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Commentary on Peter Edel’s History of Zionism and Noahide Laws

by Israel Shamir

Our Dutch friend Peter Edel’s book about History of Zionism was published now in Turkish translation (link) It was published in Dutch some five years ago; and the repercussions for Peter (peteredel@telfort. nl) were severe: he lost his job, was ostracised and almost became homeless. Now, as his book was translated into Turkish, he translated some parts of his book into English and made it available. This makes an interesting if controversial reading. We bring it below.

His main idea is correct: Israel should be de-Zionised, the quest for a Palestinian state should be abandoned, and instead, a state for all its citizens would replace the present “confederation of horse and rider”. He is also correct saying that the religious underplay must be considered, despite the fear of secular antizionists to touch this touchy subject.

However, as he enters the field of religion, he treads on the first and well-marked mine. He proposes that non-Jews embrace the bastard creed of Noahide Laws. He writes: “It is not difficult to respect the seven laws of Noah, since these rules carry a very universal character. Neither Muslims, nor Christians will for instance have any problem with the prohibition against idolatry, or the commandment to establish a legal system.”

It is not difficult to raise a white flag, it is quite easy to give up and surrender. Edel does not understand that acceptance of Noahide Laws is the white flag the Jews want to see flying over the goys’ lines. These laws presume that the very existence of a goy is in order to serve a Jew. It is basically a vow of a slave to his master. Not by chance, the US has made the Noahide Laws a part and parcel of their legal system – and became subservient to the Jews[1].

In my Pardes, I explained it at length: “In the Jewish universe, the Gentiles should submit to the Jews. Acceptance of the Seven Noahide Commandments[2] is a way of yielding to Jews. In brief, a Goy has to refrain from worshipping other gods, and have no feasts or rites of his own. As long as he has no religion he is all right; his de-spiritualised existence causes no alarm. Rambam (or Maimonides) expounded: “A Gentile who creates or follows a religious rule beside the Seven Commandments should be lashed and warned that he will be executed if he persists. We do not allow the Gentiles to make religious rites and commandments for themselves”[3].

So, no Christmas, no Easter, no Id el-Fitr, no Id el-Adha for gentiles who accepted this law. Only working and shopping, shopping and working. Maybe it is suitable to many of Peter Edel’s compatriots, but it is not for us, the inhabitants of the Holy Land .

When St Paul and St Peter began their mission to Gentiles, the Jews asked the new Christians of Gentile origin to accept the Noahide Commandments and refrain from eating pagan sacrifices. St Peter was ready to accept it, for he – like his namesake Peter Edel - did not understand the meaning of the prohibition. St Paul refused, for he understood: by accepting, his New Christians would agree to fit into the Jewish-ordered universe[4]. He did not care for eating sacrifices, but it was necessary to say: we may; this ‘prohibition’ is irrelevant for us.

Peter Edel calls for “establishment of a 100% secular democracy”. I am not sure it is acceptable for us. Majority of Palestinians voted for a faith-bound party, and some 70% of Jews have this or other religious affiliation. “100% secular democracy” together with Noahide Laws means surrender to the Jewish wishes. There are countries that went this way; one of them is the US . This is not an example we wish to follow. Acceptance of other religions, yes; total secularity – no, thanks.

Peter Edel writes: “As long a non-Jew obeys the seven laws of Noah, he or she has to be respected by Jews and can expect their hospitality. Such a person is called ‘Ger Toshav’.”

Peter is twice mistaken. Ger Toshav has quite limited rights; even his killing is not considered “murder”. But more important, no goy can become Ger toshav nowadays, as I was told by Rabbi Hanan Porath, MK, and he had heard this halacha from Rabbi Kook. Ger Toshav is a category valid in the Temple days; so in order to become a ger toshav, it is not enough to accept the Noahide Laws: you’ve got to destroy the al-Aksa Mosque and build the Jewish temple on its ruins.

In order to complete this refutation of our good friend Peter Edel’s paper, I’ll quote a relevant letter by a Jewish convert to the Christian faith, Menachem Korn to a Jewish preacher. Korn has his own faults; his starry-eyed attitude is not for everyone’s liking, some of his ideas are rather weird, his attitude to the Holy Spirit is rather cavalier, but our reader is advised to eat the pomegranate and throw the shell away. His letter is attached at the bottom, but here is a relevant quote:

“The Jews, in fact, are the real Noahides, while the Christians are the truly faithful Jews of the Bible. The reason being that Noahidism focuses purely on the fulfillment of certain laws that are posited to have been charged to all mankind, while ignoring the salvational and redemptive aspects of revealed religion that fill the pages of the Bible. Indeed Noahidism's eschewing a personal relationship with the Creator God perfectly describes the practice of the Jewish religion, with its obsessive focus on rules and regulations. When Jews seek to turn Christians into Noahides, they actually are seeking to convert them to their very own belief system of Judasism - the religion of those who, like Judas, betrayed their LORD - but with a different name to preserve branding distinctions. (So we have Judasism akin to Marlboro and Noahidism akin to Winston, both of which cause spiritual cancer.)

