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Find More Articles By Shamir Readers

Here are the most interesting letters and responses of our readers. Our news: a new book Gospodari na Slovoto by Israel Shamir in a new language – Bulgarian - was published now in Sofia , with help of our good friend Blagovesta Doncheva. A note for our readers living in Israel/Palestine: now you can get the Azhar al-Galil, (Galilee Flowers) by Israel Shamir in Arabic, for 40 shekel including postage. A note for our Russian readers: the most recent Russian-language book of Shamir, Cabbala of Power, was sold out, but there are still a few copies that can be bought at http://www.politkni php?searchstring =%F8%E0%EC% E8%F0.


Re: Divide et Impera "worm" among anti-Zionists, by Marek G (replies to John Kaminski)


From Jim Dean:


Marek Glogoczowski wrote about a computer science professor David Gelernter, who published a book “Americanism – the Fourth Great Religion of the West”. Gelernter argues that what we have come to call “Americanism” is in fact a secular version of Zionism. Not the Zionism of the ancient Hebrews, but that of the Puritan founders who saw themselves as the new children of Israel, creating a new Jerusalem in a new world. ... Americanism ... is a global religion. People who believe in America live all over the world ...”.


Dear Israel and friends, I can personally assure you that I do not know, nor have ever met anyone here who believes this or would even consider it. In fact it would be considered comical.


Sure, all places have their elite crazies, and there are no shortage of them here, but they only represent themselves despite claims that they do what they do for the 'good of the people'. It would be like Bibi Netanyahu claiming to represent all Israelis, with Shamir, Uri Avnery and many others taking issue.


Our Founding Fathers strongly warned about involvement in foreign affairs, but we slipped into imperialism anyway which peaked with Teddy Roosevelt. But when his son died on the fields of France in WWI he locked himself in a room for days without food or water. War, which had been a game to him up until then, took on a different persona with the loss of his son.


On the other hand you are partially right about the Puritans. They did stimulate the westward push, and that was due to people running away from them, starting with the early white slaves, our crazy aunt secret that we keep hidden in the attic. You could be enslaved by the state for missing church three times. Most jumped bail and headed out to the wilderness to take their chances with the Indians.


It was our first irony that those fleeing religious persecution by coming here began persecuting people religiously as soon as they got squared away with the not starving or freezing to death. As with Zeev Sternhell's Founding Myths of Israel, we have a similar book here, but not yet written.


The imperialism plague we are now enduring I can assure you is an elitist, commercial imperialism. With the Christian Zios there is that wrap to it, but there are no commercial interests for us in Israel . On the contrary, they are fleecing us. But like with our televangelists here with their Lear jets and multi million dollar mansions, some of the flocks seem to like being fleeced.


As for brother Kaminski. He has done some excellent work, but we have a saying here in the South...'an ego as big as a barn'. There is no shortage of this on the Net either, and there are many motivations. Like with everything else you pick out the good and leave the rest.


Jim Dean

Heritage TV... Atlanta



From Mel Fowler

Hard to read, but worth it!


From Siegfried Tischler

 HI John Kaminski,

Have you read the books of IAS? IF /WHEN you have done so, you will change your mind on what he IS and REPRESENTS - one of the few SANE voices on all of this mess! Marek ventures, that the DUMBING DOWN MACHINE has done a great job on you .... sitting in your ISOLATION (if you have not realized it yourself ... there IS life OUTSIDE the US of Amnesia!) one cannot really blame you ....

When you write that you already have stricken IAS / marek off you "list" then you sound like your Prez, who likes nothing better that listening only to the sound of his own voice!

Reading your epistles, I cannot help but think that it is YOU who is the HATER (who can blame you .... I catch myself having similar thoughts as well ... but then I never spell them out... I hope that this is LITERALLY true ... one never knows what "gets out" when one writes ....!

The entire squabble is POINTLESS ..people can pull on the same string with different force, from a different angle and with different intentions. What remains, is their common aim!

So PLEASE spare YOURSELF the breath ... the 9-11 movement broke asunder for the same reason .... keep focused on the PROBLEM and NEVER (EVER!) assume that you have the ONLY solution.

