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9/11 Afghanistan

Closing the circle, completing Gestalt, opening a new chapter – any simile you like, but choosing 9/11 for inauguration day calls for a heavy-duty sense of humour. This is what the Taliban decided. Their new government, the first in 20 years to rule from Kabul, will be inaugurated on 9/11. They decided to troll Uncle Sam. In addition to choosing this auspicious date, the Talibs staffed top positions in the interim government with Gitmo graduates, while the Interior Minister has a $5 million bounty on his head offered by the US. These are the leaders every country should be proud to be led by. The Russians and the Chinese promised to attend the inauguration at ambassadorial level. Even better, the Russians and the Chinese refused to attend a West-led conference on Afghanistan. We need less harmony and less agreement so the word ‘freedom’ retains some meaning.

Just a few days ago the Taliban succeeded in subduing the last sizeable enclave controlled by warlords: Panjshir gorge, a mountain valley in the spurs of the Hindu Kush, a hard-to-get-in place (getting out is even harder), populated by Tajik and other ethnics, it was a natural place to excite tribal enmity against the predominantly Pashto Taliban. With luck, Panjshir could be used to block the road to Mazar-i-Sharif, to cut off the North and the possibility of rekindling civil war.

Two people stood behind this effort; the former vice-president, Amrullah Saleh, and the son of the Northern warlord Ahmad Massoud. Saleh called himself the “legitimate head” of Afghanistan – after the shameful flight of President Ghani, he felt he was entitled to inherit the country. Saleh was closely associated with the CIA, according to American sources.

Massoud Jr. studied in England; he is advised by BHL (Bernard-Henri Lévy), the French-Jewish provocateur and adventurer, the master of discourse who always comes before the storm. (Victor Pelevin drew on BHL in his novel S.N.U.F.F. Yes, it is Pelevin’s world!) Massoud called his gang “Resistance forces”; for sure it was a BHL idea. As with every good Jew, BHL is forever doomed to live and re-live WWII, and what could be better than La Resistance, something straight from Casablanca?

The Washington Post published the appeal of Massoud to Americans to support him with money and arms in the name of “democracy and human rights”. The Neocons were delighted. A chance had dawned for renewed strife in the country. Massoud and Saleh walked out of the Taliban’s proposed reconciliation plan. They thought that the Taliban wouldn’t dare to enter their mountain area, but they miscalculated. On Monday, September 6, the Taliban took the valley; Saleh allegedly has fled to Tajikistan. Massoud Jr. escaped to a nook in the high mountains and promised to be back. Will he return?

British journalists sympathetic to Massoud believe that he has no chance after this defeat. He can talk about his will to win and his determination to keep on fighting, but he has fewer than a hundred fighters with him, and no sign of mass support. He is capable of a sortie, of an ambush, but he is not a serious threat to the Taliban; at least for now. We shall hear of him as we do of another Guaido; many Afghan embassies in the world said they recognise and represent Saleh. But without actual control of land, this thing will mean nothing beyond an excuse to loot some Afghan assets.

Massoud and Saleh have repeated the mistake of Ashraf Ghani, the former president. They thought they could keep negotiating for a long while and improve their hand at the same time; eventually they would get better terms. It turned out that the Taliban were not inclined to haggle. They offered yesterday’s enemy to join their ranks; a generous offer, but on condition of their deferring to Taliban supreme command. Massoud hoped to retain full autonomy, but that was an empty dream.

Everybody wants the Taliban to form a broad government coalition in Afghanistan; a government to include representation of Tajik, Uzbek and other ethnic groups. It seems that this idea is acceptable for the Taliban as well. But they do not want to grant broad autonomy to these groups and give them a chance to secede. Cohesive ethnic autonomous regions spell trouble. They undermined the USSR; threaten Spain and the United Kingdom, while France prospers without granting autonomy to Catalan, Breton etc.

So, while the idea of inclusive government is a good one, let the Afghans sort it out among themselves, without Western interference. The West had 20 years to form governments in Afghanistan, now it is the Afghans turn. Yesterday’s occupiers claim moral superiority and tell liberated people how they should form a government based on Western ideas. It is hypocritical BS as always. If they value ethnic inclusivity so much, let them convince the Jews to give equal rights and an equal number of government portfolios to Palestinians. If they value ideological inclusivity, let them share power with big parties, with Le Pen in France, with the AfD in Germany, with Trump in the US. Oh, it is easier to advise than to do.

