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There are many interesting responses to all recent articles, mainly to Jews and Russian Revolution and Catholic Church and abuse libel, but to others as well. Hopefully very soon we shall have a better system of displaying them on the site; but meanwhile we shall continue to produce these omnibuses of fresh news and your and your friends’ responses.


But first, our congratulations to the veteran German dissident Horst Mahler, the ex-Red Army Fraction, ex-NPD, - he is out of German jail after a longish (but mercifully not as long as his previous 10-year-long) stretch. Welcome back, Horst!


Our congratulations to Silvia Cattori, a friend of Palestine and talented journalist from Switzerland who launched her own website http://www.silviaca , and there are good articles: in Français http://www.silviaca article286. html and in English

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Our congratulations to Wendy Campbell & Mark Green, both our writers and friends, who got married a few days ago. Many happy years of marital bliss to you!



Your Responses


Re: The Last of England , by Ian Buckley

From Stephen Endman


This is a great article. I live in the UK and i see this country will eventually collapse. The level of depressed, apathetic, selfish, angry, egocentric, psychotic people living in this tiny, very overcrowded country is unbelievable. Britain once had a strong cultural and social identity HOWEVER in order for the Establishment to preserve its obscene wealth and obscene social structure, they had to fragment society, bring in massive illegal immigration, destroy the family, destroy the sanctity of marriage and eradicate all knowledge concerning the original peoples of Britain .
With the economic collapse of the Western World will come the sudden abolition of the MIDDLE CLASS. Then ALL of the toleration and acceptance, begrudgingly of the horrific social mess and inner city chaos and mayhem, with lawless youths running wild at the weekends, parentless families and the massive debt levels of most of the British People will end. Britain as disappeared as country and what will come from the ashes after the middle of 2008, through 2010 and beyond is going to be very depressing for millions of British People.


Re: Jews and the Russian Revolution


From Ayse Berktay:


Is the "Jewishness" of these children of those vast lands whereon the Russian Empire existed, the determining factor in the nature of the contributions they made? Has anyone ever cared to study the extent to which ordinary, rank and file Russian Jews participated in the revolution? What do you think about the impact the pogroms might have had on encouraging people to participate in the struggle to downthrow cruel tsarist despotism and to create a different world?

The bottom line is that not everyone is guided by allegiance to "ethnical or national roots" in their political choices and struggle. For people for whom "Jewishness" is not "the thing" that shapes their politics, it is perfectly legitimate to say, "so what if they are Jews!"




From David Rubinson, NYC


You all seem to forget that what you call "The Jews" had very good reasons for wanting to destroy the Tsarist Regime.

The murderous Pogroms.

As a perfect example of this cause and effect, and in this case totally proven by the historical evidence, the "Jewish Wall Streeters" in the person of Jacob Schiff, totally financed the Japanese war against Russia following and specifically because of, the infamous Kishinev Pogrom of 1905.

Schiff famously told the Japanese- take the money and kick the hell out of the Russians.





Shamir replies:

Pogroms are being re-assessed now in Russian historiography. Consider them a form of violent resistance to colonization, somewhat similar to the Native Americans’ resistance to the white settlers. Or indeed, like Palestinian resistance to the same Jews in, say, 1920. It has been positively proven that the Tsar government actually defended Jews, and never encouraged the pogroms as it was frequently claimed by Jews. The Jews were also better armed than their adversaries; in pogroms, in this Ukrainian and Moldavian ( Russia proper had no Jews and no pogroms) intifada, the casualties were 60 natives to 40 Jews.


From Syed Zaidi, Delhi


Dear Shamir,

Niloufer Bhagwat is a lady, the wife of a retired Indian Navy admiral. She is a Muslim married to a Hindu and they are both known for their leftist leanings.


Syed Zaidi


From Jim Dean, Atlanta


Israel ,


I enjoyed this exchange without the all too often childish repetition of the usual bias and name calling.


The Revolution is a veryyyyyy complicated issue, and made more so by the problem of major sources never having been translated into English. Even those doing their PhD theses often never touch these.


I liken this debate to the age old analogy of dinner guests all eating from a big pot of stew where everyone brought ingredients to contribute. Each spoonful has a different mix and therefore the consumer has a completely localized experience, and may even claim that he is eating something totally different from all the others. Also, those eating the stew are prone to notice the ingredients they brought more than others.