The name "Noahide" fits well for adherents of Judasism. One could write it as "No-hide", meaning no skin or covering, which is a perfect description of these errant sons of Abraham who disdained the salvation offered through God's only begotten Son. Tragically Jews today are in the position of standing naked before their Creator, with no covering for their sins since they have rejected Christ. They are most decidedly No-hides.

There is yet another connotation of No-hide, meaning that those who deny Jesus Christ as Messiah and refuse to follow and submit to Him have Nowhere to Hide. They can invent all the new religions and rabbinical rules and regulations (that no longer are relevant since Jesus arranged for the Temple to be destroyed and the nation to be exiled) they want; but they still cannot provide themselves atonement or make themselves acceptable to God. They have nowhere to hide from God’s wrath and nowhere to hide in hell for eternity.”

So much for this longish preamble, and now to Peter Edel’s interesting text:





A central question in my books and articles is whether there is a solution possible for what the regular media - in a way like there are two equal parties opposing each other - call the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. I'm not going to bother you here too long with the ideas slumbering among the most fanatical Zionists. Because a massive evacuation of the Palestinian population to Jordan , or any other Arab country, can never be a solution; especially not from a humanist point of view. For it would not only lead to more refugee camps, suppression and poverty. Because also from an Israeli perspective, this could hardly be called a solution. Such a scenario would without any doubt work as a permit for the most militant elements within the Palestinian community to use more random violence against Israeli citizens. That leaves us with two alternatives. The one mostly suggested over the last decades is the establishment of an independent Palestinian state. This concept has been encouraged on both sides of the political spectrum, from the far left to the American government. It’s the ultimate goal of the so-called ‘peace process’, on which both Condoleezza Rice and I don’t know how many leftish politicians are focusing. Israelis and Palestinians could live in their own country, resulting in peace for everyone. At least, that is what is believed among the advocates of a Palestinian state. The right wing Zionists, as well as the religious parties within Israeli politics, is the main opponents of the Palestinian state. As a consequence of their political/religious ideology they have many principled objections against handing over Israeli land to non-Jews. The socialist Zionists are known to come to compromises in this respect more easily. But this does not mean that their proposals toward the Palestinians were ever relevant. These implicated for instance the building of new settlements, a policy which gave the Palestinian authorities more than enough reason not to agree. Their interpretation of the peace process shows that the leftwing Zionists are only concerned with peace for Israel and not with righteousness for the Palestinians, which quite a different matter is of course. Therefore it remains a question whether the Palestinians will get their right when it comes to the unlikely situation wherein the Israeli political establishment gives the green light towards a Palestinian state. If we only take the ongoing building of new settlements by Israel in consideration, the answer to this question can merely be negative. But there is more. Because even in the imaginary case of a Palestinian state, the Zionist elite is not likely to agree without strict conditions. Those in favor of this option are usually easily to forget this very likely aspect. Israel will most probably not forget about military control for example. Consequently a Palestinian state would be surrounded by the Israeli army and only be accessible through check posts controlled by Israel . Such a Palestinian state would certainly not be the land the Palestinians are longing for. It would very much have the appearance of a Palestinian ghetto and could therefore never be a guarantee against suppression, hate and violence. The situation in Gaza at the present time, illustrates this quite explicitly.

 A not unimportant side effect of such a development would be that Israel turns into one big ghetto as well. It’s an often heard expression among Zionist Jews that it is easier to get a Jew out of the ghetto, than the ghetto out of a Jew. This explains much about the wall of hate built by Israel between itself and the Palestinians. What it comes down to is that the current Israel has more resemblance with the historical ghetto than many suppose. A (more or less) independent Palestinian state would therefore not only be a confirmation of Zionism, but also of the way Jews have been living for so long. This way of living came to an end in West-Europe after the assimilation of Jews had begun, but was reinstalled by Zionism. The current wall is a symbol of this distinctive characteristic of the Zionist movement. It is not without reason that Wladimir Jabotinsky’s essay about the "Arab problem" was titled The Iron Wall (*).

Because some leftwing Zionist are supporting the concept of a Palestinian state and because all right wing Zionist despise that idea, the "two-state-concept" has the reputation of a leftish point of view. But that this impression does not make much sense appears when we move the situation in Palestine to some other place. Let’s assume for instance that Holland , the country where I’m from, would consider isolating a large part of its population in one or two provinces. The critique on such a policy would without any doubt be overwhelming. It would lead to completely justified equations with far right, racist, and/or national socialist ideologies. But when it’s about Israel such an idea is suddenly called a leftish solution.