With kind regards from Bali .....

fried t. setex01@yahoo. com



From Wayne Hall


You wrote:

A naïve leadership under Gorbachev with its policy of 'perestroika ' and 'glasnost' lost the plot , later the situation was made worse by mostly a drugged or drunk Boris Yeltsin ( then much loved in the West and now missed ), with so called reformers from the West and their Russian conspirators destroying the economic, political and social fabric of the nation. Vladimir Putin has largely succeeded in restoring the Russian state and its autonomy and sovereignty.

Provide a quote to document your assertion that Boris Yeltsin is "missed". On the contrary, nobody in the West or anywhere else that I know of has expressed a single word of regret at his passing, or of the fact that unlike Putin he made a serious attempt to denuclearise Russia, at least in respect of nuclear weapons, gaining for this effort ZERO support from abroad, including from anti-nuclear movements.. Where is this regret? I would like to know because as far as I know I am the only person in the world apart from perhaps his family who regrets the lack of recognition for perhaps the ONE good thing this drunk, as you say, may have tried to do.


W. Hall


Shamir replies: probably here you are right. Our Indian friend was too polite and too generous. It’s hard to imagine somebody missing Yeltsin. Being frequently drunk was the only human feature of the late Russian President. As for nuclear disarmament, let us first remove the nuclear weapons from the US and Israel ; Russian weapons can wait.


Re: [shamireaders] Cuba


From Rasmus Sonderriis


Dear Israel .

I am happy you had a good time in Cuba , and I sincerely enjoyed your articles and shared many of its views (I have been an avid visitor to Cuba myself, and I do speak Spanish).

Let me share with you a scene from Fidel Castro's early life, in 1947, when he had just started Law School at the University of Havana , and at the age of 20 he was already an ardent political activist, famous for his passion and fearlessness in fighting for what he believed to be right. He organised a student excursion to a "model prison" in Isle of Pine (now "Isle of Youth"). Once he was there, he turned the visit into a loud protest against maltreatment of prisoners! He publicly denounced the deeply deficient diet, the prolonged periods of isolation, the tiny size of the cells, everything! And he nearly got into a fight with the guards! Little did he know then, that he would end up as an inmate in that same prison six years later, after the initial failed attempt to start his revolution and drive the dictator away. The young Fidel was clearly an early advocate of prisoners' rights.

What you forgot to mention in your reportage was the Cuban salary of 10-15 dollars a month, paid in a paper that the government does not even accept in its own shops, the monopoly dollar shops, which have 100-300% higher prices than even in the USA . Other than that, there is the rather thriving black market (prices more like in the US), and Cubans do get a book of coupons to buy a very limited range of basic goods very cheaply, but it is certainly not enough in quantity for a full diet, let alone transport and clothing. This extreme exploitation of the Cuban working class is by far the worst problem in Cuba today. It makes everyone dependent either on very special privileges or on foreign relatives abroad (mainly in the USA , but also a lot in Spain ), and not on their own work in Cuba . Cuba has, in effect, completely sold out her economic independence, living on subsistence grants from Cubans abroad, and I am sure that Marti would have found that very sad!

Now, let us turn back to the second-worst problem, arguable the most horrible, illustrated very clearly by the Prison of Guantanamo. Yes, Cuba is big, so I understand if you missed that too. But you did not need to cross into enemy territory to pay a visit. There is a Prison of Guantanamo on the Cuban-controlled side of the fence as well. I am certainly not implying that the US-controlled Prison of Guantanamo is any hotel, perhaps the two prisons are rather alike in many respects, except that the US-controlled is much better known. Anyway, in the Cuban one, there are political prisoners of conscience, guilty solely of expressing their views, being tortured with everything from simple beatings to month-long isolation in tiny cells to no protection against mosquitoes in the night, or denial of sleep and medical attention, malnutrition and "fights" that the guards get the common criminals to pick with them. Cuba has the highest per-inhabitant prison population of any Spanish-speaking country (still a lot less than the USA, which has, in turn, nearly double that of Cuba!), though the political prisoners number perhaps less than 100. Nevertheless, even the common criminals deserve better, and all this ongoing suffering are a heavy sore on the conscience. Fidel aged 20 would surely have been horrified, if he had witnessed such blatant abuse of political power against defenceless opponents of dictatorship -- just like himself!!!

