leaders competed over who can push the Russian bear further, who will take the world more close to the edge of the abyss. Why? Just because it is there, as Mallory said on climbing Everest. Perhaps, by its size, by its ostensible clumsiness (“giant on clay legs”), by its nearness, Russia wakes up such a suicidal desire in the hearts of powerful leaders, from Napoleon to Hitler.

Practical, quasi-rational reasons were always very weak, and usually included saving the Russian people from their cruel rulers, be it Judeo-Bolsheviks or the Tsardom of Knout (humanitarian intervention is not a new invention!). Now it is saving kids of Aleppo.

True, the kids of Aleppo could be saved by removal of fighters out of the city, but it does not score in the brinkmanship game.


The Russians understand the game. They are trying to save Syria, and their positions in Syria; previously they tried to protect their positions in their immediate vicinity by taking the Crimea in the wake of the West-arranged Kiev coup. Every time, they tried to be reasonable. They did not like what was done to them, but they lived with it.

Now they have finally come to the conclusion that the US will not stop pushing until the challenge has been met. It is surrender, or war. Even if they were to leave Syria (and they have no such intention), the Americans will find the next reason for pushing them.

This is why Putin published his Plutonium and Uranium decrees. These decrees symbolised the end of Gorbachev-Yeltsin era and undid the “victory in the Cold War” of the US over the USSR. In 1980s, the two superpowers of the time achieved the MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) military potential, but beginning from 1986, Gorbachev, and afterwards Yeltsin surrendered the Russian positions. Many missiles were dismantled, nuclear warheads were broken and shipped to the US to be used as a source of energy for American reactors.

The Russian scientists and experts complained that extremely expensive plutonium and enriched uranium were sold for peanuts, efficient and deadly missiles were broken and Russian ability to fight the enemy had been diminished. But the Russian government said that Russia has no enemies, the US is a friend, and the missiles and the warheads are not needed anymore.

A few years ago Putin began slowly to restore and modernise the nuclear arsenal. This was almost too late, as the American Dr Strangeloves called for a first nuclear strike upon a weak Russia. They said there will be no payback, as the Russian nuclear weaponry is too old and can be intercepted by the newest American anti-missile systems. Anyway, Russia observed the agreements made by Gorbachev and Yeltsin and duly shipped plutonium and enriched uranium to the West. These agreements made the US safe, and kept Russia vulnerable.

If the US would play its cards safely and fairly, this situation could last for a long time. Until now, the Russians meekly responded to the crescendo of NATO threats and accusations. But now, in course of one week, the western mainstream media accused the Russians of multiple war crimes, from downing the Malaysian liner in the Ukraine to bombing a humanitarian convoy in Syria.

The Russians are positive that these accusations are groundless. Less than 8% of Russian responders believe the Russians attacked the liner. They think the liner had been shot down by the Ukrainians who thought they were attacking Putin’s jet. As for the humanitarian convoy, the BBC video clearly shows traces of thermobaric ammo Hellfire, used by the US Predator drone. Such a drone has been observed at the place of the tragedy, they say.

Putin has been demonised as Milosevic and Saddam, compared to Hitler and even (oh, the horror!) Trump. The New York Times editorial described Russia as an outlaw state. This concerted push made an impact. You never know how far you can push until you push too far. The Russians were pushed too far.

They began to dismantle the system of agreements made after the Soviet collapse. So, in a family quarrel, the man being pushed and pronged by his hysterical spouse, lifts a pile of china plates and smashes them on the kitchen floor. Now nuclear war is quite likely, – unless the US leaders will come to their senses.

Russians aren’t worried about the forthcoming war. There is neither panic nor fear, just cool stoic acceptance of whatever comes. This week, some forty million people participated in a huge civil defence exercise. Shelters of Moscow and other cities have been aired and repaired. They do not want war, but if it comes, it will be met. The Russians have fought many wars against the West; they never started a war, but invariably fought to the finish.

An American attack on Syrian or Russian bases in Syria could be a starting point for the avalanche. I am truly amazed by the Russian spirits: they are considerably higher than they were in the days of Korean war, of Vietnam war or the Cuban crisis. Then, they were scared of war and ready for sacrifices to avoid MAD. Not anymore.

This readiness for the Armageddon is the most unexpected and scary feature I observed. It is even more unexpected, as the daily life of an average Russian has greatly improved. Russia probably never lived as good as she does now. They have much to lose; it is only the feeling of being cornered and unjustly so, that makes them to react in such a way.

The audacious demands of Putin: lift all sanctions, pay for damages caused by sanctions and counter-sanctions, remove your troops and tanks from the Baltic states, Poland, other late-joiner NATO states – show that the stakes are indeed high. Not only the US leaders can walk at the edge of the abyss: the Russians can show them the art of brinkmanship. After the utter humiliation of 1990s, Russians are not likely to turn off the road where two nuclear juggernauts are speeding towards each other.

There are some signs of the Americans coming to their senses. “The president has discussed in some details why military action against the Assad regime to try to address the situation in Aleppo is unlikely to accomplish the goals that many envisioned now in terms of reducing the violence there,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters Thursday.

And even the warmongers’ best friend The New York Times has published a call: Do Not Intervene In Syria.

So perhaps we shall live a bit longer.

Israel Shamir can be reached at

This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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Pizza and Vodka Secrets Coming Out Thu, 15 Sep 2016 17:41:06 +0000 The recent Syria agreement signed in Geneva by Kerry and Lavrov (probably it will be remembered as “Pizza and Vodka deal”, as the journalists have been served these delicacies by the negotiating teams during the time they had to wait for the results) beside the points disclosed by the foreign ministers included five documents. The US insisted on keeping the content secret, despite Russian insistence to make them known. Here is what we learned about the contents of the secret documents and the negotiation process from our usually reliable Arab and Israeli sources.