To put it shortly: a Palestinian state can never be a solution. I can maybe imagine that it would be a short living step towards a true solution, but never more than that. A Palestinian state is contrary to the character of the Palestinian people one way or another. Because what the ones in favor of the two-state-solution usually ignore, is that Palestinians are primary belonging to their soil and villages and that the concept of a state is secondary to most of them.


In the present situation Israel is a Jewish state, a state exclusively for and of Jews. Even Palestinians with an Israeli passport who have been living in the country for many years, don’t have the civil rights of a Jew has who has just arrived there. Parties can only join the political system of Israel as long as they confirm its Jewish status. For anyone who refuses to do so, whether they are Israelis or Palestinians, the ‘the only democracy in the Middle ‘East’ is closed. In that way Israel is not a democracy following the usual interpretation of the word, but a democracy exclusively serving the Zionist ideology. The fact that Palestinians can be member of the Knesset, the Israeli parliament, doesn’t change much in this respect, for they are also bound to the principle that Israel is a Jewish state before anything else. With the status of a Jewish state, Israel has a very special position in the world. It would be unthinkable for instance that Turkey would declare itself an Islamic state in the sense that it would deny many of the civil right of Christians and Jews. Still, this is exactly the policy Israel has allowed itself for the last sixty years. But in those sixty years much has changed. Gradually the awareness has grown among many that Israel as a Jewish state, represents an enormous risk in the world. A risk beyond any comparison, that will certainly not disappear with the establishment of an Israeli controlled Palestinian state. For that, more has to happen. Now we come to the real solution. A real peace in the Middle East can only be possible when Israel breaks with Zionism. That means: when its leaders step away from the principle that Israel is a state exclusively for Jews. After the establishment of a 100% secular democracy, the country will belong to its inhabitants, whether they are Jewish, Christian, or Islamic. For sure, this idea will find many objections from religious and nationalist Zionists. But from a rational and humanist point of view the abolition of Zionism can only be defended. Because in this world there is no place any longer for apartheid. In South-Africa this racist system has been abolished. Now it’s Israel that should make a similar step. That it has to come to many political changes to reach such a beautiful event, speaks for itself. An important obstacle is the USA . As long this country approves the suppression of Palestinians, and as long as it continues to make this possible with enormous military and financial support, the end of Zionism is not anywhere near. Besides, it speaks for itself that the USA would consider a drastic change in the political system of Israel as a threat of the American position in the Middle East . Therefore Washington has all the reason to keep the Zionists in charge. Very important in this respect are the influential Zionist organizations in the USA . How long will it take before American Jews will come to realize that their pride can’t be based on a country where the interests of the indigenous population come last? And that while American Jews have more than enough reasons to be proud of their cultural inheritance, or the success of the Jewish community within American society. The suppression of Palestinians does not add anything to this pride. In fact it can only do harm to it. My hope for a democracy with equal rights for all inhabitants is strongly based on initiatives within Israel itself. Of great importance is the foundation of an organization where progressive Israelis and Palestinians can work together to achieve this goal. An organization comparable to the ANC in South-Africa, wherein blacks and whites were cooperating towards to abolition of apartheid.


But not only political changes are needed to come to a real peace, because the problem also takes place in the religious arena. When politics and religion are connected somewhere, it’s here. I’m quite aware that many pro-Palestine activists will disagree with me on this point. Among them there is often the opinion that we’re dealing with a strict political matter without any religious implications. I never discovered which considerations are taking place behind this point of view exactly. It’s possible that these activists do this in attempt to prevent matters from becoming more complicated than they are already. On itself not so strange, because with the element of religion an area is entered about which Zionists usually know considerably more. But this is not always the case, especially not for Zionists who were raised in a totally atheist way. Besides, everyone can study the Jewish religion. Not being able to read Hebrew can be a considerable barrier in this respect. But there are translations. And there are also publications in other languages about the Jewish religion by anti-Zionists with a Jewish background (atheists as well as religious) that are quite revealing. The strict separation between religion and politics with pro-Palestinian activism could maybe also be explained by the fear to be accused of anti-Semitism. But one way or another, it remains a fact that this matter can’t be fully understood when merely interpreted as a political situation. I want to emphasize that Zionism can absolutely not be identified with Jewish religion. That seems logical since modern Zionism is basically an atheist phenomenon. But things are not that simple. Because the same atheist Zionism did on the other hand appropriate many aspects of Jewish faith. The atheist founders of Zionism took the borders of the biblical Israel as the starting point for the borders of the modern Jewish state for instance. And in a way they also based themselves on the theme of the chosen people as described in the Torah. The founders of modern Zionism interpreted the distinction between Jews and non-Jews in a racial way, but it is clear that they were inspired on this point by the biblical tradition. The only thing that has changed in the meanwhile, is that the concept of the chosen people seems to be even more essential for the nowadays leaders of the state of Israel .