The street fairs of old Leningrad were more of a simpler affair. The big vats of beer were consumed by everyone taking turns drinking from the one shared ladle, where all got to know their neighbors very personally. Despite the health risks they all knew they were having a shared experience and there were no arguments, with the exception of the beer being watered down as they day grew late. But alas, we have the same problem all too often today with our discussions.


While some might argue, I find drinking and intellectual discussions can often break down artificial perspective barriers. I once again thank you for your work here. It's been going on for many years and I hope you are taking your one aspirin a day so we can continue this into our nineties.


Everyone bring their own glass.



Jim Dean

Heritage TV... Atlanta


From Dr Fred Tischler,

HI Adam,

Is Communism a "Jewish" thing? This is a question that should be asked differently. Communism is - to me - the outcome of what the heresy of the Essenes was all about. Like always, when Jews get their hands on something, this whatever it is, gets perverted into an US and THEM thing, where the possibilities of the few are made into the necessities of the many. Communism is NOT a "Jewish" thing - it has been found by Jews to be a concept that could be used for their benefit. Come to think of it .... is this not another fractal? We should remember, that all of this is dialectics in the highest degree: what Marcuse called facts and factors, Monod called chances and necessities! Who was it that called this conundrum forms and functions? All the same - show me a good thing and I show you how Jews have turned it into a thing that is good for them and bad for all others.

To put it plainly: communism is a good thing that was developed by people who realized that symbiotism is the prime strategy for natural (co-)existence. That all symbiotic forms are controlled by parasitic functions explains what we are looking at: Jews made the systemically necessary parasitism (a modus operandi) into a modus vivendi for themselves.

SO: Communism is NOT a Jewish thing - it has been perverted by Jews from what it could be to what it has become.

Maybe I see all this wrong ....?


From Tom Mysiewicz


I always understood that the Germans and (Jewish) banking interests on Wall St. (Kuhn-Loeb, etc.) were instrumental in the actual Russian Revolution-- it did not stem primarily from Jewish sources "native" to Russia .  You must admit that people like "Trotsky" (Lev Davidovich or Lev Bronstein) did play a major role.


Germany facilitated the transfer of gold from Wall St.  and a number of agitators to Russia in return for the Bolsheviks pulling Russia out of the First World War.  I understand the Bolsheviks also ceded a great deal of European territory under Russian control to Germany as part of this deal.


The Allied Expeditionary Force sent to Russia was widely expected to intervene on behalf of the "White Russians".  However, it did nothing--leading me to speculate that it was there to make sure nothing went wrong.  (Current Russian histories indicate the force was to make sure that Germany did not occupy Russia --which sounds nice assumaing Germany was capable of such an occupation at that point.)




Patrick McNally adds:


> (1) From Come Carpentier:


The top US Intelligence officers posted in Russia in the years 1917-1924 reported in detail how the Bolsheviks were supported and funded by their cousins in Wall Street who thought that they were thereby ruining Russia and annihilating its power, thus leaving no rival to the Anglo-American emerging alliance. That fact was acknowledged by Bertrand Russell, Winston Churchill and several other Western statesmen. The secret dispatches from the US agents can now be read in the US Archives and they provide names, amounts and a lot of other factual data.


> According to official Party statistics about 90 percent of all Bolshevik Commissars were Jewish in the first years of the Revolution.


Simply leaning on that leads to a pattern of confusing general social phenomena with actual conspiracy. As a form of social phenomena I'd have to agree with Slezkine that, while the organized revolutionary movement was not begun by Jews, those who joined it did so with great intensity. The word "organized" should be emphasized there, because the waves of rebellion which spread chaotically across the whole of Russia from 1917 onward were a political and social crisis in Czarist Russia which no conspiracy could ever have created. Robert Service has reported his findings of Trotsky asking the politburo 1919 to ensure that Jews were enrolled in the Red Army, while he complained that too many Jews were in the civil bureaucracy, including the Cheka:


http://www.cdi. org/russia/ johnson/7033- 1.cfm


Similar comments from Lenin appear in Richard Pipes, (ed.), THE UNKNOWN LENIN:



Treat the Jews (10) and urban inhabitants with an iron rod, transferring them to the front, not letting them into governmental agencies (except in insignificant percentages, in particularly exceptional circumstances, under class control (11)...