You who have frequently condemned the daily torture of Palestinians in Israeli prisons, with the passion that befits such shameful horrors. So I assume that the plight of Cuba 's political prisoners is also something that deeply concerns you. No doubt you will raise it next time with your Havana hosts.

Yours sincerely Rasmus


Shamir replies: indeed, there is a problem of socially protective societies. The workers do not work hard, and the employer (the state) does not pay much. I do not know how to solve this problem; surely our capitalist-neo- liberal way of making people work hard in order to survive is hardly preferable. The Cubans seem to be happy enough, and it matters.

You say that Cuba has less than 100 political prisoners. My country, Israel has the same population (about 10 million) and 10,000 political prisoners, hundred times more. With such a mote in my eye, how can I speak of the speck in the eye of Fidel?


From Jim Dean


You wrote: I tried out a "totally unacceptable idea" on a semi-rich friend the other day: The U.S. government ought to outlaw all interest charged on money loans, and I noted it would be easy to police.

Oh this is cute. Then people with money to lend would eat their losses on the bad loans with no chance of recovering that from the good ones. Loan capital would dry up and economic activity would shrink tremendously. Unemployment would skyrocket, causing more financial collapse, etc.


Much of this silliness is driven by frustration but it always scares me when normally rational people propose mindless 'solutions' to fix something already screwed up by somebody with a just as stupid an idea. That leaves us with a choice of which stupid idea to we vote for...and Orwellian catch 22 that I cal Neo-Orwellianism :-)


There are rarely simple solutions to tough problems, and in the short attention span world we live in the public tends to reject even thinking through anything that requires more than two chess moves. It's a mental numbness that seems to be developing and the elites then view us a semi cattle (a la the Talmud version) who don't deserve any more than we are getting, and maybe even less.


In my wills and trusts work I am finding less than 10% of retirees who have worked all their lives have their houses paid off. Mortgage refinancing to pay of credit cards and car loans (overspending. ..greed) are the main culprits, followed by big medical bills, even for people who have 80% coverage.


Like free Romans in the last days of the empire offering themselves up as slaves to escape the tax, and have a guaranteed meal, a see more and more American focusing on the goal of getting to where they have nothing so the government will have to take care of them. And they viewing not doing this as stupid.


We are in the last days for sure. This country is coming apart at the seams, awaiting its final Balkanization where the elites will have numerous divide and conquer tools at their disposal to deflect any major organized resistance. Even John McCain's Mexican outreach advisor is on record publicly saying that all Mexican immigrants must maintain their first loyalty to Mexico and must not assimilate into the American fabric, which is obviously not what it used to be.


If America is whatever anybody wants to say it is, then it isn't really anything at all. This is the flip side to the folks who think that everybody serving in the military is a hero. When I explain to them that if everybody is a hero, the typist clerk, the folks that play in the band...then nobody really is. Heroism has been dumbed not to mean nothing anymore. They don't like to hear that, but with my voluminous vet org credentials they don't know what to say.


Beware the Tower of Babel . It's here :-)


Jim Dean

Heritage TV... Atlanta



Re: The US elections are sham

From Come Carpentier



Dear Israel ,

Anyone who read these two articles in good faith will admit that, in view of this record, it was quite acceptable for the "special ops" command of the US military-industrial leadership to bomb buildings in New York and Washington (and probably in Oklahoma City as well) in order to achieve its wider objectives.



Snake in the Grass


There was a voluble and ferocious exchange of emails connected to a British Jewish pro-Palestinian activist Tony Greenstein. This Tony G is a big nuisance for our friends in the UK .

Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo published a petition against him http://peacepalesti ne.blogspot. com/ supported by a lot of people. It was followed by

Beware of the snakes in the grass, by: Paul de Rooij http://www.amin. org/look/ amin/en.tpl? IdLanguage= 1&IdPublication= 7&NrArticle=44553&NrIssue=1&NrSection=3, also against Tony G. Tony replied with Palestine not Vanity – A Question of Honesty, A reply to Paul Rooij’s Snakes in the grass, by: Tony Greenstein

http://www.amin. org/look/ amin/en.tpl? IdLanguage= 1&IdPublication= 7&NrArticle=44627&NrIssue=1&NrSection=3 Mary Rizzo replied to it in her blog http://peacepalesti ne.blogspot. com/.

Our friend Enrique Ferro called to stop squabbling and use petitions in such a petty dispute. I also referred to this dispute:


At the first sight, Enrique is right: it is silly to run a petition against a sheer nobody, a man who has no position, who was never elected or even appointed, who has no books or other accomplishments to his name but a string of small-theft convictions. Tony G is indeed a gnat, like his fellows Roland Rance et al. But gnats can be very dangerous and deadly.


You do remember their attack of Jimmy Carter. After Carter spoke, he was immediately attacked by Jews. In my native Siberia , in its short and furious summer, you can watch a swarm of gnats attack a horse, each small bloodsucker eager for his piece of the action. After a while, the blinded and infuriated animal rushes headlong in a mad sprint and soon finds its death in the bottomless moors. The Jews developed the same style of attack. It is never a single voice arguing the case, but always a mass attack from the left and the right, from below and above, until the attacked one is beaten and broken and crawls away in disgrace. Each attacker is as tiny and irrelevant as a single gnat, but as a swarm they are formidable. Separately they are non-entities, be it Tony G or Dershowitz, Deborah Lipstadt, or Roland Rance. If they would not have an access to the media, they wouldn't be heard by anyone but their spouses.


Their technique is quite simple: They switch the focus of argument onto the personality of their adversary. Thus, instead of discussing apartheid in Israel , we discuss Jimmy Carter or Gilad Atzmon, whether he is a bigot and antisemite or he is not . The correct answer is “irrelevant”: Carter’s love for Jews, or lack of it, Atzmon and Paul Eisen's views on the WWII history are irrelevant. They have no bearing on the question of apartheid in Palestine . Likewise, if we discuss the situation in Bosnia or Kosovo, we do not go into our sentiments towards Serbs, Albanians or Croats.


Now, pro-Palestinian movement is a part of the western political discourse; and the people there are as frightened of Jews as elsewhere. Tony G is just an agent of Jewry in the pro-Palestinian movement, say a commissar; and people are scared of such commissars. Is he a Zionist? Again, it is irrelevant. Zionism is just a part of Jewish agenda. Naturally they will send an anti-zionist commissar to deal with anti-Zionists, likewise, they send a Muslim to tame the Muslims and a Christian to deal with Christians, and a Communist to keep the Communists in the line. Let us try Tony G: ask him what he thinks of Arun Gandhi and his case. What he thinks of Jimmy Carter and his case. A short answer, please. And a second question. Mary is supposed to be horrified for she published something by the Canadian site. Does Tony G feel remorse for reproducing the items from the Camera, super-zionist site? Can he - or you - distinguish his texts from those of Abe Foxman?

The bottom line: yes, our friends Gilad and Mary waste too much of their precious effort on Tony G. This is the purpose of Tony G, Roland R and others of their ilk: to waste our time and efforts.


Tony G was not pacified and published a long philippics against my humble self Israel Shamir - The ‘Unique & Advanced Thinker’ Behind Gilad Atzmon <http://azvsas. blogspot. com/2008/ 02/israel- shamir-unique- advanced- thinker.html>


Croatian Ustashas and Catholic Church


On this list, we are very much for amnesia, for forgetting old grievances and getting along with current problems. Some people do not like it. Here is a short letter exchange with a Rich Forbes about the Catholic Church and Croatian Ustashas


