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Letter from a Catholic Friend

Darrell from the Oregon wilderness

My Dear Shamir,

1) Regarding the lack of public outcry in the face of the orchestrated financial collapse and subsequent criminal bailout, there is, I believe, a good explanation. Hilaire Belloc predicted this kind of anesthetized acquiescence back in 1912 in The Servile State. We are so enslaved to our modern day "bread and circuses" that economic freedom, and even moral freedom, mean little to us anymore. The predominant attitude is, Just give us enough of entertainment, sexual stimulation, rich food and drink, and all our particular addictions we need to indulge, and of course our prescription meds, and we won't rebel against the continual plundering, the revocation of our basic rights, and our ever-increasing wage-slavery. We'll only murmur quietly among ourselves. But do at least give us what our bodies and imaginations crave!

I agree with Tom Rose when he says: "The 'name of the game' is to create chaos, both domestically and internationally in order to create fear and panic among the American public so that they will unthinkingly surrender their constitutionally protected freedoms in the elusive hope of gaining peace and safety." I would just add that besides creating chaos, the creation also of a society of addicts, especially sexual addicts, who, as E. Michael Jones has written persuasively in Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation and Political Control (parts of which can be read at www.culturewars. com), are much more easily subdued, controlled, and manipulated than are citizens who have dominion over their lower passions.


2) I've read parts one and two of E. Michael Jones' excellent article "'Et Unum Sint': A Report from Planet Mammon" in Culture Wars (part one, prominently dealing with you, is also on his website, and I see most of that at least is also on yours). I also heard the audiotape of the two of you in London (podcast at his website). I think you two should get together more often. You complement each another very well - although I must admit that in the few areas where you have differing, even conflicting opinions, I tend to find Jones more persuasive - and I don't think that's just because we're both Catholic. There's just something about your admiration for much of what Stalin did, and for socialism, and even communism that just seems a bit off. It seems somewhat utopian, not taking original sin much into account. As Chesterton wrote in Heretics: "...the weakness of all Utopias is this, that they take the greatest difficulty of man and assume it to be overcome, and then give an elaborate account of the overcoming of the smaller ones. They first assume that no man will want more than his share, and then are very ingenious in explaining whether his share will be delivered by motor-car or balloon." Maybe it's nostalgia you have for some pleasant experiences in your childhood (when Stalin was killing his multi-millions and making hell on earth for 95% of the rest) and/or a healthy patriotism transformed, instinctively (and fearfully) turning a blind eye to many horrendous evils, like a co-dependent woman rationalizing or explaining away the despicable behavior and chronic drunkenness of a husband, son, or boyfriend, saying, "Oh, he's really a good man when he's not drinking! - and he hardly ever beats me then too."

And it seems you were being captious, nick-picking, and grasping for straws - and creating a straw-man - in your criticisms of Jones' new book, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History. He never said, as you thought he did, or even implied, that revolutionary activity in itself is always a bad thing, only that Jewish revolutionary activity is by its very nature always a bad thing, since Judaism from the time of Christ has been by its very nature in rebellion against Logos and the objective moral order which that includes. The book is about the revolutionary Jew, as the title clearly says, not about revolutionary activity. I get the impression you may need to read the book again.

Then there was what you said a while back about lesbian sex not being seriously wrong or sinful since the Bible doesn't condemn it explicitly as it does sodomy. (I hope you've gotten over that erroneous understanding by now, since you're virtually all alone on that one. "It is not good for the man to be alone," said God after he created (the other) Adam. And he says the same to you and to the rest of us. So does all Christian, and even most non-Christian, tradition. "Securus iudicat orbis terrarum."

But you're still pretty darned good. It's just that love seeks the perfection of the beloved. If I saw you merely as a fellow comrade in arms in the culture war, and nothing more, I would not feel so strongly and personally about it.

It was while reading the two articles by Jones that I thought of "'No Fear' Shamir" as a good nickname for you. His is "General Jones," on account of my seeing him as the leader of an ever-growing army of "culture warriors" who promote and disseminate in various way his writings and his trenchant cultural analysis (yours too). Following his and your lead in promoting and defending the truth and exposing those who flushed, and keep on flushing, our culture down the toilet, as the late great culture warrior Thomas Herron put it, often involves suffering a kind of "white martyrdom" (which I'm sure you know first-hand yourself) as opposed to "red martyrdom" when you actually are killed. It involves being considered hate-filled freaks, being mocked, persecuted and called all kinds of unpleasant things - especially "anti-Semitic" , of course (as opposed to anti-Judaic, which we indeed are and which is a healthy Christian, even just plain healthy human attitude). And so we are the fighting, suffering soldiers under his leadership. We are the "E. Michael Martyrs," swimming with him (and with you) against the vicious current of evil and attendant lies which our Judaized culture of death continually vomits forth.


