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October Omnibus

Best responses to recent writing:


Tom White to Henry Makow


Dear Henry:


I belong to the group that finds the "worship of satan" a hard-to-swallow concept. Why? Not sure. After all Alistair Crowley and Co. seem to have been up for that kind of romantic nonsense or whatever it is. You see by that remark how the notion affects me, but I don't mean to suggest it can't be seen as you do in your last two postings.


But I am more inclined to see the great rich—and that is whom we are talking about, is it not?—as "hoggers of the harvest," (Pound and St. Ambrose), parasites (Mullins), and mammonites (Christ, and Shamir). I agree with you that the said group is not solely or strictly Jewish, certainly not numerically, because mammonite goys vastly outnumber the Jews, and IMHO are also greatly more culpable, since they are not only hoggers, parasites, and mammonites, but traitors to their nations and (inherited) religion, too. Whereas Jews involved in the usury racket are at least following the Talmud, even Deuteronomy, with its permission of usury against non-Jews. 


As Peter Myers points out, the fact that three World Bank presidents in a row, two Fed Res chairmen in a row, and now the new IMF president-to- be are Jews, clearly points to that group as the needed top-level technicians of money that our govt., at least, cannot do without. (Maybe the real truth is that the Jews can't do without our government?) So I still say they are the prime leaders in this ghastly money racket which so has us all by the throat. The current status of rich and plenipotent Jews in the States as indicated by Oct. Vanity Fair underscores that. And I am impressed that you see the Rothschilds as the self-designated "kings" of the case, and of course evidently also the richest and most powerful people in the world, Buffet and Gates notwithstanding.


In my old age I seem to be a more intellectually convinced Christian than I have ever been before. I salute and acknowledge the Jews as carriers of the Great and Universal Tradition (the "Perennial Philosophy") to the West in the vernacular of Judaism (I am not now speaking at all of the East), at first in the Torah, and then in the person and life of Christ. The world's two biggest religions, Christianity and Islam (3.6 billion together according to this sithttp://www.adherent By_Adherents. html) are derived from the Judaic, even though Judaism is now way down among the tinies reckoned demographically.  


I agree with Peter Myers that the theory that Christianity is Judaism for Goys is simply not true. Christ was and is a radical negation of the Pharisaic and finally Talmudic stance in favor (so I see it) of what Leo Tolstoy was getting at (for all his being in some particulars quite heterodox according to the "churches") in "The Kingdom of God Is Within You." The Logos, the Christus, (God Within) is Everyman's birthright, as the John Gospel says at the start. No mere Institution, or set of laws, or gang of presbyter-bureaucra ts can keep us from that Inheritance.  I follow Tolstoy in this. The Lord Christ invalidated the Pharisaic program once and for all—and got killed (temporarily) for it.


Aquinas wrote a hymn that has been a Catholic Golden Oldie for 600 years or so, Adoro Te Devoto (Humbly I Adore Thee) which includes lines where Thomas says he believes the Eucharist is the body and blood of the Lord BECAUSE Christ said so: "What the Truth hath spoken, that for truth I hold." I take the same stance concerning Christ's remark about the inability to serve two masters faithfully. The masters—the only ones he cites in Matthew 6:24 and Luke 16:13—are God and mammon, where mammon is, according to Strong's Concordance, simply an Aramaic word of Chaldean origin for wealth or money personified or deified. In the Vulgate is was taken over by Jerome untranslated to become mammon in Latin and finally also in English. It just means money, as argent is the French word for money, meaning not silver, tho it means that too, but simply money). 


That great Catholic priest, the English Msgr. Ronald Knox, did a wonderful modern translation of the New Testament (mammon does not occur in the OT or Torah) wherein he translates mammon simply as money. One's choices, per the Lord Christ, are God or money, no third alternative offered by him. I challenge you to look about and see if it is not self-evident that what all the Biggies are after is money, meaning whatever currency their sort can invent and devise and get to go over the counters of the world and command the world's population to do their bidding and pay massive and ever accumulating "interest," ie usury, while doing it. Which is what MONEY is for as the mammonites see it: power, dominance, unquestioned rule, and all the wealth. E. Michael Jones's libido dominandi from Augustine; to have oneself worshipped as a god; the Ultimate Trip. (Ugh.)


Back in my journalist days I coined, half-jokingly, two laws, "Seamas O'Sullivan's [that was my then pen-moniker] Laws of Growth." One, I recall, was "Anyone able to lend out money at 6% interest, GIVEN ENOUGH TIME, will end up with all the wealth." The other was, "Nature stops ALL growth."


Of course in defense of your satanic cult concept, I admit the money thing is indeed an entirely "satanic cult." Mammon, Lucifer, the Devil, Old Nick, the "Second Religion" (of Merejkowski) , the Negative Principle, the Spirit of Revolution—all are synonyms as I see it. God is One. Satan is two, the opposite. I think that's according to the Pythagorean number system.


I'm sending copies of this to Shamir and Myers since I mentioned them. None of you may want to use it in any way, but it has helped me to clarify a few things to myself.


