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Here are some top news of our site:


(1) Zionist Scorecard-2008

By James Petras

We are engaged in a life and death struggle against war, terror and genocide – against Imperial and Zionist barbarism. As the Zionists actively support the shredding of constitutional and judicial liberties of American citizens and residents and the expansion of a repressive security state, we should be aware of powerful enemies in high places, acting against the interests of our country. But we should recognize we also have enormous support among the American people and even tactical allies among some officials in the military and intelligence community. Above all, we are defending our own, hard-won democratic freedoms, our own families’ and communities’ security from Israeli-provoked terrorist attacks and, even more important, our right to develop policies in the interest of the American people, free from the dictates of Israel and its agents. Read on http://www.israelsh Contributors/ Petras1.htm
(2) A Russian article
Marek Glogoczowski and Israel Shamir co-authored an essay in Russian available http://www.israelsh ru/Katyn. htm and published by a few prominent Russian sites followed by lively discussion (for instance on Soon it will be available in Polish, too. The essay calls for peace between Russians and Poles, for amnesia - forgetting the old grievances.
(3) Tony G vs Shamir
Tony Greenstein, a British Jewish "antizionist" activist (a.k.a. Roland Rance and Deborah Maccobi), usually fights against Gilad Atzmon and Mary Rizzo; but now he did send a salvo against Israel Shamir, which can be summed up thusly:
Israel Shamir is the spider in the heart of Atzmon-Eisen antisemite gang, he is a goy and racist; Christ-worshipper, church-goer, Hitler and Lieberman admirer, holocaust denial merchant, supporter of child abuse, a Russo-Swede agent of Mossad, Shin Bet, and KGB who should be locked in a padded cell but he evades justice by using aliases. A depraved homophobe, he approved of Romeo's statutory rape of underage Julia, blood-libelled Caiphas and Judas for killing Jesus, feminists for the Afghan war, and innocent medieval Jews for their customary use of body liquids; has dirty nails and he eats falafel, though he has never been to Israel.
Sounds like a good blurb for a book cover, eh?
(4) Kosovo responses
From Mel Fowler (who is 80 this month)
What's the point of this piece by Walberg? It makes me think, if you put enough salad on the plate, you'll not be able to see the steak. To find the steak, read the article by Sara Flounders!
From Jim Devlin
Naive Americans, who yearn for the regionalization of the U.S., wonder just what's so bad about small independencies. 
I'm one of these naive Americans.  Breakdown and "balkanization" is nothing if not good.  It's example is even better.  Time for a break-up of all the world's empires and semi-empires.  Nationalism wins!  Totalitarianism of east and west loses.  Wait until Tibet pushes once again for independence.  This world could get interesting!
How about Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California?  Call it "New Mexico."

From Cecil Asfour
Consider me a member of the ignorant masses for I had no idea that what you reported in your article had really happened following the break-up of post World War II Yoguslavia.
I am still at a loss to understand how the USSR simply emploded thus allowing the USA to run amock in the world and we thought the "cold  war" was bad ! Oh ! For the old days when the 2 "super powers" were busy with each other and left the world alone !


From Olsi , Albania


I read with sadness what Eric wrote about Kosova in your forum. It seems to me that he does not have a clue about the history of Kosova (I call the province with its Islamic name, while KosovO is a Serbian invention) but unfortunately believes whatever the Serbian propaganda has produced in the past years, for justifying its yoke upon those people.

While I dislike Bush and international unjust policies that he and his gang are making throughout the world, in the case of Kosova I believe that at least the Christian White man, made one accident, by establishing a precedent of correcting a crime it committed after the destruction of the Ottoman Empire and allocating Muslim Kosova to the burden of the Serbian Christians.

Kosova was a Muslim province of the empire as Palestine was. At the same way as Palestine was allocated to the Jews who invented their tale of return to Israel , the Brits and Austrians did the same with Kosova while the Serbs invented their tale of Kosova being Serbia .  

And now, justifying the Serbian Zionism, which claims that Kosova is Serbia , because sometimes in the 13th century the Serbian tribes came in the Balkans from Russia - this is pure Zionism, and has no moral grounds for any justification. Jews do the same in Palestine . Based on some historical tales of 2000 years before they have invaded Palestine and are producing the crimes, for which you write for in your site. And now, when Mr. Walberg goes and defends another Zionist Genocide - that of the Serbs in Kosova - only because America and the criminal Bush supported the Kosovars - this is not just.