3) Some breaking news that seems just incredible. It almost seems like it was made up:

News Item: Recently Found Papyrus Scroll Causing International Stir:

Contains Dialogue Between the Apostle Peter and the Jews

Reported by Tim Entes, Ultzi Onem and Jude A. Orum

Jerusalem - In what is causing no little sensation and controversy spreading rapidly around the world, at least among alternative if not mainstream media, archeologists near Jaffa have discovered several ancient scrolls and numerous papyrus fragments apparently dating from the late second or early third century. Not much is known yet about the contents of most of the findings, but a spokesperson for the archeological team at the dig said that they appear to be from an early Christian community, since parts of several gospels and pastoral epistles are included.

What is causing the biggest sensation, however, is an almost completely intact scroll containing what appears to be until now unknown passages, in Greek, from the apocryphal Gospel of Peter, "possibly expunged from most manuscripts due to their controversial nature," said one Catholic biblical authority, who wished to remain anonymous, and most likely, he added, on account of "fear of inciting even greater persecution of Christians by the Jews, and through them and their influence, the Roman emperors."

Apparently one of the most controversial passages discovered is the following:

Some of the Jews approached Peter and said, "Doesn't your teacher pay the temple tax?" He said to them in reply, "I shall also ask you one question, and if you answer it for me, then I shall tell you if he pays the temple tax. What do you think of Balaam's ass [1]?" They discussed this among themselves and said, "If we say 'We don't like it,' our leaders may accuse us of homophobia and excommunicate us from the temple, and we will lose our livelihood. But if we say, 'We like it,' we fear the crowd, for they are an ignorant and intolerant rabble who cling to their obscurantist interpretation of the law, and may stone us.' So they said to Peter in reply, "We do not know." Peter, having overheard their discussion, said to them, "That's not what I meant, you blind and sick brood of vipers and offspring of Canaan , you idiots! And neither shall I tell you if he pays the temple tax." And all the people who had gathered laughed at them. But the Jews, embarrassed and enraged, went away and plotted how they might destroy him, as well as Jesus and all the other disciples. They also plotted to put to death all those who had laughed at them.

[1] Numbers 22:20-33: The ass on which Balaam is riding miraculously speaks to him after it is whipped by Balaam.

Another controversial passages reads:

In those days the church was being built up with the power and consolation of the Holy Spirit, while the apostles continued to perform great signs to confirm the word that was spoken. And some of the Jews approached Peter and said, "Why do you and the other followers of that man not observe the precepts of the law?" He said to them in reply, "I shall also ask you one question, and if you answer it for me, then I shall tell why we do not observe all of the precepts. If when you clean yourself after easing nature, you accidentally dirty your hand, and suddenly you hear a cry for help from one of your kinfolk whose life is in imminent danger, may you touch him with your dirty hand?" They discussed this among themselves and said, "If we say 'We cannot help him until all the excrement is off our hand,' he will accuse us of allowing our kinfolk to die, but can we say we would defile both ourselves and our kin?" And after some argument among themselves they said to Peter in reply, "That kind of dilemma would never arise for observers of the law who clean themselves with all thoroughness, accuracy and punctiliousness. " Peter then said to them, "Moses and the prophets were right about you Jews, that you are obstinate and blind, your neck is an iron sinew and your forehead bronze. You say you are clean when you are covered with the filth of deceit and all unrighteousness. For I have seen your clotheslines and the marks on your undergarments. Yes, indeed, you fill up the measure of your fathers who killed the prophets, you who have turned your backs on the truth to serve the Father of lies - you who even crucified the Son of God! And neither shall I tell you why we do not observe all of the precepts of the law, you hypocrites." And many of the people who had gathered derided them and gave glory to God who through Peter and the other apostles confounded those who were oppressing them. But the Jews, humiliated and enraged, ground their teeth against him. But for fear of the multitude they went away and plotted how they might destroy him, as well as all the other disciples. They also plotted to put to death all those who had derided them.

