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No Deal

by Israel Shamir

This is the time for every American to say to the US government and to the Wall Street fat cats: No Deal. If they have debts, so do we. You do not want to pay, neither do we. You can get such decision through the Congress, but we the people can do it directly: stop paying. Stop paying for your mortgage, stop paying your taxes, stop paying for your credit card.

There is no reason to pay taxes, if the money will go to the richest and greediest bastards. There is no reason to pay for your mortgage if your bank already charged you as a taxpayer for it when the government took over Freddie and Fanny. There is no reason to pay for your credit as your bank already got a bailout for it. You’d be paying double.

Tax revolt and debt revolt is the ultimate measure of citizen’s self defence short of armed rising. Democracy makes no sense anymore: what difference it makes whether you’d vote for Obama or McCain, if anyway both intend to deliver your money to the robbers?

And while at it, this is the time for Americans to give a thought whether they need to spend on their army 700 billion per year, more than the rest of the world? Maybe these billions will do something better for you?

If the federal government can’t free itself from the bankers’ grip, maybe it is the time to dissolve the Union ? The debts may remain in New York , where they originated; but California and Alabama may do it alone. Less, much less federal government would lead America to fewer troubles.

Tell the politicians that you will not pay – by not paying today!

Israel Shamir


These American writers also urge you to stop the bailout.

Baldwin, Martillo, Buchanan (see below), and some responses.


No Amnesty For Wall Street By Chuck Baldwin September 26, 2008

 This column is archived at http://www.chuckbal dwinlive. com/c2008/ cbarchive_ 20080926. html

 At the time of this writing, the U.S. House and Senate are poised to pass a $700 billion bailout to Wall Street. At the behest of President George W. Bush, the U.S. taxpayers are going to be on the hook for what can only be referred to as the biggest fraud in U.S. history.

Virtually our entire financial system is based on an illusion. We spend more than we earn, we consume more than we produce, we borrow more than we save, and we cling to the fantasy that this can go on forever. The glue that holds this crumbling scheme together is a fiat currency known as the Federal Reserve Note, which was created out of thin air by an international banking cartel called the Federal Reserve.

According to Congressman Ron Paul, in the last three years, the Federal Reserve has created over $4 trillion in new money. The result of all this "money-out-of- thin-air" fraud is never-ending inflation. And the more prices rise, the more the dollar collapses. Folks, this is not sustainable. Read more at http://www.chuckbal dwinlive. com/c2008/ cbarchive_ 20080926. html   *Disclaimer: I am currently a candidate for President of the United States on the Constitution Party ticket. My official campaign web site is located at: http://www.baldwin0

 (c) Chuck Baldwin

Please visit Chuck's web site at http://www.chuckbal dwinlive. com


Shock Therapy Comes to America

Unpartitioning the Problem

by Joachim Martillo (ThorsProvoni@


The crises of Palestine , Iran , Iraq-Afghanistan- Pakistan, and international finance are all interconnected by Zionism. 


In the Shock Doctrine, Naomi Klein discusses the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as an example of the application of Friedmanite shock therapy within the USA .


In The Israel Lobby and American Society, I point out


Neocons and Judonia in general incited hysteria after 9/11 to create an exacerbation of the temporary shock and trauma in order to facilitate changes in the US legal system and tax code, but the Neocons following Strauss's political philosophy[lxxi] sought and still seek a permanent remake of American and American (and American Jewish) society to create a new shared moral and political perception that would embrace Israel and exclude Arabs, Muslims, and any critics of Israel with the fervor of Hagee's Christian Zionism and with the strength of moral conviction that possessed Israel in the first decades of its existence.

Such an America would have the strength to defend itself from Arab and Islamic infiltration in the form of Arab and Muslim American citizens just as Israel did right after the "War of Independence" when the Israeli Army shot a lot of desperately poor and unarmed Arabs as infiltrators for trying to return to reclaim their property, to tend their flocks, or to harvest their fields.

The Paulson $700 billion bailout for Wall Street is probably the most radical application of Friedmanite shock therapy ever proposed. In essence Paulson tried to scare or to steamroll Congress into accepting a blueprint not to solve the financial crisis but to solidify the gains that a tiny disproportionately Jewish Zionist hyper-wealthy class has made from looting of the US economy since 9/11 while ordinary American tax payers would absorb all the losses associated with the collapse of the housing bubble.


Not only has there been a total absence of public discussion of the Zionist roots of the finance crisis, but disproportionately Jewish media professionals have also imposed an almost total blackout of discussion of Zionist manipulation of the US economy, which can fairly easily be traced back to the 1950s.


The censorship of the story is understandable. Anti-Semites made a really big deal of the Jewish aspect of the Long Depression that started in 1873 and of the Jewish involvement in causing the Great Depression that started with the Great Crash. Despite little forthright discussion of the issue in economic history texts, in both cases the Jewish component of both economic disasters was definitely present albeit quite minor -- Galbraith correctly notes that Goldman Sachs triggered (but did not cause) the Great Crash even if he never discusses the ethnic aspects of the US finance industry of the 20s.