The secret documents describe what should happen in Syria after the cease-fire will come into effect. The first day of cease-fire is called Day D. The Russians wanted it to begin at noon, while the Americans preferred sunset on Monday September 12, 2016. The American view prevailed. After first two days, at D+2, if cease-fire holds, the Russians and the Americans will extend it for a longer time. This actually happened on September 14, in a telephone conversation between Lavrov and Kerry. They extended it for another 48 hours. If it will hold for a week, hopefully the sides will extend it indefinitely and proceed to the next stage.

The sides will go into delineation of territories controlled by ISIL, Nusra and the moderates. Then ISIL and Nusra will be bombed to smithereens by the Russian and American Air Forces, while the moderates will be left in peace. The delineation, or the separation of sheep from goats is an old Russian demand that the Americans never fulfilled. Now, at least, they promised to do it. While ISIL could be “delineated”, Nusra is the strongest fighting opposition force in Syria, and it is connected with almost all other rebel groups. Without Nusra, the rest of rebels have little chance.

That is why a biggish rebel group called Ahrar al Sham insisted on extending the cease fire over Nusra-held ground, and refused to join the Cessation of Hostilities regime. Other rebel groups are also much distressed over Nusra’s misfortune.

Not only rebels; the Pentagon and Israelis also want to keep Nusra as their strongest force against Damascus. Ashton Carter, the US Secretary of Defence actively participated in preparation of the document by trying to block it or derail it altogether. Like the Israelis, Carter wants more war in Syria. He is one of the strongest anti-Russian voices in the Obama administration, and he would be very happy to humiliate Russia in Syria.

During the negotiations in Geneva, Kerry called the Pentagon and the White House every few minutes. The negotiators could not proceed with even the smallest amendments without approval by Carter or Obama. And Carter tried to improve upon the preliminary agreement of Obama and Putin concluded in Hangzhou. Eventually the last word was that of the US president and (with great difficulty) the agreement has been signed, but the feeling is that the Pentagon is unhappy with it and won’t regret it if the agreement fails. Carter even made his displeasure known as soon as the deal was signed.

A Kerry-Carter agreement would be a good thing; perhaps the State Department and the DoD can also agree to a cessation of hostilities, the negotiators joked. The Pentagon is in cahoots with the rebels and tries to curry favour with them, said Lavrov. This remark was connected with the previous stage of the negotiations, with the nasty surprise served by Michael Ratney. The US Syrian envoy threw open the door to the diplomatic kitchen where the Americans and the Russians had cooked a secret deal. Our negotiations “aren’t based on trust”, said the polite envoy; he accused the Russians and their Damascus allies of acting “in bad faith”, and stressed that “The United States has not begun to coordinate with Russia in Syria, militarily or otherwise, whatever the Russians say”.

The Russians were properly annoyed. It is bad enough to see your confidential deliberations made known to every Tom, Dick and Abdul; it is worse to be accused of bad faith and to hear about lack of trust. The worst was the misrepresentation of the Russian positions. Ratney claimed Russians will enforce the no-fly zone for the government air force all over Syria; they will end the siege of Aleppo. Bashar Assad was stunned. The Riyadh-based opposition added insult to injury demanding “regime change” and “Assad must go”, while the US presented this particular opposition group as the legitimate representative of Syrian people.

Ratney demanded a “complete cessation of military operations”, withdrawal of government’s vehicles and heavy weapons, opening of Aleppo and then “stopping the regime planes from flying”. He wanted to keep Aleppo accessible not only for humanitarian aid, but for weapons as well. The Russians insisted on Syrian government checkposts on the road to Aleppo; Carter and Ratney were against it.

We can tell you that according to the signed agreement the Russian point of view prevailed. The traffic to Aleppo by Castello Road will be monitored and checked. The humanitarian loads will be checked at the point of loading into the trucks and sealed. More checkpoints on the road will check that the seals aren’t broken until the trucks unload their stuff at the UN warehouses in Aleppo. The idea is to prevent arms being delivered in the humanitarian convoys, as it happened many times with deliveries from Turkey.

The checks will be done by the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, and later by a UN agency. The civilian, humanitarian and commercial traffic will be able to roll to and fro Castello Road freely, subject to checks. The rebels and the government forces will not snatch each other’s territories, will not improve their positions in the designated areas.

The Pentagon demanded a no-fly zone for the Syrian air force all over Syria, but by the agreement, the Syrian air force will stop flying battle missions only over designated areas. The Russians say this condition will not undermine their strength, as the Syrian military aviation is anyway a negligible force in comparison with the Russian Air Space Force, and the Russians will keep flying. They proved this point on September 14, as they bombed away a rebel force that took positions threatening Palmyra.

Any Syrians including armed rebel fighters can leave Aleppo by Castello Road freely to any destination whatsoever. This is an important point. If they want to fight, let them get out of the city. If they are tired of war and want to go home, let them. This was the Russian view as well, while Pentagon insisted to keep the armed and fighting groups in Aleppo. It is not clear what will happen with non-Syrian fighters; perhaps they will be able to get out after laying down their weapons.

After one week of no hostilities, the Americans and the Russians will set up the JIC, the Joint Implementation Center, where they will share information and jointly fly missions against ISIL and Nusra.

And in a short while, the political process will resume, under auspices of Staffan de Mistura, the UN envoy in Syria. This is no less problematic than the military part.