 The specific variety of Jewish religion which has developed under the influence of Zionism is most certainly not representative for the former faith. This could only happen because the Zionists left behind a number of very important aspects of Jewish religion the way it looked like in the days before modern Zionism. This also explains why Zionism experienced so much opposition from religious Jewry in its early days. For most religious Jews Zionism was contrary to their religious beliefs. For them the dispersion of Jews over the world was a punishment of God. And only God could end this by sending the long awaited Messiah, to redeem the Jews and to lead them back to the Promised Land. In the beginning of the 20th century this religious dogma brought most religious Jews to the conclusion that Zionism neglected the wishes of the Supreme Being and was therefore hostile towards Judaism. Orthodoxy allowed Jews to travel to Palestine , but not to found a state and to suppress the indigenous population. In this way there have been many Jews leaving for Palestine over the centuries. Contrary to the Zionists, but like the indigenous Jews in Palestine , these immigrants respected the non-Jewish population and lived in harmony with them. In exchange the indigenous population saw no reason to protest against their presence. After the foundation of the state of Israel in 1948 there remained much doubt about Zionism among religious Jews. The situation changed with the victory of Israel during the war of 1967, an important episode in the Zionist brainwashing of Jewry. Many recognized the powerful hand of God in the victory of the Israeli army and its annexation of the in religious respect so important Jerusalem . The event was perceived as a message of the Supreme Being, saying He was approving of modern Zionism from now on. Consequently the religious opposition against Zionism disappeared like snow under the sun. Still, until the present day there are religious Jews who hold on to the principle that Zionism has violated divine wishes by taking the Promised Land in a military way. For them the Torah remains the guideline. And the Torah does not prophesize that God will have the Jews send on their way to Israel by a bunch of atheists, who replaced religion by sheer racism. According the prophecies only the Messiah is authorized to do so. And as long he hasn’t appeared the land belongs to the indigenous population, the orthodox interpretation teaches.

For religious anti-Zionists Zionism violates the laws of Jewish tradition, which make a harmonious society between Jews and non-Jews quite possible. According to these old laws Jews have to show their hospitality to followers of other religions, since in Egypt the Hebrews became quite aware what it is to live depending on strangers themselves. Very important in this respect are the so-called ‘seven laws of Noah’, one of the aspects of Jewish religion that was exiled by modern Zionism. These rules form an exception in relation to the other laws, since they also apply to non-Jews. As long a non-Jew obeys the seven laws of Noah, he or she has to be respected by Jews and can expect their hospitality. Such a person is called ‘Ger Toshav’. ‘Ger’ stand for ‘stranger’ and refers to the name of ‘Hagar’, the second wife of Abraham. In the book of Genesis she is the Egyptian born mother of Ishmael, the patriarch of the Arab people.

It is not difficult to respect the seven laws of Noah, since these rules carry a very universal character. Neither Muslims, nor Christians will for instance have any problem with the prohibition against idolatry, or the commandment to establish a legal system. So there is nothing in their way to become recognized as Ger Toshav by Judaism. Altogether there can be no doubt that the laws of Jewish faith, in the pre-Zionist meaning of the word, are making a peaceful society between Jews and non-Jews certainly possible. The point is that Zionism forgot about this important element, when it concurred Jewry in its lust for power. Instead Zionism came to emphasize the xenophobia against non-Jews, coming forward here and there in Talmudic literature. Especially in the state of Israel the fear of strangers became a key element for Zionists, religious or atheist. Unfortunately this fear could easily be interpreted in a racist way and this is why I described these less sympathetic sides of Jewish religion in my book about the history of Zionism. If Zionism wouldn’t have caused an emphasis in this respect, there would not have been a reason for this. The fact that I have done so, has brought the Dutch cultural elite to the conclusion that the Jewish religion is a racist religion for me. But if that is the case every religion must be racist. Because as far as I know, most religious systems include elements that can be interpreted as fear, or in some cases as hate, towards other religions. The point is that it is fully legitimate to refer to mechanism against strangers when it is about these other religions, while it is completely taboo to mention any of it when it comes to the Jewish religion. There can be no doubt however that Jewish religion has negative tribal elements that can easily lead to racism, as well as positive humanistic elements that result in harmony towards other religion. In this respect Jewish religion is not different from other religions, for believing is usually a schizophrenic business. Before anything else it is a projection of the human mind, where good and evil are in continuous struggle with each other. Therefore religion is neither good nor evil; it’s the human interpretation of it that counts. According the interpretation of nowadays fundamentalism, religion is often a source of racism and hate. But the dualism of the human mind also creates humanist motives and those have found their way towards religion as well. Actually, I’m convinced that the concept of religion wouldn’t have had much chance of survival on this planet, without this humanist aspect.


As long the tribal and humanist elements of religion are in balance with each other, people of different faiths can live in one society, without hate or bloodshed. That’s the way it looked like in the Middle-East before the arrival of Zionism. Like I told before there was no hate and violence then.