Despite their brilliant military victory, the Taliban will have difficult time with the US-trained viragos who already marching on the streets of Kabul as their sisters and mentors did in Washington in January 2017. This gender mischief is the biggest damage caused by the US to the world fabric. Hopefully, equipped with their tradition and sharia justice, the Afghan Talibs will manage better than the US Deplorables. Ferocious Lesbians are a hardy enemy, as Western white men have been thoroughly cowed and unable to resist them.

While preparing for 9/11 commemorations, you should read an excellent long piece by Ron Unz written especially for this occasion, and/or a short piece I wrote and published 20 years ago. Unz says Mossad did it; I am reluctant to give Mossad this credit. Whoever did the attack on 2001, Sep 11, enacted an audacious deed and brought much pleasure to the world abused by the US. The vast majority of mankind enjoyed seeing their abusers being hit. Yes, the consequence of 9/11, the War on Terror, was horrible, but the same culprits could do it with a smaller pretext, or no pretext whatsoever. Yes, the official story of 9/11 was implausible, but not more implausible than Covid-19.

Like the Four Riders of the Apocalypse, the unknown kamikaze rode their giant crafts into the two visible symbols of American world domination, Wall Street and the Pentagon. They vanished in flames and smoke, and we do not yet know who they were. They could be practically anybody:

American Nationalists, American Communists, American Fundamentalist Christians, American Anarchists, anybody who rejects the twin gods of the dollar and the M-16, who hates the stock market and interventions overseas, who dreams of America for Americans, who does not want to support the drive for world domination. They could be Native Americans returning to Manhattan, or Afro-Americans who still have not received compensation for slavery.

They could be foreigners of practically any extraction, as Wall Street and the Pentagon ruined many lives of people all over the globe. Germans can remember the fiery holocaust of Dresden with its hundreds of thousands of peaceful refugees incinerated by the US Air Force. Japanese will not forget the nuclear holocaust of Hiroshima. The Arab world still feels the creeping holocaust of Iraq and Palestine. Russians and East Europeans feel the shame of Belgrade avenged. Latin Americans think of American invasions of Panama and Granada, of destroyed Nicaragua and defoliated Colombia. Asians count their dead of Vietnam war, Cambodia bombings, Laos CIA operations in millions. Even a pro-American, Russian TV broadcaster could not refrain from saying, ‘now Americans begin to understand the feelings of Baghdad and Belgrade’.

The Riders could be anybody who lost his house to the bank, who was squeezed from his work and made permanently unemployed, who was declared an Untermensch by the new Herrenvolk. They could be Russians, Malaysians, Mexicans, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Congolese, Brazilians, Vietnamese, as their economy was destroyed by Wall Street and the Pentagon. They could be anybody, and they are everybody. Their identity is quite irrelevant as their message is more important than their personalities, and their message is read loud and clear in the choice of targets.

If I were a Muslim, I’d prefer to ascribe 9/11 to Muslim heroes rather than to Jewish tricksters. It is basically a question whether you approve of the deed. If you do, or at least tolerate it, you can say it was done by brave Muslims. If you do not approve of it, you may think it was done by Mossad agents who anyway are doing all sorts of awful things. Truth is important; but narrative is precious.

Golden Oldies

Is Elvis back? After Abba’s return I wouldn’t be surprised. It seems they try and squeeze the last drop of creativity from the departing generation, for the new generation has none. The most prominent film 2021 is a remake of Dune, the David Lynch’s 1984 film. The remake costs many times more than the original, but it is still the most boring film of the year. Other recent films are really old movies brushed up like Escape from New York, or old movies revamped by the woke canon, with Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother played by a black gay man (!) The Abba song Don’t Shut Me Down, implies the old singers have come back as computer design:

But in the shape and form I appear now I have learned to cope…
And now you see another me, I’ve been reloaded, that’s been decoded
I’m fired up, I’m hot, don’t shut me down
I’m not the one you knew
I’m asking you to have an open mind

This is certainly not a song about humans; we humans do not reload, decoded, fired up or shut down. All these words pertain to the computer world, or to some admixture of a man and a machine. This song will be the anthem of trans-humanity, a Swedish friend told me; and he added with more than a touch of pride that little Sweden provided the avatars for two of the most prominent ideological movements, Greta for Green and Abba for trans-human.

Now the super-rich are reaching for immortality, we are told in a longish piece in the Technology Review on Altos Labs, a secretive and extremely well funded institute in Silicon Valley. Apparently, Jeff Bezos and Yuri Milner want to live forever; these rich bastards think they are so precious to God, Mankind and Universe that they should be kept in play after all others return to the Creator. I am not aware of a single redeeming feature possessed by these two men. Yes, they hog a lot of other men’s resources, but they didn’t advance mankind by a single inch. They didn’t write a poem, they didn’t paint a picture, they didn’t invent; they didn’t commit a heroic act of sacrifice, they aren’t handsome; they did nothing for what the gods would share their table and goddesses – their beds; or grant immortality, indeed. They just hoarded money. And with this money they want to buy time off us.

