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(Now Updated with Reader's Responses!)
Censorship in Modern Day France
451 °F

By Israel Shamir

(Update on the decision of the French publisher, Balland, to withdraw and burn my book «L’Autre Visage d’Israël » after being threatened by Zionists.)

The story of the short life and untimely demise of my book l’Autre Visage d’Israël – the French translation of The Galilee Flowers  is an interesting case of study in Jewish influence in France. Its main characters are:- a good man, Franck Spengler of Blanche publishers- the owner of Balland, Denis Bourgeois, ex-chairman of Calmann-Levy, and a Jewish Zionist site.

On the picture: Antifa, a German equivalent of the French LICRA, demonstrate under the Zionist flags in honour of “Bomber” Harris, the British mass-murderer who killed millions of innocent people during the WWII. Harris surpassed Eichmann, but he killed Goyim, not Jews, that is why he is feted by the racist Zionist thugs.

The French may no longer respect Freedom of the Press, but the US is still honoring its Constitution.
Flowers of Galilee is Coming out in The United States in April 2004

The book was published by Editions Blanche, a subsidiary of Editions Balland on 9 October, 2003 and immediately a French Zionist website, called attacked my book. In a long and tedious diatribe, a Johan Weisz , insisted the book is criminal under ‘hate laws’ for it calls for the alliance of Christendom and Islamic World.

It was not surprising: the Jews arrogated to themselves the supreme right to decide whom the rest should love or hate. As if the two world wars in the last century won’t suffice, now they insist the Christians and the Muslims should fight to the end, for the greater glory of Israel.

My immediate publisher, good Franck Spengler of Blanche publishers, rejected the claims of the Zionist hate-mongers in a witty letter to the owner of Balland, Denis Bourgeois (see below).

But Denis Bourgeois received his job after proving his devotion to the cause on the position of the chairman of Calmann-Levy, a big Jewish publishing company. After hearing His Master’s Voice, Denis Bourgeois ordered the book off the shelves and to the stake . This is the way of Jewish influence: buying publishers, promoting their own devotees and eventually scrapping the freedom of press and the freedom of speech.

The aristocracy of the Ancient Regime of pre-revolutionary France were not sufficiently cynical to invent the ‘hate crime’ statutes, and that was their undoing. If they were to hire Johan Weisz, Voltaire would be sentenced for ‘hate-crime’ and France would now be safely ruled by Louis, say, 25th . The Brits did not know they could accuse George Washington of ‘denigrating and demonising the whole people, innocent English women and men’. But an inner voice tells me George Washington or Maximilian Robespierre would remain nonplussed.
I have no quarrel with the Zionist site: they just do their usual worst. But the French stooges of theirs, the likes of Denis Bourgeois, who prepare the Judeo-American occupation of France, should be outed. They pave the road for the American tanks on their way from Baghdad, to Paris. They fully participate in destruction of Rafah, in massacres of Gaza and Jenin, in preparation of the assault on Damascus and Teheran. It is because of them President Chirac was forced into humiliating ‘condemning’ of the daring Dr Mahathir. They have no arguments, but money and power they misuse to shut up the voices of opposition. France can’t be free and lead the world to freedom until these stooges are exposed and denounced.

You may wish to express your feelings to Denis Bourgeois phone +33 (0)1 43 25 74 40 or to the good and noble Franck Spengler


We should not allow our enemies to adopt and misuse the antiracist banner. They do not deserve it. Recently, an Israeli newspaper Maariv published an article claiming: “If we are forced to send the flower of the nation into the hell of war, then surely we have the right to remove millions of another race that breeds like vermin. For we are fighting not for ourselves but for the whole world”. The article did not cause any surprise in Israel or in Jewish communities abroad, though it was written many years ago, and unknown to them, by Adolf Hitler. The publication of Hitler’s article and following lack of response by the Israeli public staged a convincing experiment: the Zionist discourse fully inverted and appropriated the Nazi propaganda.

The Jews and their allies became the great producers of hate propaganda. In France and Italy they support publication and distribution of Oriana Falacci, in Canada (Daniel Pipes in Israel Asper’s National Post) they write about “Muslims raping blond girls’, in the US, a Nazi list recommends many pro-Jewish books, including America's Real War by Rabbi Daniel Lapin, Slander: Liberal Lies About the American Right, by Ann H. Coulter, Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists Criminals & Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores, by Michelle Malkin. This last book bears a following explanation by an American ultra-racist: “Invasion by Michelle Malkin is perhaps the most important book written this year. The subject of the book is immigration and we need to stop it now. MUSLIM TERRORISTS are flooding America”. Most devoted philosemites Robert Spencer and David Pryce-Jones published Islam Unveiled: Disturbing Questions About the World's Fastest Growing Faith. The same racist comments: “Islam Unveiled is a deeply unsettling book because it offers scant hope that the West can live at peace with Islam unless the religion changes radically, and even less hope that that is possible”.

