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Find More Articles By Glogoczowski

For quite a long time we did not send out articles by our Polish philosopher- friend Marek Glogoczowski, while he is as active as always. Here is his heady mixture of theology, philosophy and politics-in-real-time. Freedom of thought and speech in action :-)

USA Intelligent Project 2007/2008: Happy Hanukkah 2007 + “Year of Mind-less” 2008?


Huge Menorah in front of Washington’s “House of Robbers”


Not all Christmas Greetings I’ve received this (still 2007) year were “merry”. Israel Shamir has shared with me, for example, in the French edition of his Noël’s message, the following sad observation:

Célébrer Noël, c’est un acte de défi, de résistance aux forces obscures qui veulent détruire notre monde. Le monde que nous connaissons se dégrade rapidement ; nos ennemis avancent chaque année dans leurs projets de domination totale de l’homme. Depuis que nous avons commencé à publier ces lettres en 2001, l’Irak est tombé, Gaza et Bethléem sont assiégées, de milliers de foyers américains sont pris d’assaut, la France et l’Allemagne sont tombées sous la loi de l’ennemi. (To celebrate old-fashioned Yuletide – and I hope you do it – is a heroic act, as heroic as it was in 1942, and your celebration is an act of defiance, act of resistance against the dark forces who want to destroy our world. etc.”)


But of these numerous X-mas 2007 greetings, which I’ve received via e-mail, one has stricken me in a very unpleasant manner. It was mailed by an unknown to me individual of Serbian origin, dwelling at present somewhere between European Low Land (Holland) and North American “Land of the Free”, and writing under the pseudonym of “SRPSKA ARMIJA”. He has sent to his “undisclosed- recipients” the following message “SRETAN BOZIC - MERRY CHRISTMAS - HAPPY HANUKAH”, suggesting that Christmas and Hanukkah (or Chanuka) commemorate Happy for Humanity Events of the same kind.


Reading such Sretan/Merry/ Happy Greeting I started to wonder whether under the term “Srpska Armija” is hidden an enthusiast of the internationally famous Human Rights Fighters Army, otherwise known as US Army. The same Army, which has terrorised, with thousands of bombs of all kinds, his native Serbia for the whole 77 (7 x 11) days in spring of 1999. Where from originate this my suspicion? Simply, the Jewish religious Hanukkah celebrations have become the official festivity of the otherwise “religion neutral” US government, and thus also of its glorious Army (200 wars during 200 years of USA survival!). Please see this message, which I received just prior to X-mas from my Pol-Am correspondent:


“On December 4th a huge Menorah was erected and lit in front of the America’s White House. A radical Jewish supremacist organization called Chabad Lubavitch sponsored the menorah and it was lit by the prominent Jewish extremist and torture advocate, the new U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey. In America you cannot put a Christian cross on public ground; no symbol representing any aspect of the Christian religion is allowed. Christmas manger scenes, for example, have long been deemed illegal. But while crosses are banned from the White House and any public place, huge Jewish Menorahs are going up by the thousands all over the United States as well as in many European countries. ... Menorahs symbolize what the Jewish religion calls miracle of the lamps and commemorates the Jewish military victory over the Greeks and the recapture of the Jewish temple which is now celebrated as the Jewish religious holiday of Hanukkah”


So in today’s Washington’s White House the so-called “Jews in Power” celebrate the 2200 years old victory of their ancestors, known as Hebrews, over the Hellenist occupation of Jerusalem’s hill of Zion. But which characteristics had these two antique cultures? Which one is to be preferred by a man of an ordinary human decency? As a professor of philosophy I have to stress that the general aspect of Hellenistic culture resumes the word “VIRTUE” (Greek ‘arete’), which both Greeks and Romans understood as individuals’ COURAGE AND WISDOM. I have to underline that all serious philosophies we inherited from Antiquity, be it Pythagoreism, be it Platonism, Aristotelism, Stoicicsm and even the “godless” Epicureism (which so much inspired Karl Marx), were praising THE MIND as the Creator and Sustainer (“First Motor” and “Immobile Mover”) of all Universe.


And what is, resumed in one word, the characteristics of this Hebrew culture, childlishly enchanted with “the miracle of lamps”? The author has learned, while participating in a scientific conference held ten years ago in Kraków’s Center of Jewish Culture, that the name of the tribe “Hebrews” is supposedly derived from “ibri”, by which term were described, in deep Antiquity, vagabonds and robbers pillaging the isthmus linking Asia and Africa. It means, etymologically, that when we speak about “Hebrew culture” we speak about ROBBERS’ CULTURE, which celebrations (Pesah, Hanukkah, Purim, etc.) are indeed linked with successful criminal acts, to recall only the spoil of Egyptians, just prior to the famous Exodus of Chosen People from this antique center of human culture.