Unfortunately, the lack of open discussion of the Jewish Zionist elements of the current US financial crisis makes understanding the real problems far more difficult than necessary.

In the run-up to the invasion to Iraq , Jewish Zionist Neocons were spreading the message of a coming boom from privatization of Iraqi state assets while the US government manipulated by Neocons created a homeland security boom by talking up the threat of terrorism. Klein discusses the homeland security industry in The Shock Doctrine but fails to cover the disproportionate Israeli government and Jewish Zionist investment in this industry.

Because of the no-bid nature of important US government homeland security contracts, the beneficiaries of the US government homeland security largess have to a large extent belonged to a relatively closed club of politically connected extremely wealthy Jabotinskian Neocon or Friedmanite Neoliberal investors, but anyone networking through Aish haTorah and similar Jewish Zionist groups learned in 2003 that there were other less exclusive potentially more lucrative places and markets in which one might participate as a commission earning deal-maker or put (very often someone else's) investment money.

Even though the subprime mortgage market had already begun to show signs of collapse in early September 2001, it had the potential to provide far greater returns to a much greater range of investors and market participants (e.g., brokers and other finance professionals) than homeland security ever had as the history of Zionist real estate investment in the Palestinian occupied territories had already shown. Starting with the early phase of the Iraq occupation when privatization of Iraqi assets with concomitant US economic boom looked likely, a huge amount of highly leveraged institutional money was moved into subprime mortgages.

Now that the subprime collapse has taken place, analysts refusing to address the Jewish Zionist component of the US financial collapse are taking part in a conscious or unconscious effort to create a false partition of the problem of Zionism into separate crises

  • of Palestine ,
  • of regional warfare in Iraq , Afghanistan and Pakistan ,
  • of Iran nuclear technology development, and
  • of US financial collapse.

(See One Economic Crisis or Two? and Israel's Cost to the World for more information. )

The refusal to address the real problem makes each of the separate crises far more intractable and possibly even unsolvable.

I point out the following in Holy Land Foundation (Re)trial: A Decent Respect, Part III.

There used to be an argument that anti-terrorism laws applied only in the case of non-state terrorist groups, but Congress is in the process of recommending in Sec. 2 Findings of S.970 Iran Counter-Proliferati on Act of 2007 (Introduced in Senate):

(8) The Secretary of State should designate the Iranian Revolutionary Guards as a Foreign Terrorist Organization under section 219 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1189) and the Secretary of the Treasury should place the Iranian Revolutionary Guards on the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists under Executive Order 13224 (66 Fed. Reg. 186; relating to blocking property and prohibiting transactions with persons who commit, threaten to commit, or support terrorism).

By any objective standard the IDF is much more a terrorist organization than the IRG. If Iran is a terrorist state, Israel is much more so, and anti-terrorism laws are being enforced unequally between Jews and non-Jews.

The [Holy Land Foundation] defendants' attorneys should be able to make a case either for striking down the anti-terrorism laws entirely or for forcing the US government to prosecute Israel-supporters, Israel advocacy organizations, and pro-Israel groups within the organized Jewish community for giving material aid to terrorism.

If a prosecutor refrains from prosecuting Jewish terrorism supporters because of his own support for Zionism or for Jewish tribalism, he may himself be guilty of a prosecutable infraction like obstruction of justice. Such a government prosecutor should at the very least be dismissed from government service.

Under the laws that the Bush administration has carefully crafted, the 500 wealthiest Jewish Zionist political economic oligarchs are certainly guilty of providing material aid to Zionist terrorism. Of course, it would be much more satisfying to do the forensic accounting to find the actual criminal financial acts of the Zionist oligarchs, but not only are such prosecutions difficult and lengthy, but so many of the computers containing critical data are about to go to seed in bankruptcies like that of Lehman Brothers that piecing together the economic crimes will be difficult.


My wife often compares Zionism to an international criminal conspiracy. The Feds put Al Capone away on the basis of tax evasion. Putting the Zionist oligarchs away on the basis of providing material aid to terrorism is a similar legal strategy that would benefit all Americans except for American Zionists, who have been responsible for so much mayhem over the last 60 years that they deserve far worse than they are likely to receive once Americans can discuss Palestine without control and censorship by Zionist gatekeepers.


After the Jewish Zionist dons and capos are arrested, tried, and convicted, their approximately $200-300 billion worth of seized assets can be put into a US sovereign wealth fund to benefit the American public, and the fund managers could work to clean up the economic crisis by creating the basis of a new transparent international finance system in concert with major European, Chinese, and Arabic banks and finance institutions. The new financial organizations and structures will replace Wall Street which has probably been fatally poisoned by Zionism.

Yet, merely applying US law equally to Jews and non-Jews in America and merely creating a new finance system still leave unaddressed three of the above four crises. We Americans have to start talking more fairly and more realistically about the Middle East .

In Neocons Made 5 Million Refugees, I point out the following.

According to the International Herald Tribune, World refugee population jumps to 11.4 million in terms of UNHCR responsibility. The article explains that approximately 5 million refugees result from US Iraq and Afghanistan policy, which has been crafted by Neocons acting as a Jewish special interest group. The article does not mention how many have become refugees because of Jewish Zionist Neocon manipulation of US policy in Somalia and the Sudan .