The sides hold very different views: the US and its allies apparently prefer to carve Syria into a few statelets: a Sunni statelet, a radical Sunni statelet, a Kurdish statelet, and the rump-Syria containing the Alawite and Christian territories with the Russian bases. On the other hand, Damascus and Moscow prefer to keep Syria united.

Whatever is the outcome, fate of Aleppo, the second biggest city of Syria, is paramount. Some limited successes of the Syrian army and its Russian and Iranian allies in Aleppo (they cut supply routes to the rebel-held part of the city) already had caused quite a crisis in the Russian-American relations. The liberal interventionists felt fresh air in their sails and published touching pictures of suffering civilians calling for Western intervention “to save people of Aleppo”. The harsh word “ultimatum” hovered in the air, while the US administration tried to make a new record of brinkmanship. The Damascus government hoped to liberate Aleppo and consolidate the territories under its control, while the Americans wanted to keep at least half of Aleppo in the hands of the rebels to prevent Assad’s victory.

The turning point was the Obama and Putin discussion in Hangzhou. The meeting had been tense. The leaders exchanged a stare of death, much photoshopped. The Washington Post said Obama gave Russia an ultimatum, make or break proposal; Russians fumed, especially as the meeting has been preceded and followed by two rounds of additional “sanctions”, on September 1st and September 6th.

Despite these problems, the agreement was reached. What next? After the cessation of hostilities will be established, there should be negotiations between the Government and Opposition in Syria, but the US and its allies would like to keep the government of Bashar Assad out of negotiations. They actually prefer to limit negotiations to the different groups of rebels, as they say, President Bashar Assad had lost his legitimacy, he said. The Russians disagree. They say: the government representatives sit in the UN, there are ambassadors and embassies in Damascus. You may dislike Assad, but that does not make him illegitimate, said Lavrov to Kerry.

Now the arrangements of the cease fire are not proceeding smoothly. The UN personnel supposed to man checkposts should get visas; Damascus does not want to give visas to the British: they could be spies, they say. They agree to Indians, or other neutrals. The UN and the Red Crescent waited for assurances of their safety from the government and the rebels, and apparently none were forthcoming. The rebels are reluctant to move away from their positions, and the government troops were waiting for them to move. But the general level of violence has been greatly reduced.

The chances for success or failure are more or less even. Nusra keeps a low profile in the North, but they instigate other groups to refuse the cease fire. Pentagon is not keen to share information with the Russians. And the Russians can’t make peace alone. On the other side, the Syrians are very tired of war, and they are happy to have even a lull in violence. The next few days will show whether this agreement will lead to peace, or will it being used for the sides to consolidate and improve their positions for the next outbreak of fighting, as it happened in February.

Meanwhile the government forces have a new (or rather old) enemy: Israel. Israelis support Nusra forces in the vicinity of the armistice line between Syria and Israeli-occupied Syrian Golan Heights. As Nusra fought against the government army, some shells flew over and fell on the Golan territory. The Israelis used it as a pretext to attack Syrian army. The Syrians said they downed two Israeli planes, a fighter and a drone, by their old reliable Russian-made anti-aircraft missiles. Israelis deny that with unusual vehemence. It seems that an Israeli drone has been downed, while a jet, even if it was hit, succeeded in returning home.

The Syrian government gave a lot of publicity to this encounter in order to stress that the rebels fight on Israeli side against their Arab brothers. But friendship between Nusra and the Jews is hardly a secret: pictures showing Israelis helping Nusra fighters appeared in the Arab and Israeli media. And this assistance is not limited to medical help: Israelis are determined to keep the Syrian army farther away from its borders.

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A Lousy Dancer Thu, 08 Sep 2016 19:35:28 +0000 A lousy dancer blames the uneven floor, and Mme Clinton had proven to be an unexpectedly lousy dancer in the competition for the presidency against the blundering New York tycoon. We would expect her to win or lose graciously, as befits a former First Lady, but gosh, she is clumsy – and blames her lack of grace on poor Mr Putin.

He is sure hell of a guy; visitors to Berlin’s AltesMuseum queue up to witness his similarity to the marble bust of Caesar. This is so uncanny that Ms Clinton may be forgiven for claiming the almighty KGB switched the first-century original for a Russian-made fake. You know Putin served in Berlin in his early years.

Caesar was renowned for his multitasking; he could dictate seven letters at once, wrote Pliny. But even Caesar lookalike Putin can’t play the role prepared for him by Ms Clinton and other mainstream Western politicians, that is to bear blame for all their shortcomings.

Last week Frau Merkel had lost an election in her native state of Mecklenburg to a new nationalist party. An honest politician (if such a creature can be envisaged) would confess that by inviting hordes of refugees (however deserving) to Germany and by surrendering German sovereignty to the secretive TTIP rules, she had landed a double blow upon German workers, and they voted against her. Instead, she blamed her defeat on Mr Putin.

Ms Clinton decided to blame her spectacular lack of success on Putin, as well. If she were honest, she’d admit that she is unpopular, even among her own milieu. The scandals around the reptile—sorry Clinton—Foundation do not die but multiply daily, as it seems that the greedy couple charged per meeting and per government contract.

Did Putin ask her to rake millions of dollars from Haim Saban, the Zionist billionaire, or from Wal-Mart, the scrooge of American trading companies? Did Putin beseech her to use a private email server and to mix official and personal business? Did Putin force her to swear she will destroy American coal mines if and when elected? Did Putin convince her to open America’s gates to one and a half billion Muslims, as she said?

Did Putin falsify the Democratic primaries to bring Hillary Clinton her victory over Sanders? Did Putin write the fiery speeches of Sanders unmasking Clinton’s alliance with the “giant vampire squid” of Goldman Sachs and hundreds of thousands dollars they paid her for her “talks”?