(10) In the margin Lenin added, "Express it politely: Jewish petty bourgeoisie. "


(11) This phrase was substituted by Lenin for "special supervision. "




The fact that the Soviet state machinery became so rapidly filled with Jews was certainly not something which any of the leading revolutionaries ever at anytime planned for or desired. It was an objective reality which faced any new revolutionary state seeking to quickly fill positions with qualified but loyal people. The fact was that educated Gentiles with some professional training from the pre-revolutionary era (as opposed to the great mass of Gentiles without such qualifications) were more likely to lean in a conservative direction towards the Whites. Those educated people who were more open to the idea of some type of revolutionary government tended quite frequently to be Jewish. This was not something brought about by any of the revolutionary groups and it was never on the radar screen in any of the political conflicts between Stalin, Trotsky or any of the other older revolutionaries. Whatever else they fervently disagreed upon, all of these people were firmly agreed on the view that a sustained revolutionary state must be built out of much more than just Jews.


> Solzhenitsyn is one of those who discussed it in his writings, not to condemn the Jewish people but to understand how to account for such a well established fact.


While it can sometimes be interesting to carry out a critical reading of Solzhenitsyn' s writings, he has a tendency to periodically toss in such idiotic garbage that one is required to research any important issues independently of him. Probably the most influential hoax ever launched by Solzhenitsyn was the "66 million" fraud. It's worth just taking a look at Solzhenitsyn' s text here, which has exerted so much influence:


In addition to the toll of two world wars, we have lost, as a result of civil strife and tumult alone--as a result of internal political and economic "class" extermination alone-- 66 (sixty-six) million people!!! That is the calculation of a former Leningrad professor of statistics, I. A. Kurganov, and you can have it brought to you whenever you wish. I am no trained statistician, I cannot undertake to verify it; and anyway all statistics are kept secret in our country and this is an indirect calculation. But it's true: a hundred million are no more (exactly a hundred, just as Dostoyevsky prophesied!) , and with and without wars we have lost one-third of the population we could now have had and almost half of the one we in fact have!
--Alexander Solzhenitsyn, LETTER TO THE SOVIET LEADERS, p. 30.


As far as I've been able to track anything down, no one seems to have a clue just who this "I. A. Kurganov" person is. Unless someone has a better clue, I'm forced to assume that this "Kurganov" must be just a figment of Solzhenitsyn' s literary imagination. Notice also how Solzhenitsyn casually jumps from "66 million" to "a hundred million," "exactly a hundred" without indicating that he knows what a hundred minus 66 equals? Then Dostoyevsky becomes the source, and THE POSSESSED does refer to "chopping off a hundred millons heads," except that the book is a novel. That novel has about 3 scenes where reference is made to "chopping off a hundred million heads."


You can look up the demographic statistics worked out by Andreev, Darskii, and Kharkova working off of the archival records in the 1990s in the book by Michael Haynes & Rumy Rusan, A CENTURY OF STATE MURDER?: DEATH AND POLICY IN TWENTIETH-CENTURY RUSSIA. Nothing in any verifiable demographic study of the Soviet Union has ever come to remotely resemble Solzhenitsyn' s "66 million" fraud. No demographic studies of the Soviet Union , whether produced before or after 1991, have ever supported such an absurd myth. In 1913 the death rate per thousand in those portions of Czarist Russia which remained in the USSR after the revolution was 30.9. In the United States the mortality rate for 1913 was 13.8. By 1938 mortality in the USSR was 20.9 per thousand and by 1955 it was 9.3, down at the same level as US mortality.

While it's certainly true that hundreds of thousands of executions took place in the 1930s, the myth of "20 million" murdered in a few years is just a Cold War hangover. One can get some more details by first reading the online version of an article from the American Historical Review, October 1993:

http://www.etext. org/Politics/ Staljin/Staljin/ articles/ AHR/AHR.html

More details can be found in the book by Archibald Getty & Oleg Naumov, THE ROAD TO TERROR: STALIN AND THE SELF-DESTRUCTION OF THE BOLSHEVIKS, 1932-1939. Although the purges were certainly ugly, the myth of "tens of millions" is a derivative of Fyodor Dostoyevsky' s novel THE POSSESSED.

Solzhenitsyn even contradicts the above when describing his experiences in THE GULAG ARCHIPELAGO:

Twenty-five years later we could think: Well, yes, we understood the sort of arrests that were being made at the time, and the fact that they were torturing people in prisons, and the slime they were trying to drag us into. But it isn't true! After all, the Black Marias were going through the streets at night, and we were the same young people who were parading with banners during the day. How could we know anything about those arrests and why should we think about them? All the provincial leaders had been removed, but as far as we were concerned it didn't matter. Two or three professors had been arrested, but after all they hadn't been our dancing partners, and it might even be easier to pass our exams as a result. Twenty-year olds, we marched in the ranks of those born the year the Revolution took place, and because we were the same age as the Revolution, the brightest of futures lay ahead.
-- Solzhenitsyn, GULAG ARCHIPELAGO, pp. 160-1.