These guys should be burned at the stake in the Central Park for the temerity of their enterprise: of stealing and robbing millions of working men of their labour’s fruit, of their life – to live longer. Back to the coffin, you gruesome zombies! For that is what they are – undead. Instead of immortality, these people promote endless clinging to the vestiges of life, instead of a normal, ‘A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever’ (Eccl 1:4) sort of thing.

Terry Pratchett in his Discworld novel Reaper Man imagined the world where Death had been retired, and it’s a mess. But this mess is normal in comparison to the two-tier system envisaged by trans-humanism: everybody dies, but some rich bastards live forever. To me, it is an advertisement for the prompt return of death penalty for the hoarders.

The problem is, though there are very few people who are likely to benefit from this development, they are also very rich. They want to live forever, something we Christians get for free, but they prefer to rely upon science. I wrote about this tendency recently, and now Victor Pelevin had published an entertaining satirical book last week, called Transhumanism INC.

For those who do not know who I talk of: Pelevin is probably the most important living Russian writer, a 21st century Voltaire, of sorts. He is an enigma, for nobody has sighted him for the last ten years, though he produces a book a year, and invariably publishes it at the beginning of September. His early books were translated and published in the West, especially for their anti-Soviet flair. Later on, he attacked (or laughed at) the Western mainstream agenda, and they stopped publishing him in English, while his books are printed in their millions of copies for politically incorrect Russian readers. An Unz reader would enjoy his satirical writing. Pelevin has a take on Wikileaks and Afghanistan (The Anti-Aircraft Codes of Al Efesbi); on human rights as a pretext for bombing (S.N.U.F.F.); gender roles and diversity (IPhuck 10); political correctness as a GRU plot against American society (The Art of Light Touches); and now Transhumanism.

The story takes place three hundred years from now; the top people in the world have discarded their bodies and moved their brains to be kept and serviced forever by Transhumanism Inc while they enjoy digitally induced paradisiac delights. Every human has a brain implant and is guided by AI. Dirty work is done by cloned slaves who are all White to conform to BLM ideas. By law, slaves must always wear a mask on their face, regardless of the epidemiological situation. The slaves themselves did not get sick, but they spread viruses asymptomatically . There is practically no sex, as we know it: women prefer to sodomise their male partners taking revenge for the patriarchy. The Green agenda has won; there are no cars, just chip-implanted horses and carriages. Electricity is expensive and people get by with kerosene lamps.

The Transhumanism Inc has a subsidiary Open Mind that deals with people’s minds. Open Mind is an enhanced Facebook you can’t get away from, or Google Smart Glasses you can’t take off. When you look at a person or a building, or listen to a song, Open Mind suggests to you the correct reaction, the proper assessment. A banker’s daughter looks delightful, a popular song sounds popular, if the creators paid for the advertising. Thus human responses are kept under control. This system coexists with local politics. Russia in the novel has a quasi-Communist-Nationalist government that has access to the implant, as well, but the vast majority of responses are determined by the market, that is by Transhumanism Inc. The big Communist-Nationalist Russian leader, a Putin on steroids, also has his brain stored away, next to the brain of Sheikh Ahmed, the leader of World Jihad.

It is not too different from what we have today. Governments differ, parties differ, from Putin to Modi to Biden to Merkel, but human responses and the agenda are quite similar all over the world, be it covid or climate, privatisation or transgender. Where they are not so similar they are moving towards this similarity. In the sad world of Transhumanism, the leaders succumbed to the supreme temptation of living forever in paradise while keeping in touch with their countries. Their brains (placed in jars) stand on a shelf in a well-protected cellar in London, or in Nevada, but at a moment’ notice they can connect to their assistants (like in the film Avatar) and interact with lesser folk.

In our world, we have Zuckerberg, the man who decides what we may and may not say and read. In Pelevin’s world, it is Goldenstern (sic!) whose name is taboo, unless preceded by the epithet Fair. Fair Goldenstern is ok; otherwise your account will be limited. Goldenstern is considered to be a Jew, for sure. The whole system works in the interests of vampire-like creatures that feast on human energy, thought and creativity.

And though the book is a fiction, or even a fantasy; when I look at today’s art, cinema, music I feel that human creativity had been sucked out and human energy has been limited to making profit; while the politicians all appear very different but their brains could stand on the same shelf in the same cellar and even take their commands from the same super-vampire.

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This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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