Did Putin organise Clinton’s diary in such a way that even the partisan newspaper, theNew York Times said she spends her pre-election time with the ultra-rich instead of speaking to her voters? She goes to the places where people pay $250,000 per person to meet her – by Putin’s advice?

Did Putin push her to call people who consider vote for Trump “racists and bigots”? Did he tell her that will scare them rather expectedly annoy them?

No, he’s a great guy, but such a feat is well above his abilities. Clinton should be afraid of the American people who do not want to take her lip, her greed and her chutzpah for granted. And apparently she is. That’s why she blames her own mistakes on Putin.

Clinton’s supporters, her tame intelligence officials and senators say they are worried that Russians will meddle in the election process and “sow public distrust”. Russians are not needed for this job. Their work – if that is what they want – is being done by Clinton and her supporters.

How can the public trust Clinton who, while being a Secretary of State, solicited Qatar for private donations, and then authorised shipment of American weapons to Qatar’s client terrorists? How can the public trust Sanders, who condemned the Clinton Foundation as a source of corruption, and now has endorsed Clinton while establishing his own foundation under the same rules he condemned?

The claims that Putin is likely to interfere with the results of the US elections are ostensibly based on some obscure hacking incidents in Arizona and Illinois. There is no tangible proof of anything, less of all of Russian involvement, but such a possibility is discussed. My bet is that the establishment wants to prepare Americans for voiding or overturning the election results in the likely case of Trump’s victory. If Trump wins, Clinton’s gang (including the incumbent) will scream “Putin did it!”, they will void the results and pass the buck to the Supreme Court where Ruth Bader Ginsburg and her colleagues will proclaim La Clinton the winner.


“Nobody ever meddled in the US elections, before Putin came” – this claim of Clinton and her supporters in the media and the intelligence community sounds as improbable as a harlot’s protestation of virginity. Putin has no tools or opportunities to meddle. Putin’s Russia has the GDP of Italy, Julian Assange correctly explained when he was asked why he does not attack Russia. Russia is just not in the same league as the US (or China) – though this thought is very painful for a Russian who remembers the greatness of the Soviet Union.

Russians do not meddle in the US elections, and Putin did his best stressing his non-preference: we’ll work with whoever will be elected by the American people, he said in the tense interview with Bloomberg’s Micklethwait. “We are ready to work with any president, but, of course to the extent that the future administration is ready. If someone says that they want to work with Russia, we’ll welcome it. And if someone wants to get rid of us, that will be a completely different approach.”

Putin really does not want to meddle and interfere in what he considers “internal affairs” of another country. He is too much of a gentleman. He famously did not interfere in the Ukrainian affairs in February 2014 when he could have the whole of Ukraine by supporting the overthrown president Yanukovich. He did not interfere in the Georgian affairs when his troops stood at the doorstep of Tbilisi in 2008. He is even less likely to interfere in the US elections.

It is the US that usually meddles in other states’ elections by promoting pro-American politicians, and often successfully. In Europe, from Sweden to Italy, in South Korea and Japan, in Israel and Saudi Arabia, – pro-American politicians lead ruling parties and opposition parties, as well. Only new far-right parties had remained relatively free and that is their key to success.

It is less well known, but the election (or selection) of Mikhail Gorbachev to the post of Communist Party leader in 1985 was achieved by successful US and British “meddling”. His main competitor Mr Grigory Romanov’s plane was delayed until Gorbachev had been enthroned, while Gorbachev’s visit to London was been presented as the sign of universal approval.

The US leaders meddled in the Russian elections in 2011, when VP Biden called upon Putin to remove himself from the race, the US Ambassador McFaul had met with the opposition and Hillary Clinton encouraged the rioters on Moscow streets.

It goes without saying that modern Russia is quite unable to meddle in the US internal affairs with any chance of success.

The claim that Russian hackers provided fodder to the Wikileaks has no basis: now we know that the damning DNC correspondence was leaked by a DNC staffer, the late Mr Seth Rich, who was subsequently assassinated by persons unknown. I would not believe in the story of state-employed Russian hackers for two reasons: Russians are sticklers for rules, and besides, they are forever watched by the NSA, as we learned from Mr Snowden’s revelations.


However, meddling is a normal and usual thing. Israel always “meddles” in the US elections; remember a few months ago the candidates competed about who would be the best at licking AIPAC’s boot (or whatever they are supposed to lick), and Hillary won, hands down. You can read the fascinating Unz story how the British agents successfully “meddled” in the US Presidential race of 1940 ensuring re-election of President Roosevelt and eventually pushing the unwilling US into the Second World War. This story could be supplemented by the Jewish-American meddling in the British politics in favour of the pro-war Mr Winston Churchill.

As for Clinton vs. Trump, in the beginning of the election campaign Kremlin had no preference indeed. Many Kremlin officials preferred Ms Clinton as a familiar face, while they viewed Mr Trump as a dark horse. The pro-Western camp within the Kremlin walls (yes, it exists and it is quite strong) tried to build bridges with Clinton campaign, using Ms Elizaveta Osetinskaya of RBC as their envoy in Washington.

However, the violently anti-Russian propaganda churned by Clinton’s campaign and by Hillary personally changed the mood in Moscow. Anti-Russian hysteria of such magnitude has not been seen even at the height of the Cold War, in the Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan era (notably Republican politicians). The campaign against Putin’s Russia mirrors the campaign against Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, and we remember that the newspaper columns were followed by columns of tanks.

