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The Arrival of the Anti-Christ, Delayed

FRENCH TRANSLATION: Retard annoncé pour l’Antéchrist

If the Jews have designs for world dominance, their plans had suffered a setback due to the petty rivalry of Israeli politicians. Now this minor setback threatens to upset the whole master plan. For the want of a nail the kingdom is lost. A small mistake can have great consequences; so said Eugene Scribe of a glass of water that it had ended too long a war.

‘The minor setback’ was the failure of Bibi Netanyahu to form his new government after successful election campaign. ‘The great consequences’ are the collapse of the ambitious Kushner/Trump’s Deal of the Century. Russia’s alliance with Israel looks less certain; and beyond that, the coronation of Messiah, the Jewish king and the world’s foremost spiritual authority seems to be postponed indefinitely. Like in domino effect, these plans began to fail, one after another.

Speaking to the nation of Israel in dramatic broadcast and acknowledging his defeat, after the Knesset (the Israeli Parliament) had dissolved itself at Netanyahu’s insistence, the Eternal Leader Benjamin Netanyahu revealed the plans of the Trilateral Meeting of Russia, the US and Israel’s security supremoes in Jerusalem. The White House confirmed it, too. This unprecedented meeting was supposed to become Netanyahu’s great achievement, crowning his nth re-election and confirming his international status.

Symbolically, this meeting would signify a special standing of Israel with the two superpowers; Israel’s unique ability to bring forth the mutually hostile Russia and America, like the tamer who leads a lion and a tiger to the arena. Even for our profane and sober age, such a meeting means a lot, a lot more than we would like to think of.

In the Middle Ages, when people had fewer reservations in delving into the esoteric, the supposed agenda for the grand masters of leading Christian orders meeting their heathen counterpart, say the Old Man of the Mountain, in Jerusalem (of all places!) would definitely include kissing Baphomet’s anus. Such a meeting with the Jew would imply their desire to crown the Antichrist. In both cases, they would end at the stake in front of Notre-Dame-de-Paris, as Jacques de Molay did.

And if the medieval man would learn of the recent arson of the venerated cathedral, he would consider the case closed, even for the most ardent sceptic. Clearly the turncoat knights, heirs to the Templars, attempted to establish the eternal Jewish dominion over Christians, a Christian sage would say; while his Jewish contemporary would hail the meeting as a prefiguration of the forthcoming advent of the Shepherd-King to lead the people of Israel and the obedient Gentiles.

Nowadays, in the age of rationality and hate laws, such hurtful assessments are forbidden, but our souls are old-fashioned Jungians and they still interpret thunder and lightning as a sign from above. The symbols have a meaning and carry a message, whether we like it or not. If you are conditioned to reject any spiritual interpretation, think of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming of the Bible, the book you and your parents and grandparents had been exposed to. “A meeting in Jerusalem” are trigger words, not only to believers, but also to all-denying crass materialists. In plain words, prophecies we are aware of tend to be self-fulfilling.

The messianic expectations run high in Jerusalem. A few days ago, when the Israeli Jerusalem Day (the anniversary of the city’s conquest in 1967) coincided with Muslim Laylat al-Qadr (the most importkushant feast at the end of Ramadan), the Jews went to the courtyard of al-Aqsa Mosque to pray there. Usually Jews aren’t allowed to enter the courtyard in the last week of Ramadan. After skirmishes, Israeli soldiers raided the Mosque. “Hopefully soon, we will pray there, in our sacred place”, said Miri Regev, a religious Zionist and a popular minister of culture in Netanyahu’s government. These words were understood in expectation of the Mosque’s takeover, its destruction and erection of the Jewish temple in its stead.

The Trilateral Meeting fits very well into the scheme of these expectations. Open public meeting of this unprecedented sort will be interpreted as the superpowers’ support for the takeover and of the Gentile submission. The US representative at the meeting is Mr John Bolton, a zealous Zionist, a man obsessed with his adoration of Jews, who is likely to say anything to please his Israeli audience. He is known to have a serious influence on President Trump, and he had been described as his ‘minder’, selected by the spooks to control the flamboyant President.

The Russian representative is Mr Nikolai Patrushev, an old friend of Mr Putin. He inherited the top position in the Russian Intelligence (FSB) after Putin had left it to begin his ascent to the Presidency. He is considered a dull man of limited vision and imagination who usually reads his speeches verbatim. He is not known for improvising, fast thinking or negotiating abilities. This is good. An improviser can be carried away when it is the last thing that is needed. Patrushev will stick to the script, his colleagues say. In the Russian Foreign Office, the diplomats are unhappy with the choice, but they would be unhappy with anybody who is not a career diplomat.

Israelis guess and hope the meeting could lead to major re-alliance of Russia, to Moscow’s shifting to the Israeli-US side against Iran. This is extremely unlikely. Russia is friendly to Israel, and it wants to make friends with the US, while observing its own national interests.

Last week, at ‘Russian Davos’, St Petersburg Economic Forum, President Putin reiterated the main points of his memorable Munich Speech. He voiced seven complaints leaving no doubt he is unhappy with American heavy-handedness, with the US attempts to weaponise the dollar, Google, Facebook and knowhow as in case of Huawei. “States that previously advocated the principles of freedom of trade, fair and open competition, started speaking the language of trade wars and sanctions, blatant economic raiding, arm twisting, intimidation, eliminating competitors by so-called non-market methods,” – he said. This is not the language of a man who waits for a cue to join the US entourage.

