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Robert Wilkinson

Bishop Williamson is a nice soft target for Mossad. The controversial, opinionated, blunt talking Bishop has no press minders and can easily be reassured into giving an interview to the friendly ‘Arian’ Scandinavians.  After all they wouldn’t lie when telling him it would not be aired in Germany would they? Compared with the assassination of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh this operation was a walk in the park, but the desired impact was much greater.  Revenge, at least a component of most Mossad attacks is secondary to a desired global impact, in this case an attack on the Papacy as punishment for daring to lift the excommunication on Traditional Bishops, and daring to pursue the canonization of Pope Pius XII against the sensitivities of the ADL. Mossad agents do not have to be directly involved, the situation being controlled through the global information network from swivel chairs in Jerusalem . So the office of the Papacy, the person of the present Pope and the person of Bishop Williamson are all discredited irreparably without any messy assassination.

The essay by Trudie Pert is concise and objective. It appears to be a purely factual summary without expression of any opinion. If as indicated on the original website, the article is based on the monumental scholarly works of Atila Sinke Guimaraes, I would not dare to dissent from the statements. The Modern Catholic Church has certainly abandoned the ‘offensive’ doctrine of supersession of the New Testament over the old, but much more than this is required by her enemies. Much more than groveling apologies, the Church must disappear into history and make way for the secular world government – the final incarnation of the Great Beast. Simone Weil sensed the workings of the Great Beast in her Notebook jottings thus:-

‘As for greatness in the social order, the only part of man capable of it is he who has laid hold of a considerable proportion of the energy lying in the Great Beast. But he is then deprived of any share in the supernatural.

Moses, Joshua – such is the share in the supernatural of those who have laid hold of a good deal of social energy.

Israel represents an attempt at a supernatural form of social life. We may take it that it succeeded in producing the best example of its kind. That should suffice. Useless to begin over again. The result shows the sort of divine revelation of which the Great Beast is capable. The Old Testament represents revelation translated into social terms. Abraham could well humble himself before Melchizedek.

Isaiah is the first to shed some pure light.

Rome stands for the materialistic Great Beast. Israel stands for the religious Great Beast. Neither is a pleasant sight. The Great Beast is always loathsome. Spirituality can only exist where the Great Beast is made to disintegrate.’

Weil believed that the Roman Catholic Church inherited the Great Beast virus of Imperial Rome, but retained just enough immunity in the form of ‘grace’ so as not to succumb. Bishop Williamson would hold that that period of immunity ended for the official church with the ‘new springtime’ of Vatican II.

The article by Gordon Duff is a litany of what is wrong with the world, and how he hates it - what the Church refers to as ‘This vale of tears’.  We can all more or less agree. He faces the question ‘Did the Christian God die in Auschwitz ?’ or reinterpreting the question, - why did this happen in a European civilization dominated by Christianity for nearly 2000 years. Why did the Christian God and Church not come up to Elie Weisel’s expectations? Of course Elie Weisel always knew the Church was a fraud – his Talmudic upbringing told him so, - so why the surprise? It was simply a matter of ‘I told you so’.

I again quote Simone Weil:-

‘God has given me my being in order that I may give it back to him. It is like one of those tests resembling traps and are to be found in fairy tales or stories about initiation. If I accept this gift it has a bad and fatal effect.  Its virtue becomes apparent through a refusal. God permits me to exist while being other than He. It is up to me to refuse this permission. Humility consists in the refusal to exist. It is the queen of virtues’.  Is this perverse nihilistic mumbo jumbo or the arcane message of the New Testament? Why are the words so unacceptable to the mass of humanity or even committed Christians? Why did the Christian God reduce himself to a mere wafer?  What are we expected to become? Auschwitz smoke?

Bishop Williamson has been attacked by the Great Beast of modern political correctness. His traditional formation has given him some immunity but he has been seriously damaged and cowed. He has refused God’s permission to fall in with the ways of the world. Now he almost doesn’t exist. Just like his God.

Duff’s comments about inquisitions and the Pope merely ‘waking on the wrong side of the bed and having an odd thought’ being enough to cause mass burnings of heretics is laughable and hardly worthy of comment.  No doubt excesses occurred which were more difficult to contain in times of poor communication, and when Church and State were intertwined. Pope John Paul II even described the French Revolution as the ‘Revolution we had to have’ in which thousands of Clergy, Religious and the Nobility went to the guillotine, as well as countless lay people who were simply not enthusiastic enough.