Now the prominent US newspapers and sites publish aggressive anti-Russian philippics. Putin is the 21st century’s Hitler –says Newsweek. “President” Vladimir Putin of Russia should not be trusted . I put “President” in quotes as in 2012 he was not properly and freely elected and so does not deserve the respect that the term gives.” – fumes Forbes.

What would you do, if you were a Russian president? Mind you, Clinton people passed a message to Kremlin saying: this is just a PR campaign, take it easy. Still, Putin has all reasons in the world to be worried.

Some American strategists of neocon vintage – and some generals, too – believe they can destroy Russian missiles by a sudden nuclear first strike. They call it “pre-emptive”, though what is it supposed to pre-empt, is a riddle.

Russians must consider that the media campaign may prepare the Western populace for such a strike. President Obama is aware of this consideration, and that is why he proposed declaring a No First Use Nuclear Policy. However, his proposal has been assailed by the U.S. cabinet officials and allies, reported WSJ.

In the last month, the Russian military has experienced sudden high alerts, checks and inspections. Forces of the Southern Military District, as well as parts of the forces of the Western and Central Military Districts, the North Fleet, the High Command of the Aerospace Forces, the command of the Airborne Troops were set on full combat readiness.

A general feeling is that the world war is possible, if not imminent. President Putin has strong nerves, but no system is totally foolproof. It is possible that the present Clinton-led anti-Russian campaign is aimed at the US voter. But it is equally possible that these calming messages should facilitate a powerful nuclear strike at unprepared Russia.

Perhaps what we think is a replay of 1939 is a replay of 1941, when Germany suddenly attacked Russia, despite their non-aggression treaty. In 1941, the attack had been preceded by many calming and comforting messages from Berlin. A Russian leader must consider such a possibility, for such campaigns of hate can find dynamics of their own.

This article was first published in The Unz Review.

Israel Shamir can be reached at

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A Crooked Mile Wed, 24 Aug 2016 22:43:35 +0000 The “crooked mile” from the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes (“There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile etc”) is Fleet Street, which is well known to London journalists. So I was told when I joined the BBC at Bush House, at the very end of Fleet Street. Not only is the street itself crooked, but so are many of its occupants. Crookedness is a professional problem for the media.

However, in older times (let us drop a hint of nostalgia) a journalist had a choice. He could work in a newspaper supporting Tories or Labour or Liberals. Now there is no difference: all British newspapers including the Guardian hate Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader.  In the US, all the media hates Trump. There is simply no choice for a reader or a writer!

The only-one-opinion media is the worst thing you can find. Look at what it did to the Russians! I do not mean now, when they have the whole supermarket of ideas, but in 1991.

Exactly 25 years ago, in August 1991, I witnessed Russia’s Mother of All Colour Revolutions, as an Arab poet might call it. It lasted for three days. The Media Masters produced and broadcast a wonderful show of people rising against their tyrants, braving tanks and kicking down a statue or two of their oppressors. You’ve seen such showsbroadcast by the same team from Kiev’s Maidan or Cairo’s Tahrir or indeed Baghdad. The results were equally dismal.

The revolution was so much hot air. The old regime collapsed like a house of cards; not a single shot was fired in its defence. There was a collusion between the old Soviet elites and the Masters of Discourse, between the KGB and CNN.

An Emergency Committee established by the last defenders of the regime, acted out a bad old wolf; they called upon the army to bring tanks into Moscow, but did not dare to arrest Yeltsin. The tanks did not move against the rebels and served as a props in this great show.

Moscow folk poured out in their thousands to greet Yeltsin, braving the perfectly innocuous tanks and the tame KGB. There was practically no resistance: Communist Party members in their millions accepted capitalism; theonce-mighty KGB fell on its back like a puppy eager to be petted; the army obeyed the new rulers.

There were no victims (except for three boys who got under a reversing armoured vehicle and were given the title of Great Heroes of the Revolution and a state funeral).

The show of liberation and glory has been just a show; the reality was grim. This is always the case with those immensely satisfying productions: they look good, but there is a hell to pay for. It was nice to see jubilant crowdsoverturn the statue of Felix Dzierżyński in Moscow (just like Saddam Hussein’s in Baghdad), but the modest, safe, productive life of Russians was over. The vast wealth of the Soviets, accumulated by the intensive work of generations, has been divided and shared by a few (mainly Jewish) oligarchs. The rich became obscenely rich, while the middle class perished.

Russian men’s life expectancy dropped down to 58; fifteen million men and women died of this rapid change for theworse. The population’s steady growth has been reversed into fast decline. There were 150 million Russians before the ’91 revolution, the number dropped to 142 and only now has reached 146 million, still much less than in the Soviet days. If we deduct immigrants (and Russia has the world’s 2nd largest number of immigrants, about 12 million, after the US), we’d get even worse figures. Industry has been destroyed. Science, arts, cinema, theatre, media were ruined – unless these were of immediate use for the oligarchs.

Only ten years later, with ascent of Putin, Russia began its long climb back. Just recently she managed to regainher pre-1991 level.

Why did well educated, literate Russians allow themselves to be tricked in such a way? The answer is  the Crooked Media. The Soviet society was highly centralised, there were few checks and balances, no opposition, no free political media. Mikhail Gorbachev had held the supreme powers of a Tsar. Such a structure is highly susceptible to betrayal or even to a gross miscalculation. As Gorbachev decided to submit to the West, he passed control over the media and cadres to a fully paid and owned Western spy Mr Alexander N Yakovlev. In a few years, the Soviet media made a full turn around, and now it beamed a simple, single message: Communism was a mistake, or worse: a crime, Americans are our friends; accept their guidance; and you will live like the Swiss (?!) do.