That sort of talk is perfectly consistent with the reduced documentable figures of executions and labor camp deaths such as appear in Archibald Getty et al. When multiple hundreds of thousands of deaths are distributed across such a large population it is possible for most of them to simply fade in with the details so that an honest person may not really be aware of anything strange happening. But if we tried applying Solzhenitsyn' s absurd "66 million" then it would be impossible to explain how he could be so indifferent and unaware while such a major demographic catastrophe occurred. It's a basic demographic fact that people in Russia lived longer because of the development of the planned economy. You don't have to like all, or even most, of what constituted "human rights" within the Soviet Union in order to realize that the "tens of millions murdered" claim is simply Cold War tripe.


> Likewise it has been established again and again by some impeccable American scholars devoid of bias (Mearsheimer, Walt, Petras etc...) that current US policies, especially the "war on terror" have been dictated by the Zionist Lobby which effectively rules America as it is predominant in the business-opinion forming elite. We are not tarring a people or a religion here, only a sectarian ideology and many Jews, both traditionally religious and modern secular recognise that assessment because it is the indisputable truth.


There are several million light years between the Russian revolution and the Israel lobby and their respective aims. This is another instance of confusing broad social phenomena with actual conspiracy. Any parallel which one might seek to draw between the goals of those Jews who joined (but did not create initially) the revolutionary movements of Europe in the late 19th century and those who today lobby for Israel in the USA would be of the very broadest social type. I'm not saying that no such parallel exists, but only at the level of measuring how people respond to and interact with changing social situations.


> Coincidentally I met the descendants of at least of those Russian-born Wallstreeters who are still very aware about their close kinships with Kamenev, Zinoviev, Trotsky etc....


That's a bit vague and not of such a nature that it would be of any use to try to refute. A more specific question might, "were any of these descendants whom you might from a family background where there parents or grandparents attempted to get Trotsky admitted into the USA between 1929-40?" Very few political refugees in history, and probably none others from Russia in the 20th century, have been so repeatedly denied their requests for political asylum by so many states on earth as was Leon Trotsky. Several decades after his assassination it became more admissible for an occasional liberal to utter some comments of respect for the man, but there was certainly no attempt by the Roosevelt administration to allow Trotsky a refugee status while he was alive. In such a context we're just back to describing a general social phenomenon where people may vaguely see themselves as associated with a historical figure in some loose sense that doesn't mean much.


Patrick S. McNally



From Ted Pike

Mr. Shamir,

Thank you for sending me your latest article, which I read carefully. I hope you can put me on your e-list, since your perspectives are unique and challenging, obviously motivated by a rare sincerity and courage to speak the whole truth. As a Protestant evangelical Christian, I welcome you as an Orthodox Christian in your efforts to revive the Christian church as the powerful force it could be to restrain Zionist ambitions.

I do have to differ with you on several points. First, concerning Talmudic pederasty, allowing the rabbis sex with three-year old girls. You say that, "Equally wise Jews were guided by the Talmud which stipulates the permitted age of marriage for girls at 'three years and one day'..." While I agree that allowance of marriage after puberty is a "question of culture," there is no wisdom in allowing a three-year-old girl to be sexually violated about ten years before she is sexually developed.

Also, how do you document Rachel being married at seven years old?

I also disagree with your assertion that "Soviet totalitarianism" was an illusion promoted by the "Masters of Discourse." It is true that deeply propagandized populations can be taught to approve of their slavemasters (just as brainwashed prisoners can), yet such "approval" does not establish their oppressors' legitimacy.

I am intrigued with your claim that "stupefying numbers" of victims of Communism are also an exaggeration, popularized by Jewish conspirators - up to "60 million." I am very open to consideration of the possibility that demographic figures do not support such figures. To this point I have been relying largely on such sources as Solzhenitsyn, citing the research of exiled Soviet statisticians I. A. Kurganov (who had access to secret government statistics). Kurganov says that between 1917 and 1959 the Soviet Secret Police murdered or starved to death at least 66 million.