 The appearance of Zionism caused the humanist aspect of religion to be forgotten by many Jews and the balance to be disturbed. Maybe even worse is that Zionism has not only influenced Jewish religion this way, but in some ways also Islam. Because under influence of Zionist ideology, the humanistic side of religion was not very much emphasized by many Muslims either. The balance has also for them been disturbed and gone towards blind hate. Notwithstanding the fact that people have the right to fight against suppression and occupation, religious orientated suicide attacks on arbitrary civilians have nothing to do with humanism in my opinion. And then there are the fundamentalist Christians in the US , who combine their traditional hate of Jews with warm feelings towards the state of Israel . Their pretended love of Jews is nowadays of a much greater danger than that of anti-Semitism. Among other reasons because the philo-Semitism, is nothing but anti-Semitism in disguise. If something proves that Zionism and anti-Semitism are good buddies, it’s the sodden remarks about Israel by fundamentalist Christians. Some of these Christians even have the nerve to denounce critique towards the racist policy of the Zionist state as anti-Semitism. Give me strength! It all comes because fundamentalist Christians in the USA strongly associate the expected arrival of the Jewish Messiah with the second coming of Jesus Christ. They don’t know of any limit in this respect. Many of them are even praying for a nuclear war in the Middle East, because in their opinion the land of Israel has to be purified with blood before the return of Jesus Christ. Nowadays many see Islam as the main danger in the world, but I know better.

The balance between tribal and humanist elements in religion can only mend itself with the end of Zionism. Jews, Christians and Muslims will then realize that their concept of religion has become a caricature of their original faith under influence of this nationalistic as well as neo-colonial ideology. After being re-introduced to the humanist values of their religion, they will agree that the involved religions have equal rights when it comes to living in the ‘holy land’.


Without Zionist separatism there will be more than enough reason for fraternization. Even the most fundamentalist Jews and Muslims will realize that there can only be one tribe on this planet: the tribe of humanity. The prophecies are teaching that the Jewish Messiah will come to bring peace to the world. That is also what the religious settlers in Israel believe. But these fanatics are mistaking when they assume that their peace will come through a Messiah that preaches hate and is releasing them from the Arabs. For religious Jews within anti-Zionism such a Messiah can only be a false Messiah. Since Zionism has falsified Jewish religion, the Messianic movement in Israel can’t comprehend that Messianic is a symbol before anything else; a symbol of a mechanism within the human mind. It stands for the process of awareness Jewry has been carrying inside itself for all those centuries. I mean the archetypical principle that serves the fraternization of all people. That is what the Zionist elite can achieve by becoming aware that Jews can only be chosen for one reason; chosen to bring peace among the nations. The end of Zionism will be the beginning of this peace. The end of Zionism represents in other words the arrival of the Messiah.

Of course, it has to be admitted that it won’t be easy to say farewell to Zionism for once and for ever. But when it comes to that point the advantages would be beyond imagination. The end of Zionism can bring peace like a true Messiah. For a real peace between Israelis and Palestinians will not remain limited to the Middle-East. Such a development would without any doubt be a source of inspiration for peace in the rest of the world. When Jews and Muslims can make such a step after so many years of hate and violence, peace will be a serious option in other places and situations as well. That’s why the Zionists are facing a rare historic choice. A choice not only concerning peace in the Middle-East, but in fact a choice with respect to peace in the world. This is also why anti-Zionism is so important for me; it goes way beyond the misery under which the Palestinians are living. The struggle against Zionism is a quest for peace of universal proportions. After the abolishment of Zionism, the hate against both Jews and Muslims will not only disappear in the Middle-East, but also in other regions. Religious fundamentalists will lose their most elemental argument in the post-Zionist era. Their influence will become less, after which the world will live in more peace, harmony and prosperity than ever before. Without the paralyzing effect of Zionism the people of the Arab countries will finally have the possibility to turn against the dictatorial regimes in their countries for instance. The possibilities are almost limitless. If I let my fantasy go all the way I can even imagine that the enormous expenses which the USA makes towards Israel , will be used to solve the problem of poverty among the Palestinians. This is a realistic possibility when the end of Zionism occurs parallel to the arrival of the humanist Messiah.

I know I may sound very unrealistic when I assert that Jews are able to recognize their Messiah in the end of Zionism. But I will not give in to cynicism. Call me naive. Call me an anti-Semite, because I despise Zionism. I just don’t care. What it comes down to is that there is simply no alternative for real peace. It’s the only way to keep this world from going towards a huge disaster. Fortunately history shows that some developments can happen suddenly in this world. So sudden that they are not expected by many. The events in South Africa have proved such. I’m sure that such a switch is possible in the Middle East as well. Subsequently a truth commission can be appointed to analyze Zionism, as well the Palestinian response to its crimes. But all of this has to be about fraternization. So that Jews and Muslims will be able once again to live in peace and harmony with each other in one country.