The Russians were very naïve. They did not trust their old media, but they yet had no immunity against the new one. Their new media was as totalitarian as the old one, just its bias has been changed. The Russians discovered that their Pravda lied to them, and they made the wrong conclusion that the New York Times would tell them truth.

They did not know that nursery rhyme about a crooked man is a good description of mass media. They accepted the changes that pauperised them. Thus I learned that media can convince people to act against their own interests.

A similar process is now going on, 25 years later, in the US. The totalitarian, united mainstream mass media, concentrated in a few (mainly Jewish) hands tries to take over the public mind. Ostensibly, Americans, sturdy individualists as they are, do cherish their plurality of opinions, their freedom of thought and speech. They understand that the Coalition of Minorities will empower the Iron Heel of bankers, military and spooks and it will extinguish their right to vote for whom they choose. The experience of 1991 taught me that it is as difficult to fightthe Masters of Discourse as it was for the children of Hameln to disregard their Piper. Still, this time the Crooked Men may yet lose just because they discarded the cloak of impartiality.

Michael Goodwin wrote: “The shameful display of naked partisanship by the elite media is unlike anything seen in modern America. The largest broadcast networks — CBS, NBC and ABC — and major newspapers like the New York Times andWashington Post have jettisoned all pretence of fair play. Their fierce determination to keep Trump out of the Oval Office has no precedent. Indeed, no foreign enemy, no terror group, no native criminal gang suffers the daily beating that Trump does. The mad mullahs of Iran, who call America the Great Satan and vow to wipe Israel off the map, are treated gently by comparison.”

“The U.S. media is essentially 100 per cent united, vehemently, against Trump, and preventing him from being elected president.” – said Glenn Greenwald, and he noted that it will not help them. People who vote for Trump will not care about media spin, like the people who voted for Brexit did not care about arrogant British elites and their media spin masters. They prophesied but their prophecies failed.

Indeed, a false prophesy is the oldest trick in the book. Whenever they say that Trump is doomed to lose, that their polls and their analysis determine his failure is unavoidable, remember: they lie. Sputnik News Agency, one of a very few outlets still independent from the Spin Masters United, revealed: Donald Trump has made a political comeback for the ages, but the media has gone silent about a major new poll that shows that Trump now holds a two point lead over Clinton, nationally.

Not that it matters too much. The polls are just a device to convince you to support their candidate. Nobody knows the result unless one intends to rig the elections. And this is a real danger that should be met, not discounted.

Michael Moore added another ploy saying that Trump does not want to win. Some people in the Counterpunch, including Jeff St Clair, picked it up. What they actually mean is that they would say different things or they would use another strategy. For instance, Trump did not use the $400 million transfer to Iran as a peg to attack the administration. Doesn’t it mean he does not want to win?

Not at all: this was a wise and principled decision not to rock the nuclear agreement with Iran. This agreement is a good deal, and it is better to keep in place. Perhaps Trump paid attention to Unz’s story of American POWs who were left to die in Vietnam because the US administration preferred to renege on the promised payment to Hanoi. The US owed more than $400 million to Teheran; this transfer had to be done, and a responsible statesman would avoid attacking it even if it was a good opportunity to goad Obama.

It seems that Trump is doing well, and if his nerves wouldn’t fail him and his supporters he’ll have a chance to defeat the Masters of Discourse and let the world live its own way – something the Masters of Discourse can’t tolerate.

This does not mean all Trump’s strategies are perfect. His harping on the Muslim theme appears to be useless. Mind you, I am always against mass immigration, Muslim, Jewish or Buddhist, and if the US – and other countries – will stop this modern slavery trade, I’d say Amen. But the US has no Muslim problem, and a very few Muslims at all. Obama regime did not allow Iraqi or Syrian refugees to come to its shores in substantial quantities. Ten thousand a year: why, that’s what Greece gets in a day!

Perhaps Trump hoped the Jewish supporters will flock to him, as American Jews embrace and finance every bloody-minded European anti-Muslim nationalist of Netherlands, Denmark or England. But this scheme misfired. Anti-Muslim Jews are plentiful in the US, but they cold-shouldered Trump, as Kevin MacDonald established. They want to spread distrust and hatred between the natives and the Muslims of Europe, but in the US? This is too close to home. Once your natives are made aware of a difference between a Muslim and a Christian, they can discover a difference between a Christian and a Jew. So, if Trump thought he will get Jewish support in exchange for anti-Muslim policies, he miscalculated.

While Trump’s anti-Muslim campaign bore no fruits, he became the standard-bearer for freedom of mind versus Masters of Discourse. “I’m not running against Crooked Hillary,” he told a crowd. “I’m running against the Crooked Media.” And this is the most important message of the campaign.

Now there are better chances to defeat the Crooked Men than ever before, as the MSM loses its position versus social networks and free internet. The social networks are also biased and manipulated; still, they are more free and less centralised. However, the MSM should be broken, democratised and de-monopolised. The US managed to break up the mighty Standard Oil in 1911; it should be possible to break media into small independent companies in 2017. Otherwise, we shall always be fed with propaganda. Media is necessary, but the present monopoly must end.

The Masters of Discourse love to create a media event and spin it until it occupies the whole of the world agenda. Do you remember a poor little Syrian kid who was found drowned on the Mediterranean shore? This very sad, very tragic, but hardly exceptional event has been spinned and beamed until the German chancellor proclaimed she will accept all Syrian refugees. This is exactly what the spin masters wanted: to overflow Europe with refugees, to create there another Coalition of Minorities, to overburden the welfare state and to cause collapse of Europe as an independent entity.