The Muslims of Kosova at the same way as the Muslims of Sanjak, as Muslims of Chameria in Northern Greece , and Muslims of Palestine deserve to live as free people. Zionist ideas such as the Jewish Zionism, Greek Megali Idea, Serbian Nacertania are the main reason why Muslims of Mediterranean have suffered in those past 100 years. If you still believe, as you claimed months before that the Ottoman Empire have to come back; than with its return the Zionist ideas of Serbs, Jews, Greeks, Armenians, Turks etc must be forgotten, in a way which, we the Muslims, Jews and Orthodox peoples of Mediterranean might live in peace.

Thanks Olsi

Eric Walberg responded:


Hi Olsi,


Thanks for your letter. I admit the situation is very complex. My intent is not to justify Serbian control of Kosovo on some flimsy ancient history:


>justfying the Serbian Zionism, which claims that Kosova is Serbia, because sometimes in the 13th century the Serbian tribes came in the Balkans from Russia - this is pure Zionism, and has no moral grounds for any justification. Jews do the same in Palestine


The situation is not identical. Kosovo was a province of the Ottoman caliphate but its borders changed many times. It was never 'independent' . Politics is based on existing situations, and redrawing the map is fraught with long term unexpected negative consequences. The whole tragedy of the collapse of Yugoslavia was primarily due to Western interference. Without German/US meddling, Yugoslavia could have been maintained as a truly multi-ethnic state.


Kosovo as an autonomous province within Serbia would have been the best compromise. What we have now eerily resembles the fateful 1948, when the zio entity was born - illegitimately, just as Kosovo is born illegitimately - due to big power machinations. I can't ignore the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me this is going to haunt us negatively for long to come. It is part of the Israeli-US plans for dismembering all the Muslim countries and making them satraps to the empire.


>The Muslims of Kosova at the same way as the Muslims of Sanjak, as Muslims of Chameria in Northern Greece, and Muslims of Palestine deserve to live as free people.


so Chameria should be an independent country?


The idea of an Ottoman caliphate, multi-ethnic, with full rights for all 'people of the book' and even those who are pagan etc but have a sense of spirituality, is a great idea. Not a hundred tiny 'nations' subservient to mammon.


Eric Walberg


From Joachim Martillo:
Making Sense of the Balkans?
Sarah Flounders' article entitled "Washington gets a new colony in the Balkans" is fairly typical of the criticism of the Kosovo declaration of independence.
While the USA does a lot of evil in the world, the breakup of Yugoslavia may at least initially have been a project of the German government, which for historical reasons was much more interested in an independent Slovenia than the USA was. Neocons like Joshua Muravchik fairly quickly saw a possible opportunity to cultivate a pro-Israel Muslim population (either Slavic or Albanian) in a divided Yugoslavia. Finding such a Muslim population has been a holy grail of Zionism since Herzl created the character of Reshid Bey in Old New Land (Altneuland) .
Sorting out the various claims about Kosovo requires awareness of the changing boundaries of the region. Claiming that Kosovo is the historical center of Serb culture is somewhat tendentious. The Ottoman Vilayet of Kosovo was larger than present-day Kosovo, and its borders shifted during the 19th and early 20th century. Territory that had been Ottoman Kosovo is today divided among Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Greece. Kosovo regions that were in some sense the historically important Serb centers have for the most part been incorporated into Serbia, Montenegro or Macedonia. Here is a current map of Kosovo. Ethnic Albanian Kosovars could probably legitimately argue that they rebelled from the Ottoman Empire during the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 in order to achieve independence or union with Albania, whose independence European Great Powers endorsed in 1913, but the Serbian government opportunistically used to rebellion to expand Serbia at their expense.
The Serb obsession with controlling all of Kosovo results from the development of a nationalist mythology that focuses on the Battle of Kosovo (???????? ???, Kosova Savasi, Bitka na Kosovu, Beteja e Kosovës, or Schlacht auf dem Amselfeld).
The mythology has little connection to the facts. Lazar's army (the "Serb" side) included Croats, ethnic Albanians, who were mostly Orthodox at that time period, and probably Bosnians. Murad's army (the "Turkish" side) included a large contingent of Serbs. The population composition of Kosovo/Kosova in the 14th century and subsequently is disputed. It was not unusual for a close relative of someone with a Serb name to bear an Albanian name. Later Serb literature refers to Albanized Serb populations, but the description is dubious. Bilinguality was simply common, and the ethnic boundaries that exist today really only came into existence in the 19th century.
The following paragraphs are propagandistic.
Yugoslavia was born with a heritage of antagonisms that had been endlessly exploited by the Ottoman Turks, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and interference by British and French imperialism, followed by Nazi German and Italian Fascist occupation in World War II. The Jewish and Serbian peoples suffered the greatest losses in that war. A powerful communist-led resistance movement made up of all the nationalities, which had suffered in different ways, was forged against Nazi occupation and all outside intervention. After the liberation, all the nationalities cooperated and compromised in building the new socialist federation.
There simply is not much evidence of Ottoman exploitation of ethnic or religious antagonism either from Ottoman or non-Ottoman sources. The Ottoman rulers generally tried to discourage local Balkan hostilities because they were administratively costly and interfered with tax collection.
The omission of any mention of Czarist Russian Imperial interference shows bias.
Terminology like Jewish and Serbian peoples is questionable. Yugoslavia contained Jewish populations of Ashkenazi ethnicity and of Ibero-Berber refugee ethnicity. The term Jewish people comes from Zionist propaganda. While there is a Serb ethnicity, there is no Serbian ethnicity because people of many different ethnicities live within the territory of Serbia.
The implicit attempt to connect Jewish and Serb losses during WW2 is misleading. Serb politics in the lead-up to WW2 had clear fascist and Nazi currents.
While many Serb political leaders wanted to work with Germany, the German government rebuffed them because too many Germans and Austrians blamed Serbs for WW1 and the subsequent dismantlement of the pre-WW1 German and Austrian Empires.
German and Austrian hostility toward Serbs increased during WW2 and probably influenced German policy toward Serbia during the 1990s.
The situation of Kosovo before NATO intervention was a mess. It has remained a mess, and there is no particular reason to believe that independence will lead to improvement.