  • Wladimir Jabotinsky is the founder of Revisionist right-wing Zionism. Contrary to the socialist Zionist of the WZO, he expected already in the 1930’s that the Palestinians would not agree with the occupation of their land. According to Jabotinsky an ‘Iron Wall’ would be necessary to protect the Jewish colonists from the indigenous population.

Noahides = No-Hides and Nowhere to Hide

By Michael Korn jesusoverisrael@

[letter to prominent holocaust author yaffa eliach, who denigrates christianity as another greek myth and seeks to replace it with "noahidism"]

A letter to "Yaffa Eliach" <yaffa@shtetlfoundat>

Cc: "Rabette Toby Katz" <>, "Rabbi Michael Katz" <>

Date: Thursday, May 8, 2008, 9:33 AM


Dear Professor Eliach,

I am grateful that you have written back, especially after receiving a letter that probably caused you deep offense. This demonstrates that you have the courage (if not the wisdom) of your convictions!

I particularly am pleased that you have mentioned the famous Noahide Laws as the basis for world religion. We both know that Jewish organizations push gleefully to supplant Christianity with the "Noahide" concept (I am not aware of similar efforts directed against adherents of Islam or, indeed, any other religion). I have corresponded with Rabbi Michael Katz, who leads a prominent Noahide group in Florida : 1stcovenant. org [Rabbi Michael Katz, 5650 Stirling Rd. , Hollywood , Florida , 33021 , (954) 964-4288]


But this is where the story gets very strange, and I am hoping that perhaps you can help me understand it. For you see, Rabbi Katz's wife, Toby, the daughter of the Blosiferous Rebbe Nachman Bulman, presents herself as an authority on science and Torah. And she asserts without any compunction that the Flood of Noah was a "local event" rather than the global catastrophe that the Torah describes. So here we have the incredibly ironic situation of an Orthodox Jewish couple who do their darndest to undermine the Christian Faith by replacing it with Noahidism, while they themselves do not even believe in Noah's Flood! This would be hysterically funny were it not in fact so terribly grave. And that is where you come in.

As a spinner of tales and neo-Hasidic myths, perhaps you can understand and explain the mindset that arrogates to itself the right, nay even the duty, to assert the superiority of a doctrine that it does not in fact believe in itself?! As I was walking home today, I thought deeply upon this and the Holy Spirit suggested a rather ingenious solution that I would like to share with you. He revealed to me that the Jews, in fact, are the real Noahides, while the Christians are the truly faithful Jews of the Bible. The reason being that Noahidism focuses purely on the fulfillment of certain laws that are posited to have been charged to all mankind following the Flood (that the Noahists, Rabbi and Rabbette Katz, do not in fact believe in!), while ignoring the salvational and redemptive aspects of revealed religion that fill the pages of the Tenach. Indeed Noahidism's eschewing a personal relationship with the Creator God (perhaps this is why Rabbette Katz opposes Creationism? ) perfectly describes the practice of the Jewish religion, with its obsessive focus on rules and regulations, Taryag Mitzvoth, Halacha, Codes, Commentaries, Responsa, and the like.


The Holy Spirit showed me that when Jews seek to turn Christians into Noahides, they actually are seeking to convert them to their very own belief system of Judasism - the religion of those who, like Judas, betrayed their LORD - but with a different name to preserve branding distinctions. (So we have Judasism akin to Marlboro and Noahidism akin to Winston, both of which cause spiritual cancer.) Then the Holy Spirit went further, showing me how amazingly apt the name "Noahide" is for adherents of Judasism. One could write it as "No-hide", meaning no skin or covering, which is a perfect description of these errant sons of Abraham who disdained the salvation offered through God's only begotten Son, whose death on the cross atoned for all of us once and for all and whose own precious blood shed for our sins renders the blood of bulls and goats obsolete! Tragically Jews today are in the position of standing naked before their Creator, with no covering for their sins since they have rejected Christ. They are most decidedly No-hides.

There is yet another connotation of No-hide, meaning that those who deny Jesus Christ as Messiah and refuse to follow and submit to Him have Nowhere to Hide. They can invent all the new religions and rabbinical rules and regulations (that no longer are relevant since Jesus arranged for the Temple to be destroyed and the nation to be exiled) they want; but they still cannot provide themselves atonement or make themselves acceptable to God. They have nowhere to hide from God’s wrath and nowhere to hide in hell for eternity. What a tragic fate awaits the proud adherents of rabbinism. How we wish that they would avoid this fate and allow themselves to become the blessing to the world that God always intended them to be! But this can only be accomplished by submitting to Jesus Christ, Israel ’s Messiah and Savior of the World.