Solzhenitsyn and thousands of his campmates in the Gulag Archipelago also would not agree with you that "Soviet totalitarianism" was a myth.

I am in perfect agreement with everything else you said including your assertion that the promised return to Palestine "was to be done by God; while humans trying to do God's work are necessarily rebels."

Thank you again, and God bless your heroic defense of truth and light in a darkened nation.

In His Light,
Ted Pike



Re: Lobster Summit

From Kersasp Shekhdar

> This is pity that Putin seems to be sure to retire next year,

Dear Mr. Shamir,

Certainly it is a 'pity'. However, it may just possibly turn out to be not merely a 'pity' but a *tragedy* for Humankind and Civilization. That sounds but would you not agree that a distinct possibility of such a terrible collapse exists?

A couple of other persons on Peter's mailing-list have also expressed disappointment that Vladimir Putin may be stepping down as president. I myself have long been anxious about such an eventuality but had harboured a hope that a way would be found for one of the world's most popular (and effective) national leaders to abide by the wishes of his people: run for the presidential election again.

Putin's deputies who are in line for the presidency seem to be first-rate men who are surely intelligent, realistic, and are tough nationalists and patriots -- they are neither Gorbachevs nor Yeltsins.
That said, it seems to me that we're living in the most perilous and dread-fraught times since the cauldron of the 1930s. And such times are hardly auspicious for political experiments or to bring apprentices into mastership, as excellent as those apprentices may be. Putin himself is a proven quantity, tried and tested, and the 'Putinian' Rusi phalanx is a source of stability in an alarmingly unstable global environment and is the major counterbalance to, dare I say, the Forces of Evil.

Some kind of movement to persuade the Duma to revise or repeal the presidential two-term limitation of Russia 's American- and Internationalist- drafted constitution is ongoing in Russia . At the same time, a campaign to try to put an end to the Putin presidency (and its resistance and reforms) is being waged by the corporate/internati onalist mass-media. Can there not be a *third* movement that is analogous to and allied with the first and antagonistic with and inimical to the second? -- a campaign that concerned citizens all around the world can be a part of and join? Of course there can; not only that, there *should*!

Had I been a person with a bit of name recognition and some kind of following, I would have attempted to get such a movement underway myself. Sadly, I possess neither of the attributes mentioned. You, however, do. Knowing where you stand on the matter in question, may I respectfully request you to consider launching the kind of movement described here. I pledge to be the first follower and first signatory.

Kersasp Shekhdar


Re: Darkness from the West


From Barbe , France :

Have you read in ours embedded media something about these abuses?
http://theawareness clergyabuse. html#Clergy% 20Abuse
The guilty rabbis fly to Israel and the silence fall. For the western media, it seems that only Catholic priests are guilty. Everybody knows that perversion is universal and we have to fight against it ­but now only Catholic Church is presented as collectively guilty and his enemies make us believe that Catholic have privatized perversions. The incessant attacks against Catholics in the media and in the movies never rest. Thank you Shamir, for your new voice in that case.

From: Nicholas Karakas 


Dear Mr. Shamir:

I find several items in your recent monograph "Darkness from the West" confusing.


I am Orthodox (Greek) as you are and are curious of your statements regarding how beneficial the Crusades were and that the Catholic Church is one of the greatest champions of Palestine .

I find these comments somewhat at odds with my views. If you would kindly explain, I would appreciate your thoughts.


Shamir replied:

The Crusades were not beneficial for the people of the East; nor did I ever claim it. I’ve said that the Catholic Church called for Crusades of war, now they can call for the crusade of peace - as a way of correcting their mistake of old. As for support of Palestine , alas, it is true. Though the Orthodox believers in Palestine are predominantly native Palestinians, descendents of the Apostles, the leadership of our church is exclusively Greek. Good people they are, but they are not sufficiently concerned with the community. Catholics, on the other hand, elected a Palestinian as their Patriarch in Palestine , and they are always first to condemn Israeli atrocities. As a member of the Orthodox church, I'd love it were different, but here we are.


From: Dean , Germany

What a horrible creature, you are, Israel Shamir. Please, do not speak in the name of our faith. As a catholic priest, I beseech all believers to ignore your filth and hatred.

From: Mary , USA

After reading Israel Shamir's Darkness from the West, I don't consider myself
Catholic any longer. And please, Israel Shamir, go to Hell!!!