All these books are freely disseminated in Europe, Canada and the US, for so-called ‘anti-hate laws’ and ‘antiracist campaigns’ are done for Jewish benefit only. Nobody yet succeeded to apply them against Jewish racists and hate-mongers. People who privatised antiracism are the fighting arm of organised Jewry. In France, they are called LICRA, while their German equivalent is called ANTIFA. The representative of LICRA, a Marc Lévy, threatened the publisher with legal action.

These thugs pretend to be antiracists. But they are sub-agencies of the ADL, ‘the biggest non-state spy agency in the world’ in words of our friend Jeff Blankfort. Here is a picture to demonstrate it (top)

On the picture: Antifa, a German equivalent of the French LICRA, demonstrate under the Zionist flags in honour of “Bomber” Harris, the British mass-murderer who killed millions of innocent people during the WWII. Harris surpassed Eichmann, but he killed Goyim, not Jews, that is why he is feted by the racist Zionist thugs. 


Don’t say, ‘Jews’, say ‘Zionists’, wrote my caring readers. It is not difficult to comply with this request, but is it increasingly meaningless. Now in Australia there is a vicious campaign against Hanan Ashrawi, the wonderful countrywoman of mine. Peter Wertheim, the former President of the Jewish Deputies’ Board, published an op-ed piece in The Sydney Morning Herald (owned by Conrad Black, who also owns the Jerusalem Post, the Daily Telegraph and what not) in which he wrote that opposition to Ashrawi is not coming from ‘zionist lobby’ but from the entire Jewish Community. However, no cries ‘Racist!’ came out of Antifa, Licra, ADL and the rest.

The word ‘Zionist’ lost its lustre. An average Jewish supporter of Sharon, whether in France or in the US, does not call himself ‘a Zionist’ anymore. He may hate Palestinians, call for war with Syria, believe in Jewish superiority, but he won’t answer to ‘Zionist’. This term is used exclusively by the people who do not dare to use J-word. They do not dare for a good reason. Lenni Brenner wrote recently: “the Jews are the richest ethnic or religious stratum in the US, and the true believer minority still has an unbelievable amount of money to throw at the politicians”. They are not the guys you want to upset. The word ‘Zionist’ is a misnomer. In 1920s, French Jews formed a conspiracy to buy and control some French newspapers, as Simcha Epstein reported on the Vidal Sassoon conference on antisemitism in Jerusalem . I wrote about it, but no French newspaper dared to cover it – though Le Monde and Liberacion condemned my words (craftily avoiding reference to Epstein’s report) as ‘antisemitism’. Why should we blame it on ‘Zionists’ when these Jews were no Zionists?

A few days ago, Russian police arrested Mr Chodorkovsky, a Jewish billionaire, one of the richest men on earth. Jewish-owned newspapers from the Jerusalem Post to the New York Times condemned it. Mr Chodorkovsky is no Zionist. Should we still describe the international effort to support him as ‘Zionist’?

The Jews Dr Mahathir encountered and condemned were not Zionists, either, but people of George Soros who robbed his country of ten years of earnings. Why should we blame it on Zionists?

For us, the Israelis, there is an additional difficulty. It is fine for the progressive US (or French) Jews to blame ‘Zionists’, but ‘Zionists’ – this is us, and we feel the blame should be shared between all supporters of the present policies of Israel. Very few Israelis describe themselves as ‘Zionists’, as very few Russians of Gorbachev’s days would agree to be called ‘Bolshie’ or ‘Commie’. Moreover, the State of Israel is not called a Zionist state, but a state of the Jewish people, and this is not an empty word. People who identify with the Jewish people – the media lords, the executives of the ADL and plethora of Jewish organizations, extremely rich American and European Jews have a decisive say in what happens here, much more than an average Israeli ‘Zionist’.

For us, Israelis, the solution is not ‘de-Zionisation’ (emigration?), but ‘de-Jewification’. In order to exit the impasse we should break the ties with the Jewish people, for they support the worst our country can produce. Without them, without their dreams of superiority, we shall have a fighting chance to achieve normality and make peace with Palestinians.

It is equally important for you. Me and my ‘anti-Zionist’ Jewish friends receive daily requests to write or speak in defence of Palestinians, against the war in Iraq, against plans to bomb Iran, for the ordinary people (‘Goyim’) feel that their voices are not heard. A Jew, like a member of the Party in Soviet days, is the only one who can express his opinion, they think. The rest – some five billion people – do not count. Indeed, a mainstream newspaper – whether in France or in the US – quotes Jews much more frequently than it quotes usual native people. It is an unbearable situation. It should be changed, and the ‘fear of Jews’ should be broken in the interests of democratisation.