Then the Lord went even deeper. He showed me that this all is traceable to the very founder of Talmudic Judaism, which was established, by those who rejected Christ's offer of salvation, to cope with the crisis evoked by the Temple 's destruction and the end of the Levitical sacrificial system. This man, Akiva, son of a Roman convert, whose hatred and angry passions are well documented in the Talmud, was, according to Talmudic accounts, scourged by the Romans until all his skin was stripped from his body, leaving him most plainly a No-hide. So the Talmudic system created by Akiva bar Joseph, whose life was the very antithesis of Jesus bar Joseph, with its focus on law and legalism and its rejection of grace and salvation, is most aptly named "No-hide". For like its founder, whose flesh was stripped off his body with iron combs by the cruel Romans, those who seek to approach God simply by performing works of the law (2/3 of which is impracticable due to the Temple's destruction) without accepting the atoning sacrifice of His Son, are left naked in their sins, truly and tragically without a cover: No-hide.

The parallel is extended when one considers that Jewish legend reports that Akiva bar Joseph was killed in this horrible manner on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. Yet, having opposed Yeshua Hamoshiach, the only Atonement available to the Jewish people, Akiva left himself, along with the entirety of his errant nation, without a covering, naked as a plucked chicken. Perhaps this is why Jews, to this day, swing a chicken over their heads on the eve of Yom Kippur, commemorating Akiva's opposition to Christ that left the entire Jewish remnant after the Roman destruction without true atonement. Like Akiva, the entire remnant of Israel stands naked before its God, plucked like a chicken after the slaughter.

Yet Akiva was not content to stop there. With the cowardice of a true chicken-man, he was not content merely to denounce Jesus and to defame Him to the pathetic remnant of Israel that survived the Roman onslaught. No, Akiva went even further down the path of destruction by anointing Simeon bar Kosiva as the false messiah Bar Kochba, thereby inciting the remnant of Israel to rise up against Rome, which suppressed the rebellion with even greater brutality and ferocity than they had shown in 70 AD. And then he had the audacity to blame the early Jewish-Christians for the failure of the Bar Kochba revolt against God and Rome . So Akiva opposed Christ, the True Messiah, anointed the false messiah Bar Kochba, and provoked Israel into a ruinous war that, to this day, is remembered in the Jewish Grace after Meals as the slaughter of Beitar. And after all the mayhem and destruction Akiva wrought upon the hapless and gullible masses of Israel , was he vilified in the Jewish Hall of Hate? Was he mocked and scorned for anointing a false messiah? Was he reviled as history's greatest deceiver and blackest spiller of Jewish blood, indeed as Israel 's greatest enemy? No! He is immortalized as Judasism's greatest hero, sage, and rabbi!

So there you have it: the man who did more than other in Jewish history to harden Jewish hearts against the True Jewish Messiah and to drown the Jewish Nation in God's wrath, receives only accolades! There is little doubt in my mind that Jesus refers prophetically to this awful anti-Christ, Akiva son of a Roman convert, in the following verse:

Matthew 23:15  Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye compass sea and land to make one proselyte, and when he is made, ye make him twofold more the child of hell than yourselves.

If it is true that Jewish resistance to the Gospel has been the primary cause of all the many centuries of suffering and affliction endured by our pathetic nation, then Akiva bar Joseph occupies the first ranks of the enemies of Israel . Nay, let us be even bolder to identify him as Amalek. It is well known that the rabbis boast that the Hebrew letters of Akiva constitute the name Ya'akov, Jacob, and they try to portray him as the reincarnation of that Patriarch. It also is known that Esau impersonates Jacob in an effort to deceive others about his truly depraved spiritual condition. Therefore, I would urge you to consider the idea that Akiva actually is Esau in disguise, whose purpose is to destroy the Jewish people from within. Akiva, and all those who follow his path of opposition to Yeshua Hamoshiach, are the true enemies of Israel , the Amalekites who ravage our nation and bring untold misery to the entire world!

In further evidence of this, I noticed that in your Holocaust tales many of the survivors were famous rabbis or Jews of means who could bribe their way out of captivity. This, too, stands in stark contrast to Christianity, whose founder laid down His life for the salvation of others, rather than seek to save Himself at the expense of others, as did so many prominent rabbis during the Holocaust. Indeed the story of the Satmar Rabbi, Joel Teitelbaum, who was saved on the Kastner train with about 1600 Hungarian Jews while hundreds of thousands went to their deaths, is shameful on two levels: the rabbi's selfish indifference to the plight of the others (contrast this with Elchonon Wasserman, who returned from the safety of New York to die with his Polish Yeshiva students) and his implacable hostility to the very Zionists who rescued him in the first place! Such odious ingratitude and selfishness never was apparent with Jesus bar Joseph of Nazareth. Indeed the example of the Satmar Rabbi alone suffices to demonstrate with shocking and stunning clarity the infinite moral, ethical, and spiritual superiority of Christianity over Judasism (No-hidism).

Finally since you present yourself as an authority on Hasidic writings, and you seem particularly fond of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, surely you know that Hasidism always has stressed that there is no purely innocent victim. The Baal Shem Tov said that even if you see someone sin, then God is speaking to you and reproving you in some way. According to Hasidic thought, if you are in God's perfect will, then even the most dangerous situation in the world cannot harm even a hair on your head (e.g., Daniel in the Lion's Den); while if you under God's wrath, then even the most innocuous situation can bring fierce judgment crashing upon your head. (May God spare us!)