From: Mihailo Hadzi-Cenic

The magnificent account of Sara Flounders is by far the best I have ever read on the subject. It is difficult to add any relevant new word to it. As both journalist and Serbian national I can only admire the
insight and simplicity by which Flounders deals with a mountain of lies surrounding this matter.
Too bad we can not mail the author and congratulate her! Serbia may (temporarily! ) "lose" some 15% of her crucial teritory, but the trouble Albanians managed themselves into is far more worse.
Historically, they are and will be the greatest victims of this global theft.
However, from the rulers who do what they do in Iraq one can not really expect any better.
From Nidal Abed
Although I am not impressed with Kosovo's independence for many reasons, some of them are mentioned in the piece below. I think this piece is not very balanced and ignores the extreme violence and arrogance of the Serbs in other parts of the former Yugoslavia, which gave them the reputation of war criminals, and made tales about genocides in Kosovo are likely to be believed.
Yes many Albanians may soon realize that they indeed have gained nothing, but at the moment living with the Serbs after almost a decade of bloodshed and hatred was not an option either. Serbs bear equal responsibility for what happened to their country. They were not angels, were they?
Re: Finkelstein at Hezbullah
From Tom White
Dear Israel:

I find I agree with Norman Finkelstein in his strictures on Lebanon and the Lebanese willingness to greet their enemy, etc. It's disreputable, until that enemy has asked for forgiveness. And as he says that is not the Jewish Way, and it is not (under Jewish leadership) the U.S. Way: never forgive, never forget. I wonder who ever really does. Did the Japanese after 2 atom bombs and all their cities burned down? I doubt it, but they are patient. They will preside over our bankruptcy. Christ was entirely revolutionary in this: forgive and pray for your enemies. Christ is the Ultimate Sap in Jewish eyes, and in the the eyes of all those who go Mammon's Way. But I suspect Christ is right: hardest thing in the world to do but the only way to the Great Overworld (whatever that is). There is no trick to expressing ideas of righteousness but to live them is crucifixion. Very best, Tom White, Texas
Re Jim Dean on usury
from Jeb 
The U.S. government ought to outlaw all interest charged on money loans, and I noted it would be easy to police.

Oh this is cute. Then people with money to lend would eat their losses on the bad loans with no chance of recovering that from the good ones. Loan capital would dry up and economic activity would shrink tremendously. Unemployment would skyrocket, causing more financial collapse, etc.

************ **
As I understand it the classic definition of usury encompasses ALL INTEREST no matter what the rate.  Fiat currency and compound interest are the means by which banks end up owning everything.

As I understand it (again),  Muslim banks DO NOT charge interest, but make their money in one-time (transaction? ) fees.  At my (admittedly superficial) glance they seem to be doing all right.


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