Very best wishes, 


Tom White

Odessa , Texas  





Israel now leads lobby against Iran

Friday October 26, 2007

by leslie susser

Our friend Ron Andreas recommends to read


http://mparent7777- 2.blogspot. com/2007/ 11/israel- now-leads- lobby-against- iran.html




Re: Ian Buckley’s Dr Watson


From Margit Alm ( Melbourne , Australia )


What a wonderful analysis by Ian Buckley.  I very much question the superior intelligence of a certain group of people.  After all, what is intelligence? How do you measure it? 

I like to use the example of a European Australian and Aborigine Australian traversing (on foot) the Simpson Desert without any backup team, without any 'technical' solution help, just relying on their senses.  Who would have the better survival chances?  Even a good sniffer dog may outperform the European.


From Eldad Benary, New York


While Buckley makes mostly excellent points, he shamefully puts himself in the toilet writing:

"as compared to Rudolf Giuliani and Albert Gore, inventor (!) of the internet and global warming? "


Gore did not invent the internet and NEVER claimed he did. With great vision he did appropriate money for the research and implementation that led to the creation of the internet of today.

He of course also did not "create" global warming, 99% of earth and weather scientists

agree with Gore, the 1% who do not often work for the oil companies and other institution who have an interest in showing it does not exist.

(As if we need any scientists to see that the Ice at the poles, Greenland and high mountains everywhere is rapidly melting)


You are welcome to forward this to Buckley.


From Tom White, Odessa , Texas

Dear Israel :

I certainly agree with you, Ian, and Armondo that intelligence has largely unmoored from its former habitations in the European and derivative-European places and floated away, apparently for good. German Catholic philosopher in his book "Leisure," wrote that intelligence consists of (Latin) ratio and intellectus: reason is our God-given ability to make sense out of things (logic!), and intellectus is the faculty whereby we hear or intuit or understand God. (That's what I recall from a reading 30 or 40 years ago; I fancy I have it pretty much right.) Of course people can refuse to listen to God; they thereby reduce any effective IQ they might have had by at least half. A black who listens to God is 80 times brighter than any James Watson. The Nobels are a fraud and frost. 


From Mel Fowler


Mr. Buckley's analysis is disgracefully superficial and, as a result, quite worthless. 

Mr. Iannucci (an apparently sick man who believes that Ahmadinejad gave us the California fires), offers us the preposterous as well as paranoid thought that, . . what is required is that we very carefully and very delicately bomb and then attack Iran ." 

Why do you bother to mine garbage such as this from the internet field? 


Ian Buckley responds: 'Disgracefully superficial' - I like it ;-)


As to the second part of Mel's diatribe, this just goes to show that the average American woefully fails to understand savage satire. Yes, Mel, that nasty Jonathan Swift thought that the Irish should eat their children :-)




re: Sarkozy the Spy

From Cecil Asfour


Absolutely stunning ! Is there no segment in our world that is not influenced by Israel or its collaborators?  I am truly disappointed that France , of all nations, can have its citizens cowed like that by such an unscrupulous and devious official.

Thank you for such a revelation.


From Chris , UK


This article is to me very credible. Any "democratic" political leader who puts Israel 's racist demands before the rule of law has to be suspect, as does a French politician who seeks to please Bush and Cheney. Of course, the same went for Blair.



Re: Resistance by Finch


From Tom White


Great piece by Finch. I notice there is minimum attention to "MONEY," that is, the usury racket, by the contributors to this collection by him of others' comments. And the conclusions he comes to (below) have a never-never land tone, because nothing he says "must be done" can be done while the mammonite spirit sits at the world's monetary controls. Hardly anyone seems to ask, How come the Jews have all that money (as per Vanity Fair)? or, at least, How come the favored ones can always get what they need for an enterprise (like buying a newspaper or other info medium). I don't suppose an ordinary Jew can have money just for the asking; poor dear, he may even have to pay interest for his loan, for all I know (have never seen the subject discussed by Jews or anybody). But the Big Boys, the Insiders, for sure don't contribute to other Jews usury take. Can't imagine it. But unless the world money monopoly (I admit I don't know how Asia figures in this) is somehow disassembled, there isn't the proverbial chinaman's chance of any change of course, although disaster impends as sure as rabbits breed. I have at last seen what I believe has to be the answer. Government MUST criminalize ALL taking of interest and severely punish it, and meanwhile government must become responsible for "creating" money as non-interest bearing paper and distribute it as fairly as can be done. Almost anything would be better than the ruinous privately held usury racket we have now, which quite literally rules the world. (Yes, Virginia , it really does.)  And yes, of course I'm crazy, which I was told I was by a banker-business man I disclosed my "solution" to a week ago. Talk about unwelcome ideas; it's

twice as unwelcome as peak oil or global warming. Very best, Tom White


From Kim


Finch's articles would be more persuasive, if they were more accurate. Conrad Black is not a Jew. Heck, he is hardly even Canadian anymore.