From: rich forbes

in re article, Jaffa Lizards (unlisted). I really liked article but wanted to comment that you are incorrect to say "the Pope should not apologize for Dachau ." Maybe not apologize, but certainly answer for. Much has come out on this in the past few decades. In particular you might think " Croatia " where the Pope, directly allied to the Ustashi, exploited the ethnic hatred of Croats and Serbs to rid the country of non-Catholics, namely Eastern Orthodox Serbs. His Bishop ran the country and authorized priests to personally manage concentration camps. When the Nazis arrived in '41 they found the massacres, etc. so "cruel and brutal" they called an official investigation and kicked the Pope's Ustashi out of a couple of provinces! The Pope's role in starting both World Wars and personal intervention to put Hitler in power (the same for the jews as Serbs, same reason) are also well documented. Research available, from me or the net. Shalom


I tried to calm him:

From Shamir to Rich


You over-exaggerate your case saying "the Pope, directly allied to the Ustashi". You can't possibly think so. Even if Ustashi were evil enough AND Catholics, it does not make them "directly allied". Croatia is a marginal and faraway place. Surely some local Catholics and priests misbehaved; but ask yourself another question: would they behave differently if they were godless atheists?

He replied in somewhat hysterical tone:


Rich to Shamir:


To the contrary Israel I can and do think so. Please do not presume to tell me what I can and cannot think. The very fact that you attempt to do so clearly reveals who and what you think you are, and maybe who pays you. That may be your job but it doesn't work on those of us who can no longer be brainwashed. And that is the whole point isn't it, that for 2000 years it has been extremely difficult to tell the difference between a Catholic and a "godless atheist"? (Whatever that euphemistic redundancy is supposed to refer to.) I wonder what the ratio of Hail Marys is for each individual lie you tell? I was initially of the opinion that you could think and reason. Should I change my opinion or will you change yours?


And he added a text that was supposed to change my mind:


The Duke of Spoleto..... when political fortune blew his way, he seized her tightly by the hair. Having first made quite sure that the somewhat moody Austrian commoner who had promoted himself to the Chancellorship of Germany approved of him, secondly that the son of a blacksmith from Romagna would smile on him, and last but not least that His Holiness Pius XII would give him a triple blessing, he accepted the royal Croatian sceptre with a blush ...[and] a poor unknown Duke suddenly found himself the head of a new dynasty in the Kingdom of Croatia, and became His Most Gracious Exalted Majesty, Tomislav II. At such wonderful news a massive Ustashi delegation, led by Ante Pavelic, rushed to Rome , where, in the very seat of the Fascist Empire, on May 18, 1941, Tomislav II's gracious acceptance of the Croatian Crown took place, punctuated by clicking of military heels, Fascist salutes, and hurrahs. At the Vatican the happiness of the Pope was unbounded. ... the newly born Independent Catholic State of Croatia , a political creature stubbornly nurtured and ruthlessly promoted by that most malign of all its conceivers, the Vatican . (p. 28) The result was a monster standing upon the armed might of twin totalitarianism: the totalitarianism of a ruthless Fascist State and the totalitarianism of Catholicism- the most bloodthirsty hybrid yet produced by contemporary society. The uniqueness of the Independent Catholic State of Croatia lies precisely in this: that it provided a model, in miniature, of what the Catholic Church, had she the power, would like to see in the West and, indeed, everywhere.



Shamir to Rich


Dear Rich, this is very tendentious writing. Very lurid, too. This is yellow journalism, or pulp fiction, if you prefer: "punctuated by clicking of military heels, Fascist salutes, and hurrahs. At the Vatican the happiness of the Pope was unbounded." Or even worse: "a monster standing upon the armed might of twin totalitarianism: the totalitarianism of a ruthless Fascist State and the totalitarianism of Catholicism- the most bloodthirsty hybrid yet produced by contemporary society." I thought that godless Hitler's regime was bad enough. Probably you are a very emotional man, if you like this sort of writing and find it convincing. I must admit that I view it as a piece of propaganda at its worst. This is not to say that the Croatian state was a wonderful place, or that Ustasha were peace-loving shepherds. Just try to keep things within proportion, and rein in your anti-Catholic sentiment.

If you know who should pay me, please tell them, maybe they will listen:-)

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