The IHT refugee numbers do not include Palestinian refugees, who number at least five million under the aegis of UNWRA and whose existence results from Jewish Zionist racist aggression and rapaciousness.

If so many people have become refugees as a result of Zionist expansion in the Middle East and as a result of the efforts of a racist Zionist intelligentsia in the USA, shouldn't we be considering the removal of the criminal genocidal Zionist population of thieves, interlopers, and invaders from Stolen and Occupied Palestine as part of the program to stabilize the ME and restore US credibility and moral high ground?

The lack of any such open national discussion in the USA  indicates how much Zionism has eaten away American liberties and how much 4-500 Zionist oligarchs have come to dominate US politics both

  • by rendering US national politicians dependent on Zionist contributions and also
  • by funding the Israel lobby to intimidate any political leader straying from Zionist parameters.

From an American standpoint it might make more sense just to remove the Zionist interlopers from Stolen and Occupied Palestine and then return the country to the native population.

Millions of Palestinians have been exiled from their homeland for far too long. If Zionists resist, we can simply cut off all funding to the Zionist state. Within four months it would fall apart as international loans come due, and the Zionist economy dissolved. If the state did not collapse fast enough, then a coalition of the more than willing could start giving racist Jews-only cities like Netanya the Falluja-treatment.

If the Zionists threatened to use nukes, we have a lot of daisy-cutters.

If the USA wants to encourage respect for human rights, support for democracy, and opposition to racism throughout the world, we have to start treating Jews and Arabs equally throughout the world. Dismantling the State of Israel would be a good start in that direction.

Once the State of Israel and its nukes are removed from the international game board in the Middle East, the US might be able to prove sufficient bona fides in the eyes of the Iranian government to work out some sort of deal on nuclear weapons. It will still be tough because the Iranians have to be nervous about the propinquity of four nuclear powers ( India , Pakistan , the Russian Federation , and the US in occupied Iraq ), but conditions in the region have some similarity to those when Nixon recognized the PRC as the legal government of China and withdrew recognition from the RoC.

Eliminating Israel and allying with Iran makes similar sense from a realist standpoint and will make it possible for the USA to enter into a dialogue with all the Gulf regional powers to create a new solid political economic order more in line with American interests and ideals than the current Zionism inspired disaster.


 http://buchanan. org/blog/ 2008/09/pjb- the-partys- over/

The Party’s Over

By Patrick J. Buchanan

The Crash of 2008, which is now wiping out trillions of dollars of our people’s wealth, is, like the Crash of 1929, likely to mark the end of one era and the onset of another. The new era will see a more sober and much diminished America . The “Omnipower” and “Indispensable Nation” we heard about in all the hubris and braggadocio following our Cold War victory is history. Seizing on the crisis, the left says we are witnessing the failure of market economics, a failure of conservatism. This is nonsense. What we are witnessing is the collapse of Gordon Gecko (”Greed Is Good!”) capitalism. What we are witnessing is what happens to a prodigal nation that ignores history, and forgets and abandons the philosophy and principles that made it great. A true conservative cherishes prudence and believes in fiscal responsibility, balanced budgets and a self-reliant republic. He believes in saving for retirement and a rainy day, in deferred gratification, in not buying on credit what you cannot afford, in living within your means. Is that really what got Wall Street and us into this mess — that we followed too religiously the gospel of Robert Taft and Russell Kirk? “Government must save us!” cries the left, as ever. Yet, who got us into this mess if not the government — the Fed with its easy money, Bush with his profligate spending, and Congress and the SEC by liberating Wall Street and failing to step in and stop the drunken orgy? For years, we Americans have spent more than we earned. We save nothing. Credit card debt, consumer debt, auto debt, mortgage debt, corporate debt — all are at record levels. And with pensions and savings being wiped out, much of that debt will never be repaid. Our standard of living is inevitably going to fall. For foreigners will not forever buy our bonds or lend us more money if they rightly fear that they will be paid back, if at all, in cheaper dollars. We are going to have to learn to live again without our means. The party’s over

Notice who is managing the crisis. Not our elected leaders. Nancy Pelosi says she had nothing to do with it. Congress is paralyzed and heading home. President Bush is nowhere to be seen. Hank Paulson of Goldman Sachs and Ben Bernanke of the Fed chose to bail out Bear Sterns but let Lehman go under. They decided to nationalize Fannie and Freddie at a cost to taxpayers of hundreds of billions, putting the U.S. government behind $5 trillion in mortgages. They decided to buy AIG with $85 billion rather than see the insurance giant sink beneath the waves.

An unelected financial elite is now entrusted with the assignment of getting us out of a disaster into which an unelected financial elite plunged the nation. We are just spectators. What the Greatest Generation handed down to us — the richest, most powerful, most self-sufficient republic in history, with the highest standard of living any nation had ever achieved — the baby boomers, oblivious and self-indulgent to the end, have frittered away.   


Responses: From WTP:

There is an excellent article/expose today at The Truth Seeker entitled: THE PRE-PLANNED 911 of '08: http://www.thetruth uk/


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