From J W Gibson , Texas


Most of us know that the Protocols of the Elders of Zion is a fake because everybody knows it.  Nobody who has read some of it can be so sure, however.  There are at least two very different styles of writing and at least two different voices in the text.  The first voice is expressed through a coherent style of writing, and is intelligent, even philosophical.  Although it clearly constitutes a blue print for government of the world, it is a proposal for a society that is more utopian than despotic, and there is nothing particularly "Jewish" about it. The other voice, which appears to have been added by a different writer after the original treatise was drafted, is raving, arrogant, and racist, and whether it was intended to discredit the entire treatise or to spew brainless hatred, it accomplishes both purposes.  Unfortunately, the Straussian neoconservatives who run the United States and United Kingdom appear to take both parts as their blueprint for the future of the world.



Re: Vanity Fair


Shamir, in the piece you have forwarded by Joseph Aaron he says:

Vanity Fair is nothing if not on the cutting edge of where society is and is going. Vanity Fair is definitely not a Jewish publication.

However, that is not true. You can hardly get more Jewish than Vanity Fair -- the crass materialism, the style, the people and issues they focus on, the advertisers (high fashion and jewellery), and not least the ownership:

Most of the larger independent newspapers are owned by Jewish interests as well. An example is media mogul is Samuel I. "Si" Newhouse, who owns two dozen daily newspapers from Staten Island to Oregon, plus the Sunday supplement Parade; the Conde Nast collection of magazines, including Vogue, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Allure, GQ, and Self; the publishing firms of Random House, Knopf, Crown, and Ballantine, among other imprints; and cable franchises with over one million subscribers. "
http://www.rense. com/general44/ sevenjewishameri cans.htm

Syed Zaidi

Re: Right Ho, Lobby


From Bob Finch


Another very politically sound article. This is where we start from "Thus the distinction between Zionists and non-Zionists is the most important distinction, the great divide between war and peace, life and death." I despised putin for what he did to chechnya but i’ve come to admire him for challenging the jewish oligarchs - wasn’t it 17 out of the 19 oligarchs were jewish- and rejuvenating russia ’s role in the world?
It’s quite true. "The real formidable power of the Jewish Lobby lies in its ability to unite people against its enemy, and to block others’ attempts to unite." They did it in the 1980s against russia to "free" russian jews. They did it in the 1990s against saddam. And now they’re doing it against iran . The jews-only lobby could not achieve this remarkable transformation in political and public attitudes by itself. It could do so only with the aid of the zionist dominated western media.
 And this also is true, "This is the power of Jewish Lobby: they can decide whose name will be known and whose name will be forgotten, who will be blessed and who will be cursed." Hannah arendt and leo the crypto nazi were both at chicago in the mid 1950s but whilst hannah’s thoughtful and humane ideas have been disappearing, those of the revolting likudnik extremist are becoming more popular. So take heed, israel shamir, you are throwing away your posterity, your immortality!

bob finch

From Jim Devlin


One of your simplest--therefore best--insights ever.  The truly profound observation tells us something we've always almost known. “As for hatred, it is such a mother-in-lawish word”.

From Ian Buckley:


You've asked: "Doesn´t there exist violence and hatred towards Jews based on the fact that they are Jews, call it a race or call it an ethnicity or religion." The answer is NO. 

 Possibly you are thinking of something like this vast collection http://antisemitism CR.htm Here's the Institute on Britain : http://antisemitism asw2006/uk. htm  A cast of hundreds from Yvonne Ridley to Baroness Tonge to Galloway and Livingstone! Perhaps the most charitable thing that can be said about the Stephen Roth Institute is that it demonstrates extreme self-absorption, or self-obsession.

…Nor do I believe in existence of a hidden Jewish world leadership activating a single plan. Correct.. grandiose, all-encompassing conspiracies are a product of paranoia, not logic. Though maybe such paranoia is itself a reflection of paranoia found elsewhere ;-) Nonetheless we have Bilderberg, Hudson Institute, Kissinger, Perle etc etc.. conspiratorial interactions, but not the big one.

There are many Jews in world media; they have differing views, but they usually agree on certain things, for instance, they try to spike unfavourable to Jews news items. 

Paid close attention to the news bulletins here for any mention of  the British bomb disposal worker killed by a cluster bomb in Lebanon today, but not a word - just as expected


From Jack Graham

Shamir, -- I think one of the best news services on the Middle East is the American Task Force on Palestine.  Their editor picks choice material, and it gives readers a chance to read items which otherwise might be missed.  Not that I agree with what the editor picks, nor do I think the editor agrees with everything he selects, but his choices are generally very interesting.  Item No. 3 below describes precisely how most of my Jewish friends in the United States and Canada feel.  They want peace, they do not like the Israel Lobby or the Israeli government's policy.  But they dare not speak out, like you and Blankfort do, a psychic dissonance.  I try to get them to see that they must be brave and stand up, the same as I tell them to stop playing the victim game and the anti-Semitic card. Life is tough, I remind them, and Jews are not the only people in this world who have problems.  If you think it's hard to be Jewish, I tell them, let me tell you what it's like to be a loyal Catholic. Who is the author of this opinion?  What are your comments? -- J. R. G.

 3. ‘israel Lobby’ Writers Miss The Real Jewish Conflict In The Jewish Daily Forward, Opinion
October 24, 2007 http://www.forward. com/articles/ 11871/

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