The subterfuge of ‘Zionists’ does not work anyway for everybody knows what do you mean. Johan Weisz who attacked me and my book on the Zionist French site, wrote: “Shamir frequently mentions the Palestinian intellectual Edward Said with whom he shares the vision of Palestine "from Jordan to the Sea", without however sharing the determination of Said against holocaust denial and antisemitism”. But all sympathy of Said to Jews, and all his strict appellation of ‘Zionism’ label did not help him a bit: the same Jews who approve his ‘lack of antisemitism’ poisoned life of our dear and much lamented Edward Said while he was alive and besmirched his memory after his untimely death.

In the US, more and more ordinary people of Jewish origin break with the Jewish people. “My people are American”, said Gershwin, and, according to Lenni Brenner, more that half of children of the Jewish parents opt out. It is a blessed phenomenon. Everyone can opt out and become a regular American, French, Palestinian. I know it from my personal experience: when I was received in the Church, my readers wrote to me saying, “Now your opinion won’t be heard anymore for you ceased to be a Jew”. I do not want a special position, I replied, I want to be heard as Israel Adam Shamir, not as a Jew. I did not regret it for a moment. “They think I am important because I belong to Ireland, said Stephen, the main character of Ulysses, but I think Ireland will be important because of me.”

That is why I send my congratulations to the Jewish Lobby of France that proved its valour and ability to protect the French from uncomfortable ideas. They indeed rule the West, because the West submits to their rule. My deep condolences to my marvellous French translator, Marcel Charbonnier, my editor Maria Poumier, and to everybody else who helped to publish the book. I am certain that its ideas will live on, for if paper burns down at 451º F, the human spirit remains invincible.
Israel Adam Shamir

The Editor in Chief and Publisher of EDITIONS BLANCHE

Hello, Denis,
1) (The Middle East Info) is an organization completely devoted to the Zionist cause and its role is to counter any discussion of this movement.
Last March they already launched a campaign against Shamir in the French media to disparage and smear a man who does not think like them.
2) The various extracts which they quote are in fact a catalogue of what it would be forbidden to say about the Jewish community and/or Israel.
This rejection of criticism clearly characterizes a hegemonic will of the thought, which is denounced by Shamir. One finds thus the following critiques are forbidden:
- Critique of certain social behaviour (it would then be necessary to ban Marx and Freud to which often Shamir refers).
- Critique of the visible alliance with the United States.
Critique of the importance in the United States of the role of the Jewish lobby (others before Shamir however already denounced it).
- Critique of the Protocols of Zion which are largely suspected by historians of any origin.
- Critique of Israeli policies with respect to the Palestinians and comparison with Apartheid or the Nazism (this sharp criticism is supported not only by Shamir).
- Ban of the quotations which criticize the use of Shoah (which is never disputed by Shamir) to justify a behaviour quite as criminal. The Germans, after being attacked, shot hostages; the Zionists carry out “reprisal operation”. I will have to be explained the fundamental difference from the point of view of the victims...
- Ban on critical words, such as: vehemence, Judeo-American bourgeois thought, Pharisee, Ideology, religious organization, influence, etc. in association with the variations of "Jew".
We are there in full ideological war with a skin-rush reaction to criticism, a dangerous vision of the world, which one has the right (the duty?) to fight if it appears harmful to the good of the world (it is so in my case).
Therefore, very sincerely, and beyond any economic considerations, I do not see anything which could justify withdrawing the book of Shamir off the sale. This complaint is nothing but an ideological denunciation of critique of the Zionist interests. The self-criticism or the critique by a member of the community is unbearable for them. More worrying, there is no answer to Shamir’s claims. The author of the letter is satisfied to list the forbidden thoughts. It extremely resembles the Stalinism in its full beauty. I do not agree to pass under the yoke of the most brutal Zionism.
I would finish my remonstration by a quote from Shamir’s book (p.260) which supports my opinion better than a long speech: “Introduction of fury, hatred and vengefulness into a discussion of the adversary is a potent traditional Jewish ideological weapon.” The MiddleEast.Info is the perfect illustration of his words.
In conclusion, dear Denis, I do not agree with the withdrawal of Shamir’s book. A retreat would cause indignation, for if this book disturbs, as expected, it should be fought on its assertions by disputes, in a combat of ideas. But by God, never with the pretext of what one is not allowed to say. Its withdrawal it from the sales would make us appear as people without conscience, at best, and as cowards, at worst. I am neither one nor the other.
Franck Spengler

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