From: Anna , USA

Israel Shamir,
You are the Anti-Christ and should burn in hell. You are a maniac, pedophilic, evil, woman-hater and supporter of pedophilia.
May you die soon. 


More responses on this subject are on http://www.israelsh Documents/ Doc2.htm


Re: Simon Jones on pedophilia


From Come Carpentier


With due respect to Simon Jones with whose excellent essay I cannot but agree, I have to differ with his experience of paedophilia' s prevalence since I, as a child and teenager (in the sixties-seventies) did not even hear of it or know it existed, living as I did in Spain, France and other western European countries. My friends of the same age appear to have been equally innocent, at least most of them, as they never mentioned having been exposed to it in any way. At most we had read or heard about it. I was warned about the evil by my parents when I was about 14 years old, just to make me aware of it so that I might not take any avoidable risks. The nearly constant and widespread reference to it in our sex-obsessed, promiscuous and irreligious society is a modern outcome of the Freudian brain-washing and permissive culture we live under. Of course in alcohol-addicted societies there might have been a lot more of it but compulsive, excessive drinking was outside the pale of respectability. ..We all know that one vice tends to lead to another.


From Bill Donahue

In ancient times there were two types of eunuch.

The natural eunuch which was the feminine male, and the mutilated which was the castrated male.

The natural eunuch (the gays of the time) were given all rights in society whereas the mutilated was not.

In the Bible Jesus was referring to the natural eunuch when he said, "some eunuchs are born that way from their mothers womb".

Thus the Catholic church may pretend to be anti gay but obviously the Jesus of the Bible did not share their opinion.

I thus disagree based on historical accuracy with Mr Jones.



A letter by our friend, the renown lawyer Jack Graham to RabbiLerner@


My impressions from reading Father Edward Flannery's Anguish of the Jews


My dear Rabbi Lerner, A few weeks ago, you sent a message to your subscribers, expressing concern that the recent motu proprio of Pope Benedict XVI, allowing the Tridentine Mass without indult. You supposed that it might lead to ill-feeling against your people, because of a certain passage making reference to the "perfidious Jews" which was supposedly in the rite canonized into perpetuity by Pope Pius V in 1570. I was quite sure that the old Mass contained no such passage, and my review of the subject disclosed that no such passage is found in the old Mass. The unfortunate phrasing in question was part of a rite for Good Friday which has been defunct for years and is no longer in use. When that rite was in use, there was much greater intolerance between Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and other religions. Nostra Aetate called for an end to that unhappy age, not as watering down the Catholic faith, but as reaching out in friendship to other religions, and sharing cordially what we have in common.


During our exchange you then asked me to read Father Edward Flannery's Anguish of the Jews, which I have recently received by regular mail and read through with avid interest, taking notes to deepen my grasp of the work. Once I got my hands on the book, I could not put it down. In reading some reviews about this book beforehand, I had high expectations. I am afraid, however, that the work was for me a disappointment.


Father Flannery's opening passages give him away, -- e. g., his sweeping, glib, and careless use of the term "anti-Semitism. " The Semitic peoples are not merely Jews, but include all who belong to a significant language group which embraces Hebrew but also Arabic. Since Arabs and Jews are historic cousins so to speak, it is presumptuous to commandeer this term to designate ill-feeling toward Jews in particular. Such use of this term suggests that Jews are the only Semitic people, and that Arabs do not count or have no rights. It reflects an egotistical and selfish frame of mind. 


Flannery also seems to have a guilt complex about being a Catholic in that he dares not use the conventional abbreviations "B. C." and "A. D." to designate time in history. A man going through an identify crisis is not likely to have much worthwhile to say, for the oracle at Delphi speaks timeless wisdom, -- "Know thyself," as Flannery evidently does not.


He makes dogmatic comments about the "culpable involvement" of the Catholic Church, as if Jews were innocent victims and the only sufferers, as if Jews did not also give offense to others, as if religious intolerance were not a practice of Jews as well as the Catholic Church and the rest of mankind, including Protestant, Islamic, and Jewish kingdoms and states in Europe and the Middle East, both ancient and modern, and as if intolerant feelings toward Jews could be considered in isolation from concurrent intolerance of other kinds. This assumption is fatuous. 