Now they choose another baby picture in Aleppo, Syria as a trigger for military intervention. This death is a tragic event, as deaths of another hundred thousand of Syrian children is. If Hillary Clinton would not ship mountains of weapons to the islamist extremists in Syria, these children would be alive. Would an armed intervention by the West return them to life? No, the best way out is pacification of Aleppo and of the whole Syria. The armed rebels may leave Aleppo safely, while the civilians will remain in their homes, at peace.

I do not believe these tragic pictures are being shown in good faith. So many Palestinian children were killed by Israelis, but their pictures never stopped the endless flow of American military aid to Israel. Palestinians tried to publish photos, and made zero impact. They were condemned for publishing “war porno”. So these dog-whistle words and pictures are supposed to act only when the spin masters use them. It is manipulation, not compassion.

If we want peace and prosperity, justice and mercy, we should break the spell of the crooked media upon people. The crooked should be made straight, in words of the Bible. This is the most important message of these times, and the late August is a good time to act upon it.

This article was first published in the Unz Review

Israel Shamir can be reached at

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The Reluctant Enemy Thu, 04 Aug 2016 19:26:45 +0000 The DNC 2016 reminded me The Triumph of the Will, the paradigmatic film of Leni Riefenstahl. The fiery oration of “four-star general of the Marine Corps” General (retired) Allen, ready to kick ass of the Russkies, flag-waving, hysterical rhythmical shouts Uoo-eS-Ay, runaway aggressiveness, military pomp and above all exceptionalism of “America is great because America is good”; the United States as an “indispensable, transformational power in the world,” the poisonous mix of Uber Alles and Manifest Destiny fits like a glove to the matrix established at the 1934 Nazi Party rally in Nuremberg, Germany.

There similarity ends: the Demo version is all for the bankers and against the workers, while the Nazis called themselves “the workers party” and spoke against financial capital. The Nazis said they were for the family and the majority, the Dems say they do not care for workers’ votes, as they have enough votes from feminists and queers.

And the Jews are now for, rather than against. The Jewish news agency JTAdescribed General (ret) Allen fire-breathing delivery as “the Jewish moment at DNC … to further reassure the security hawks in the Jewish community” as he promised that “our armed forces will be stronger”. Bill Clinton came with a button saying Hillary in Hebrew, mobilising the Jewish community for Clinton and war. The devoted Zionist Rupert Murdoch published in his New York Post naked pics of Mrs Trump.

An American Israeli writer Bradley Burston wrote in the Haaretz newspaper a piece called This is the war, and Trump is the enemy. We knew that US elections are not for vegetarians. Mark Twain’s witty Running for Governor is an evidence they were and are a no-rules-and-no-prisoners-taken fight. Still, such pieces as that of Burston will easily turn the elections into a shooting, not shouting match.

If your only objection to Nazis was that they were beastly to Jews, you’ll have no objection to American militarism.

The presidential candidates announced their choice of the enemy. Carl Schmitt, a great political philosopher of the last century, said the choice of an enemy is the most important political choice, more important than the choice of a friend: this choice was sealed at the DNC. While the Enemy according to Trump is unemployment, outsourcing, immigration, wars abroad, neocons and free-wheeling allies, the Clintonites chose, or rather confirmed, the Russians as the Enemy.

In words of Jeffrey Sachs, “Hillary is the candidate of Wall Street. Even more dangerous, though, is that she is the candidate of the military-industrial complex supporting every war demanded by the US deep security state run by the military and the CIA.” And now she and her party set their sights on Russia.

The Russians have no say in this decision: they were formally appointed to the high post of The Enemy of the Empire, and this appointment requires no agreement of the victim.

Why were the Russians chosen? Who else fits the bill? The US war machine needs an enemy, and the world is not that large. Europe is subdued and occupied. China is too big, India is too soft, the Arabs are too small. Japan was fitted for an enemy in early Nineties, but surrendered. Putin perfectly understood the US war machine’s search for an enemy when he proposed to Americans at the UN they fight the Islamic State together with Russia. This nefarious Islamic State remains a possibility that will have to do, meanwhile, but for a greater and more serious enemy, able to attract nice budgets, Russia suits best.

Russia has an additional charm: it is a successor state to the USSR, that was the designated enemy for the West for a long time, until 1991. Thus it is a traditional enemy. Hillary as a Goldwater Girl supported the most warlike Russia-hating candidate, and apparently she still remembers the thrill. It is true that Russia’s enemy status had been explained by the satanic nature of godless communism, and this explanation is as dead as a dodo, but explanations are not reasons, they are secondary rhetorical devices. The reason is the need for an enemy so the war budget will grow nicely and keep generals and weapon manufacturers in the lifestyle they are accustomed to.

Liberal-interventionists are wonderfully good at explaining away why fighting an enemy chosen by the war machine is necessary and good for mankind. They are too good at it: they succeed in demonizing the enemy to such an extent that peace become impossible. For them, every adversary who did not duck fast enough is a new Hitler. Now it is Russia and Putin.

Russians often wonder what can be done to avoid American wrath. The answer is nothing. This is not Crimea, as before Crimea there were other explanations, notably the lack of gay adoration, a refusal to let Russian children be exported abroad for same sex “families”. Before that, there was Putin the dictator. Even earlier, there was corruption, Russian mafia and unfair ownership of abundant resources that should belong to mankind meaning to the US corporations, as per Madeleine Albright. It makes no sense to fight explanations, for the Russians can’t change the reason: the real need of the US war machine is to have an enemy.

Americans should decide whether they want to keep fighting new Hitlers and enrich generals, bankers and mass-media owners. If they want this, Clinton will do nicely. Listening to these guys brings America to war with fearsome regularity. But if they do not, they have a choice.