D H Lawrence was no Christian, but was moved to write in his critique on Dostoievsky’s Grand Inquisitor:-

‘The recognition of the weakness of man has been a common trait in all great, wise rulers  of people, from the Pharaohs and Darius through the great patient Popes of the early Church right down to the present day. They have known the weakness of men and felt a certain tenderness. This is the spirit of all great government. But it was not the spirit of the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Inquisition in 1500 was a new-fangled thing, peculiar to Spain, with her curious death-lust and her bullying, and, strictly, a Spanish political instrument, not Catholic at all, but rabidly national. The Spanish Inquisition was actually diabolical. It could not have produced a Grand Inquisitor who put Dostoievsky’s sad questions to Jesus. And the man who put those sad questions to Jesus could not possibly have been a Spanish Inquisitor. He could not possibly have burnt a hundred people in an auto-da-fe. He would have been too wise and far seeing…… The man who feels a certain tenderness for mankind in its weakness is therefore not diabolical. The man who realizes that Jesus asked too much of the mass of men  in asking them to choose between earthly and heavenly bread, to judge between good and evil, , is therefore not Satanic’.

As Bishop Williamson would acknowledge, mankind must be saved from itself, not by itself. It is saved from itself by something outside itself.  The link between the self immolation of Simone Weil and the world of weak and confused mankind is the personal sanctity of those given to mediate between heaven and earth.  The cultivation, not the imposition of saintliness should be the chief concern of the Church.  These sentiments are allegorically expressed by D H Lawrence thus:-

‘All life bows down to the sun. But the sun is very far away to the common man. It needs someone to bring it to him. It needs a Lord: what the Christians call one of the elect, to bring the sun to the common man, and put the sun in his heart. The sight of a true Lord, a noble, a nature hero puts the sun into the heart of the ordinary man, who is no hero, and therefore cannot know the sun direct. As the Inquisitor says, the mystery of the elect is one of the inexplicable mysteries of Christianity, just as the lord, the natural lord among men, is one of the inexplicable mysteries of humanity throughout time.’

For those wishing for the demise of Christianity of the sort represented by Bishop Williamson, victory may well be tantalizingly close, but the consequences are fearsome. A New World Order of Mankind has appeared to impose thought control and ‘purification’ upon the world in an unprecedented way. No burnings or assassinations. Just relentless manipulation of the mind through processes of the mass media, legislation, academia, economic fears , health fears , fear of nuclear Armageddon, human rights guilt and perhaps even a New World Religion (Woops! that Great Beast again).

From Come Carpentier (Delhi)

Reading this made me think of the Larry King show I watched in part yesterday on CNN. It was dedicated to "comedian" Sara Silverman, and one can of course wonder why such a long, globally telecast interview was dedicated to a young woman whose debut was marred, as she herself admitted by her lack of talent for which she makes up through vulgarity and provocation (what else is new?) and whose first, autobiographic book is called "The Bedwetter". She specialises in "toilet" humor and obscenities and is proud that her father taught her swear words when she was 3 and gave her a monthly stipend as a trade off for her dropping out of college. She relates that she was depressed by the age of 12 and was prescribed upto 16 tablets of Xamax when she was 14. Among her other achivements, she listed her constant pot smoking and consumption of other drugs, her promiscuous sex life and the fact that though she does not believe in God or is an agnostic though she is a Jew (as she repeated many times) because "her jewishness drips from her every pore". Not one did she mention she is an American. So, though she neither believes in the religion nor lives in Israel , she is still a Jew. Is it then a race, a faith, a business association or a profession?

Sara Silverman's leading tirade was predictably reserved to the Catholic Church and the Pope. She advocated once again closing the Vatican and selling the Pontifical state to make it a luxury residential community (presumably for wealthy Jews too). She argued that all religions are attempts by people to give themselves the comfort of knowing something about the meaning of life. All in all, she came out as a living image of what too many in her community in America and in the world are associated with. She is crass, greedy, cynical, neurotic and immature, delighting in what deserves to be called the "avant-garde" touch: sullying everything that it comes in contact with, whether in religion, art, business or human relations. Her parting shot was to declare her ambitions to replace Larry King in his role as the host of his show and his half-humorous response was that, as a Jew, she had a good chance to satisfy that ambition. What more open acknowledgment of racial privilege can we wish for?

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