And Flannery has a bad case of political correctness, for he evidently does not understand the difference between grammer and sex, leading him to weaken our language with pitiful use of both the masculine and femine gender in the use of pronouns, as if good English by conventional rules governing gender would somehow or other exclude women from humanity, all of which is manifest nonsense. A manner of speaking says a lot about an individual, because it reflects attitudes, education, culture, place in society, etc. Flannery is immediately suspect, because his language and mind are shaped by political correctness, which is not a point of view, not even an attitude, but a disease of the mind, -- a contemporary form of social insanity, a fad which is destined to pass away as we regain our balance in perspective on the past, present, and future, and on life in general. Once he gave himself away by eccentric and faddish use of language, I became worried that, when he got into the substance of his thesis, he would stumble badly. And stumble badly he did.


It is not to be unexpected that Flannery attributes "ignorance" to all who do not accept his politicaly correct view of the subject which he attempts to treat. The man is an ideologue with a fixation, a fellow distracted with tunnel vision. An misfocus of attention is another name for irrational prejudice. And when I detected this characteristic in his writing, became even more wary. It is easier to illustrate than define the difficulty with his outlook, but permit me to try.


On page 150, Flannery addresses of the attempt of Jews from the continent of Europe to immigrate to England when Oliver Cromwell was Lord Protector. Cromwell was for it on account of his eccentric religious views, but his Parliament was against it on account of other eccentric religious views, but Cromwell managed to let some Jews into England by what Flannery calls "the back door," and this episode he used to prove the existence of "anti-Semitism, " by which he means ill-feeling against Jews, as if the Jews were the only Semitic people. Has Flannery never read the 5th volume of David Hume's History of England? Hume's work has all the grandeur of style and perspective which characterizes Gibbon's treatise on the Roman Empire , and those who have taken time to read it with sympathetic attention will get a true picture of the English Civil War and the Puritan Revolution. It was an age of religious intolerance and political craziness, not only against Jews whose part in that age was so minor as to be almost invisible, but against Catholics and high church Anglicans in England and Scotland , and against English Protestants in Ireland . The significance of Cromwell is that he represented an age in which human nature collapsed into madness. The Jews suffered greatly, yes, but so did everybody else suffer greatly, except Cromwell and his faction, and even they suffered greatly in the end in consequence of their own foolishness. The Irish committed genocide against the English during the reign of Charles the First, and the English committed genocide against the Irish during the protectorate of Cromwell. Charles the First was beheaded after an unlawful trial upon overthrow of the constitution by an army which had imposed military despotism in England, but the corpse of Cromwell was removed from his tomb at Westminster Abbey and dragged through the streets as the mob reacted in extreme resentment against all the evils which Cromwell and his faction had visited on the country. To characterize this age of monumental aberration of all civilized values as a time of hatred of the Jews completely misses the point. And this error is characteristic of Flannery's book. He completely misses the point, which is not that Jews have been or are hated and oppressed more than others, but that mankind is not naturally good, and is a fallen creature in need of redemption.


On page 276, Flannery says that the solution of ill-feeling against the Jews in the Middle East is for all to understand "reality," which, according to his outlook is that "Israel, sole democracy in the Middle East, is an independent, egalitarian, moderately socialist state that has offered technological and agricultural aid to the Third World whenever asked, and that seeks a lasting peace and mutual cooperation with its Arab neighbors." This statement is outrageously false, yet he brands all who do not share this viewpoint as "anti-Semitic. " I know some very honorable Jews who would be "anti-Semitic" in the undefined and confused sense which Flannery has in mind. Israel is an apartheid, warlike state, and, edged on by blind support of the United States , has systematically refused or avoided all opportunities for peace, as when, in the spring of 2002, Ariel Sharon committed war crimes on the West Bank as the Crown prince of  Saudi Arabia  proposed a comprehensive peace with the backing of the Arab League. Certainly, the invasion of Lebanon in the summer of 2006, as ordered by Ehud Olmert, was not the act of a nation seeking peace with its Arab neighbors. Paul Findley, Measheimer & Walt, and Jimmy Carter are all telling the truth, but all of them, according to Flannery's standards, hate Jews without cause. That's nonsense!


Flannery attempts to find the cause of hatred against the Jews, which he calls "anti-Semitism" and which he finds lurking everywhere, even where it plainly does not exist. Since he cannot define what "anti-Semitism" is, there can be little wonder that he cannot locate it fairly and cannot find the cause. I do not find this book helpful at all. The subject is highly important, and should be grasped with sensitivity and good will, but Flannery's thinking is hopelessly muddled. -- J. R. G.