When representatives of the media were asked why they were not reporting anything on this major discovery, most of them said that they were sure it was all just another medieval forgery, since, as one put it, "Jews at that time, just as today, would never be afraid of the consequences of publicly defending any persecuted minority group, especially the gay community, who then as now suffered great persecution by intolerant and hate-filled people, especially Christians. And besides, Jews would never have stained undergarments. "

Abe Foxman from the Anti-Defamation League stated: "Jews never persecute anyone. Jews are persecuted. Jews were persecuted by the Romans much worse than all other people put together, and unlike the Christians they were totally innocent, law-abiding citizens who simply wanted to be left in peace to practice their religion. And for doing that a million and a half of them were slaughtered in the year 70 C.E. when the Temple was destroyed. And another million in the year 135 under the great prophet and spiritual leader Simon Bar-Kochba. And so on until the Holocaust. And it still continues today. Also, Jews have never persecuted Christians, or any other religious or ethnic group for that matter."

Foxman said that the controversial passages "only provide added proof of how intolerant, mean-spirited, and hate-filled these right-wing Christians have always been. If our organization had been in existence when this obvious medieval forgery was written, I can assure you that it would never have even seen the light of day. It's cultural poison like this that brought on the Holocaust." When asked about the continual Jewish uprisings and rebellion against Roman rule preceding the destruction of the Temple , including the killing of thousands of Roman soldiers by Jewish revolutionaries, Foxman said, becoming more animated, "That's all anti-Semitic propaganda! It's a bunch of #&*@$ trash! Christian historians were already preparing for the Holocaust!" When it was pointed out that even Jewish historians reported the Jewish violence and killings, Foxman stood up, knocking his chair over and spilling his coffee, and said angrily, "Those were self-hating Jews who betrayed their people by either becoming Christians or caving into pressure and bribes to repeat these lies! As for this monkish phony manuscript, it's just one among millions of #$%&! examples of the lies used to attack us!"

An anonymous representative of the Southern Poverty Law Center, when questioned, said, "I totally agree with Abe. And I can assure you that there will be lawsuits filed against any group or individual who in any way disseminates this immoral and inhuman filth!"

"That's right," added Foxman. "And remember, you were warned."

As the two were walking away together, several witnesses overheard Foxman saying to his colleague, "We have created interesting times, my brother. We will very soon be completely victorious over that man." To which the other replied, "Yes, indeed, my brother. The imposter and his church are finished. May the bastard burn in shit forever [2]. Ecrasez l'infame!" "Ecrasez l'infame!," repeated Foxman. Then they parted, each bowing and saying "Shalom". On the way out someone said, "Have a merry Christmas, Mr. Foxman!" To which he replied, "#&*@$ that #&*@$!", gesturing to the person with his middle finger.

A Coptic monk in Jerusalem , Fr. Seraphim, was asked his opinion about the controversy. He said, "From the little I've heard it seems like some people are creating a tempest in a teacup. I don't know much about the writings that were found. The Gospel of Peter is an apocryphal book anyway, most likely originating among one of the Gnostic sects that proliferated during the first several centuries of the Church. But it doesn't take much to provoke certain kinds of people. And the Church, like her divine Founder, will always be persecuted - and yes, even by Jews. The enemies of the Church are of all kinds, but they work in harmony in their different ways of attacking her, guided by unseen powers of darkness. In the book of Proverbs, chapter 30 it says, 'The locusts have no leader, yet they attack in formation.' The enemies of Christ and his Church have no single leader in this world. He is of the spiritual world. His name is the devil or Satan, and he directs many legions of demons, as well as many millions of human beings, for any soul in the state of mortal sin is by that very fact under the dominion of Satan, and is an agent of Satan, whether he or she knows it or not."

The monk's comments were reported to the local authorities and he was later taken to police headquarters for questioning, and afterwards to a special clinic for psychological evaluation and counseling. After being treated and put on special court-ordered medication, he was released. He was also threatened with arrest, heavy fines, and possible confiscation of his monastery if he ever says anything again critical of the Jews. His monastery is currently under surveillance by a special task force of the Israeli anti-hate crime peacekeeping unit.

[2] According to the Talmud, Jesus is a Bastard (Kallah 51A) and the offspring of a Jewish whore and a Roman soldier (Sanhedrin 106A) who is now in hell in boiling excrement (Gittin 57A).

Post Script: The Talmud also claims that Balaam consorted with his she-ass. Alternatively, "Balaam" is one among many vile nicknames used by Jews for Christ.

And for the Latin-challenged: "timentes ultionem Judaeorum" means "fearing the vengeance of the Jews."

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