Donald Trump is not a “lesser evil” – he is a fearless man who intends to change the US paradigm from war to peaceful tending of its own garden. I am amazed by Trump’s fortitude in the affair of the dead Muslim officer and his family. The story is clear: this man died for the US war machine in a war of aggression that killed (and continues to kill) millions of Muslims and Christians in the Middle East. He died, in effect if not in intention, to bring the Islamic State to power. His father disgustingly used his son’s death to promote his son’s ultimate killer. Trump said something quite soft along these lines, and he was assaulted by his enemies in the Party and outside. I would cringe and collapse in face of such attack, but Trump did not give in an inch.

Notably, the most warlike Republican Senator John McCain condemned Trump for speaking against the fallen soldier and his family. This is the same McCain who betrayed his fellow soldiers in the captivity of Vietnam. Ron Unz convincingly proved that McCain was the man whose mendacious testimony doomed the POW and MIA American soldiers to remain forever and die in the foreign land. This horrible crime notwithstanding, he became a Senator and a spokesman for the war machine. He blessed the Islamic State, he arranged a photo-op with the head-chopping monsters in Syria and Iraq, he called for delivery of weapons to the Ukraine. One of the first deeply satisfying acts by Donald Trump was his refusal to endorse the old criminal for re-election due this month. Hopefully good people of Arizona will send him to hell where he belongs.

An enemy can be used in many ways. Clinton used Russia as a means of changing the subject. While Wikileaks published the hacked DNC correspondence showing that followers of Clinton committed massive fraud by discounting millions of votes for Sanders, and her position trembled, they accused the Russians of the hack, Wikileaks of being the Russian tool and Trump of being Putin’s stooge.

Our colleague in Counterpunch was astonished by “the howls of indignation at Russian hacking of U.S. citizens’ communications. Have whistle-blowers not made it known to us that the NSA maintains records on the phone calls and internet activity of virtually everybody, everywhere? That they routinely monitor the communications of Angela Merkel, the pope, the UN Secretary General etc. without any sense of shame?” We know from Snowden files, that the US surveillance of Russian communications is near total. The State Department is proud of its interfering in elections in other states, including Russia.

So even if true, such a hack would be a case of what goes around comes around. I would welcome the Kremlin helping those forces in the United States that stand for peace with Russia and for democracy in America. But it is not the case. The Russians aren’t involved in the DNC hack. The Intercept said that NSA would know that, and the NSA did not confirm the hack.

So-called “pointers” of Russian involvement could be easily planted or manufactured. There are many Russian programmers outside Russia, in Israel and the US. “If hackers wanted to make it seem as if they were coming from Russia, they would put strings of Russian in their code and then compromise a machine somewhere in Russia and use it to launch the attack”, said USA Today, definitely not a Russian fan. I closely read all the reports: they are full of weasel words “likely”, “one can’t exclude”, “it stands to reason”. The headlines are bold and decisive: “The Russians did it”, but small script is far from conclusive.

Julian Assange said: “There is no proof of [Russian involvement] whatsoever. We have not disclosed our source, and of course, this is a diversion that’s being pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign. That’s a meta-story. The real story is what these emails contain and they show collusion. The very head of the Democratic party, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, is now being forced to resign.”

There is no doubt that the publication of emails has been beneficial for the public. Julian Assange did a great thing disclosing the plot against the American people when he published the DNC emails. A long time ago, when I first met him, he told me: we shall uncover the plots of the elite against the people—and he was true to his promise.

Russians are nowhere in this story. I’d hail their participation, if they would unmask the DNC fraud, but they try to keep at arm’s length from Western dissidents, such as Assange and Snowden.

If Julian Assange were as close to Russians as they insinuate, he would be now in Moscow, not in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Actually the Russians were quite suspicious of Wikileaks, and for a long time they suspected it was a covert operation of the US secret services. In the same time others suspected it was a Mossad operation partly because Israel Shamir was there, and partly because no dirt on Israel was published. So Wikileaks was at once attacked as a Russian, American and Israeli spy outlet, and this is a perfect proof that it was none of those.

The Russians did not want to take Snowden, as well, and Snowden did not want to come to Russia. He was on a connecting transit flight from Hong Kong to Moscow, where he was supposed just to change planes and continue to Venezuela via Havana. It did not work out, as his US passport was cancelled by Obama. Snowden spent over a month in very uncomfortable conditions in Moscow’s Sheremetevo Airport, until the Russians agreed to give him temporary asylum.

In short, Russians were and are unwilling enemies. They prefer to be friends, or at least partners with the US and European states. They do not want to quarrel, let alone fight a war. Now they are busy organising their life. They had spent a fortune doing a complete facelift of Moscow, turning this rather grim and rundown city into shining and comfortable European megapolis with bicycle paths, new trees planted in tens of thousands, houses painted and roads brought to mint condition.

They seriously fight corruption: provincial governors, ministers, generals on the take have found their new home in Lefortovo Prison. Greedy personal friends of Putin like the head of Russian Customs lost their jobs. Godfathers of mafia families go to jail, too, beginning with the biggest of them. It appears that Putin decided to undertake the fifth labour of Hercules: he is cleaning the Augean stables of Russia, undoing the criminal webs formed in the days of President Yeltsin.

For this reason I believe that Donald Trump has a chance to change the ways of the world. He can stop the war machine, and put the money to work for the benefit of the ordinary Americans. Instead of spending a cool trillion on new nuclear weapons he can repair the infrastructure, bring industries back home and make the US great again. He will be able to do it because the person Clinton wants to have as the enemy, namely Vladimir Putin prefers friendship and partnership.

This article was first published in The Unz Review.

Israel Shamir can be reached at

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