Re Turkey elections


From Come Carpentier


The problem with Turkey's general staff is that it is identified with Free Masonry (its real religion) and highly vulnerable to charges of cronyism and coruption... The rank and file do not necessarily share the aggressively secular convictions of their higher ups and the government can claim that it is acting in the name of democracy against an authoritarian army which is not unlike Pakistan's in that it has gotten used to owning the country. The alternative may thus lie between an Islamic Republic and a military dictatorship which will probably bring about a civil war from the Muslim grassroots. The army command is closely associated with the shrinking old economic and political guard, the high urban bourgeoisie. the AKP stands for the newly prosperous, conservative middle class and the rural masses. In a direct conflict between the two, success is hardly in doubt. The AKP and its supporters will win.


Re: An Appeal to My Fellow Christians, by Chuck Baldwin

From Frank Scott, California


the man is clearly very sincere and motivated, and just as clearly dim and fundamentalist in his view of history...

while i do not for one moment believe that any man or woman was ever born to a virgin, nor that the incredible and awesome majesty and mystery of the universe can be attributed to some superstitious deity - circumcised, no less - which or who has blessed our pinpoint spec of dust with "his" son, nor do i believe anyone has ever been dead and then physically revived, those who believe such things often are purer at heart and nobler in spirit than many who call themselves secular and accept war, poverty and other atrocities of unnatural life...nevertheless ...

this guy's fabled view of American history is as soft headed as his blind faith in legends about deities, or a deity, revealed to some special group of nomads somewhere near what we call the cradle of civilization (?) some thousands of year ago, said nomads having no knowledge whatsoever of millions of people living on the other side of the planet with longer history of organized societies than these nomads, who nevertheless made themselves man-god patriarchs forever with their mass murder weapons and mythology...

we must always be respectful of the faith people express in the invisible and unknowable, when those people also express some knowledge of what is visible and knowable, but this guy's sad story of american history is in keeping with the blatant and murderous settlers and occupiers who all but erased the native people of north and south america in their blind, deaf and dumb adoration of this Judeo-Christian god and the right "he" gave them to obliterate millions of human beings so that they could live on in his loving spirit...

with this kind of belief, we should warmly embrace israel and its persecution of Palestine and its people...after all, they have biblical roots, even if their ancient sect may be a bit older than the more recent antiques who claim an even more miraculous credo - murderers chosen by the son of the god who chose the first murderers to represent "him" -




Re: Turkey , Ataturk, Hitler

From Tony O'Neill


Dear Mr. Shamir,

May I join you in congratulating the Turkish people for electing an Islamic party. It is perhaps the beginning of the turning of the tide. I am intrigued by one of the comments you make in your excellent essay. Quote, "Adolf Hitler was as anti-religious and as nationalist as Kemal Ataturk."


If Herr Hitler was as anti-religious as you say then how do you explain the following excerpt from Mein Kampf which appears at the very end of chapter 2 on page 46 of the 1939 translation by James Murphy:


Should the Jew, with the aid of his Marxist creed, triumph over the people of this world, his Crown will be the funeral wreath of mankind, and this planet will once again follow it's orbit through ether, without any human life on it's surface, as it did millions of years ago.

And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.


Best Wishes

Tony O'Neill



From Syed Zaidi

Dear Shamir,

You have said a couple of times recently (as in your remarks comparing Hitler and Ataturk), that Hitler was anti-religious. Maybe. I am not an historian, but I have come to have some doubts on this score. Here is someone's piece about the topic that you might want to read before making that statement again:

http://ffrf. org/fttoday/ 2002/nov02/ carrier.php

Best regards,
Syed Zaidi


From Come Carpentier

A hopeful forecast but are we sure that the Erdogan Government will follow these guidelines? He seems cosy with the Americans who expressed their joy at his party's re-election (see International Herald Tribune, Economist etc...) and is a great free-market globaliser of the Turkish economy. He also appears quite willing to support USraeli moves against Iran , on account of the old rivalry with the Persian Empire and of the Sunni antipathy for Shiites and is not keen to sever the "special relationship" with Israel . I have my reservations about what his regime will accomplish. So far he hunts with the hounds and runs with the hare.


Interesting item


If you ever were interested to read the revisionist theses but were afraid this is illegal, now you can read and forward it legally thanks to the German court. The full 70 pages long verdict of Germar Rudolf being sentenced for historical revisionism is now available on the web on http://www.adelaide institute. org/Dissenters1/ Rudolf/2May2007. htm and there it contains all his main points to be read freely in English. A very interesting reading!



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