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov often spoke of the importance of living in Eretz Yisrael. It is stated in some Breslov circles that the primary reason for the Holocaust was Jewish reluctance to leave the fleshpots of Europe and to move back to the Holy Land . Mr. Hitler simply gave them a grosse stiebel in der unterverein and sent them on their way. So we actually should be grateful for what the Nazis did to us; indeed we should bow our heads in shame that our own pride and obstinacy required the entire world to become engulfed in a cataclysmic war. If this indeed is the root cause of the Holocaust, then we in fact got off easy. Rather than dwell on the alleged six million of our own fatalities, perhaps we ought to consider the global carnage of 60 million lives that were necessitated simply to get the Jewish People off their collective tuchas and to live where God wants them to be. Indeed, sober reflection upon this will lead us as a nation to apologize to the nations of the world, rather than demean and defame them about our own suffering, for the unjust suffering our own sinfulness imposed upon them.

The Holocaust was not a simple aberration of history; it was a global tragedy and catastrophe that demands soul searching from every Jewish person to seek the reason for God's profound disfavor. May you and your friends and loved ones find the correct answer.


Michael Korn


PS I exhort you as well, for the sake of historical accuracy, to understand that the Nazis did everything they could to support Zionism. Zionist youth groups were the only form of Jewish practice permitted in 1930s Germany ; and the transfer agreement actually forced German Jews to immigrate to Palestine in order to redeem their German property and possessions. If any nation was a villain in the Holocaust, it was the British, who closed the gates to Jewish immigrants even as the Nazis did everything in their power to expedite Jewish immigration to the Holy Land . So please, if you wish to denounce the evil of others rather than consider the blackness of our own Jewish sins, then at least identify the correct culprit: the British Empire , Yemach Shemam Vezichram. AMEN!


[1] The U.S. Congress officially recognized the Noahide Laws in legislation which was passed by both houses. Congress and the President of the United States , George Bush, indicated in Public Law 102-14, 102nd Congress, that the United States of America was founded upon the Seven Universal Laws of Noah. For this purpose, this Public Law designated March 26, 1991 as Education Day, U.S.A.

[3] Mishneh Torah, Hilchoth Melachim 10

[4] I Cor 8

From Ian Buckley:

Obviously an important piece - or set of pieces - though the topic may be a little beyond my humble intellect ;-) 

 Desacralisation, reduction of the spiritual, destruction of contemplation are all about us: 

 http://www.timesonl tol/comment/ faith/article136 2709.ece


http://timescolumns .typepad. com/gledhill/ 2007/02/thousand s_of_ch.html


The above articles are informative - but  (as is typical of the Times and the rest of the establishment 'quality' press) - there is a slight still distinct flavour of genteel Muslim-baiting about them.


It's not that the figures are inaccurate, but the suggestion of a causal link between the decline of Christianity and rise of Islam is nonsense. 


Christianity has NOT declined because of Islam, but due to the onslaught of secular, capitalist consumerism.


best wishes,



From Ed Suter:

Dear Mr. Shamir,

There is an enormous problem for Christians who would embrace the much vaunted Noachide Laws:

The Christians are idolaters, and Sunday is their holiday [Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Avodah Zorah, 9;4]

The Christians are worshipers of Avodah Zorah [idolatry] [Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Ma'akhalot Assurot, 11:7]

It is a mitzvah [religious duty], however, to eradicate Jewish traitors, minim, [Christians] and apikorsim, [in other words, sincere Jewish converts to Christianity] and to cause them to descend to the pit of destruction, since they cause difficulty to the Jews and sway the people away from God, as did Jesus of Nazareth and his students, and Tzadok, Baithos, and their students. May the name of the wicked rot. [Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Chapter 10]

a gentile who worships false gods is liable, [for the death penalty] provided he worships them in the accepted manner. A gentile is executed for every type of foreign worship which a Jewish court would consider worthy of capital punishment. [Maimonides, Hilchot Melachim XI, Mishneh Torah]

A non-Jew is put to death on the basis of a decision given by one judge [no jury], and on the basis of testimony given by a single witness, and even if he was not given a proper warning prior to the commission of his offense. He is put to death on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a man but not on the basis of testimony and a decision given by a woman, and the man who testified or decided against him can even be a relative. A Jew can only be put to death by a court of twenty-three judges, and on the basis of the testimony of two male witnesses who are not disqualified from testifying on account of kinship, and after being properly warned against committing the transgression. But none of these rules apply in the case of a non-Jew. [Babylonian Talmud, Sanhedrin 57b, Steinsaltz edition, vol.18, page 110]

The Jewish Encyclopedia affirms that the punishment for Christian “idolatry” is beheading.[1][1]


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