This is not the only indication what the “Hebrew culture” is about. Author’s friend, a priest of Polish National (thus independent from Vatican) Church, a doctor of philosophy, Miroslaw Michalski wrote me in his Christmas greetings: “Jezus Chrystus – Wschodzace Slonce, niech rozprasza mroki ciemnosci i przyswieca w Nowym 2008 Roku”. (“Let Jesus Christ – the Rising Sun, disperses darkness and shines in New Year 2008”). And indeed, this Jesus from Nazareth already two thousand years ago argued that “All (shepherds of Israel) which have come prior to me were brigands and thieves”. Which logically signifies that all Hebrew heroes, Moses, Joshua and David included, were ordinary, pillaging the isthmus between Asia and Africa, thieves. Of course, tey were thieves and serial murders protected, by “God’s given” Decalogue, used as an excellent, reflecting all suspicions, “shield”.


In this “light from Jesus – the Rising Sun” the Hebrew Bible (it means the Bible “castrated” from Greek Books, in particular from the one of Syrach), shall be regarded as a HANDBOOK OF GOD ASSISTED ROBBERY. And of course we find, in this Sacred Book of Western Civilisation, the full of enchantment descriptions of the CITY OF ROBBERS known as New Jerusalem:

Your gates shall be open continually;

         day and night they shall not be shut;

         that men may bring to you the wealth of the nations,

         with their kings led in procession.


         they shall call you the City of the Lord,

         the Zion of the Holy One of Israel. (Is. 60, 11-14)


Anglo-Saxons, and especially Americans, since centuries are extremely “Bible-minded”, and thus no wonder that in the year 2007 in their “God blessed Land of the Free (Imbeciles and Thieves)”, the scoop was made by the new book of computer science professor David Gelernter, titled “Americanism – the Fourth Great Religion of the West”. Thanks to “google” we may find that “Gelernter argues that what we have come to call “Americanism” is in fact a secular version of Zionism. Not the Zionism of the ancient Hebrews, but that of the Puritan founders who saw themselves as the new children of Israel, creating a new Jerusalem in a new world. ... Americanism ... is a global religion. People who believe in America live all over the world”. Etc. etc.


The presence of huge Menorah in front of the White House (more precisely, in front of All-American HOUSE OF ROBBER BARONS) signifies that both types of Zionisms, the “Hebrew” and “Puritan” one, have finally merged together, so “there will be One (Americanized) flock and One shepherd (it means the Hebrew Oligarchy)”, as announce it, with authentic joy, both Old and New Testaments. And of course, the inherited from ancient Greeks CULTE OF MIND (Nous or Reason), which was vanquished for the first time by Machabeans in the 2nd BC, is supposed to wither entirely from our Planet. This well in accordance with the bold statement of St. Paul “Has not God made foolish the wisdom of the (Hellenic) world?” (I Cor. 1, 20).


What kind of culture – and of “spirituality” – we will have instead? It is of interest to notice that the regime of “the City on a hill”, so frequently praised by American presidents, signifies in practice the Mafia-type regime, with its brutal redemptory holocausts practices, and rigid caste social organization, corrupting young citizens spirits since their early childhood. In forgotten at present “Hellenist” typology, which was elaborated in detail in Plato’s “Republics”, this venerated by Isaiah  - and than by St. Paul, by Christian reformers and Popes, and finally by American presidents – “New Jerusalem”, represents the most corrupt social organization possible, called by Plato “the tyranny of slaves”. (Hence priests of the Jerusalem’s Temple called themselves “servants of the Lord”; the word servant is derived from Latin servus, the slave, which denominated people unable to behave in an autonomous, capable to reflect on its own behavior, manner.)


Putting our “Hellenist” observations into modern, sociobiological terms, we shall be aware that this antique Hebrew utilitarian idol, in form of holding seven candles Menorah, symbolizes the fake, artificial light in which acts of common robbery and murder are “sold” as acts of “God’s providence” and “the will of God”. The posting of such huge menorah, in December 2007, in front of the “White House” in Washington, should warn all alert people around the Globe that USA, as the modern incarnation of the biblical “Den of Robbers”, become the MONSTROUS, SYSTEMATICALLY CREEPING CANCER, stretching its murderous “freedom clamps” towards consecutive, not yet “consumed” nations (See Isaiah’s prophecy: “you shall eat the wealth of the nations, and in their riches you shall glory” (61, 6). And this Hebro-Puritan, DEVOID OF MIND, COGNITIVE CANCER will not stop until it wrecks the whole Planet.


So my not-so-merry greetings for the oncoming “Year of the Mind-less” 2008:




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