Still, there are other, less pleasant signs.

  • The ‘Russian Bolton’, Mr Eugene Satanovsky, the head of pro-Israeli think tank, a former head of a Zionist Jewish body and a frequent commentator on Russian TV had been appointed an adviser to the Russian Defence Minister Mr Sergey Shoygu. His nomination came directly from Kremlin and surprised the ministry officials.
  • A prominent Russian churchman, Fr Chaplin, expressed his satisfaction with Israeli control of Jerusalem, in a column in the Nezavisimaya Gazeta.
  • At the same time, the Russian S-300 did not respond to Israeli bombing runs in Syria.

It appears Israelis had tempted the Russians into the ambitious meeting by promising to take the US sanctions off Russian back. It is doubtful Israel can deliver on such a promise to start with. Putin is a very experienced statesman, and he won’t accept a US promise in lieu of full delivery. Not after the Hanoi failure of Trump-Kim talks, and not before that, either. Anyway, Putin would like to be un-sanctioned, but not at the price the US asks.

Israelis want to neutralise Iran, as the Islamic Republic is the only remaining defender of the al-Aqsa Mosque. Amman, ar-Riyad and other Arab capitals will not fight Israel, if Netanyahu were to destroy the Mosque. The Palestinians will fight, but they have no weapons. The last Jewish victim of a Palestinian attack had been wounded by scissors. Iran has weapons and cares for the Mosque. Can Netanyahu convince Putin to neutralise Iran, or pressure Iran to stay away from Palestine? It would be a major feat worthy of a magician.

And now we come to the important point. Instead of receiving two superpower envoys in splendour as [almost] the King of Jews, Bibi Netanyahu will meet them as the head of a transitional government facing new elections and a possible trial. In such a status, it is hard to convince your banker to give you a loan to buy a new car, let alone convincing Putin to switch alliance and Trump to deny Christ.

In the same time, the baby-faced son-in-law Kushner had planned to execute his (and Trump’s) Deal of the Century. Even an impregnable Trump and unassailable Netanyahu would have a great difficulty to make this trick. Trump facing impeachment and Bibi facing elections and police investigation have no chance. Probably it is good, too. Russia and China decided to stay away. Mahmud Abbas, the PNA President, refused it, too, and this fraud’s flop will preclude Palestine from being sanctioned.

The intended deal had not been officially disclosed; all we have is a leak in a newspaper close to Bibi Netanyahu and financed by Sheldon Adelson, saying it was leaked from the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bear with me, gentle reader, and suspend your disbelieve! Though this piece of daydreaming looks like a project written by high school kids during summer vacation time, it is not particularly good-natured.

It says the US will kill (that’s right, k_i_l_l) Palestinian leaders that won’t accept it, but before, it will sanction Palestine to death and forbid all its allies to buy, sell, and donate or anything to Palestinians.

The deal envisages a permanently disarmed Palestinian entity that will pay Israel for its “protection”. All Jewish settlements remain inviolable, and are considered a part of Israel. Israel will control every arrival and departure from the entity called “New Palestine”. Jerusalem stays Jewish. Gaza will be connected to the West Bank by 30 km long bridge under Israeli control. This bridge will be paid for by … China. Desalination plant for Gaza will be paid by … Japan. If not for the threat to kill the disobedient Arabs, it would be plainly preposterous. So the demise of this bizarre ‘deal’ is not to be regretted.

President Trump understood that with Bibi facing trial and re-election there is no chance to advance on this project – or any other project. “Israel is all messed up in their election,” Trump told reporters. “They have to get their act together.” “Bibi got elected and now they have to go through the process again? We’re not happy about that,” Trump said.

Thus, the two great plans of Bibi: the trilateral meeting in Jerusalem and Deal of the Century went down when Bibi failed to form a government. These nasty plans weren’t aborted by Israeli Left, or by American alt-Right, neither by Russian Orthodox Christians. One man did it: Avigdor Lieberman, an Israeli politician, the head of a small party representing Russian Israelis. It is difficult to like him, but he sabotaged or at least postponed the advent of the Jewish Messiah, aka Antichrist.

I’d compare him with Gollum, the revolting and treacherous creature that followed Frodo in the Lord of the Rings. When Frodo had made his mad attempt to claim the Ring for himself, Gollum had saved the quest. He bit off Frodo’s finger and fell with the Ring into the Fire River of Orodruin. Even Gollum may have something yet to do, Gandalf concluded.

Lieberman wrecked Netanyahu’s coalition building not for any good and decent reason, not out of compassion for Palestinians: other way around, he wanted to bomb Gaza to smithereens; not out of hatred to corruption as he is no less corrupt than Netanyahu; his proclaimed reason (he claimed he opposed dominance of religious Jews) does not withstand examination, as he voted with the religious parties throughout all his career even against the interests of the Russian Israelis who gave him their votes. In the end he was offered everything he could want, but he insisted on a demand his voters didn’t give a fig for: let all students of Jewish Law be drafted into the army. The army didn’t want them, the Russian voters didn’t care about it, and the young Jews were adamant and ready to die rather than join the army.

He did it out of sheer spite. Netanyahu did not treat him with due respect; he felt himself used and never appreciated. In the end, he refused all tempting offers of Netanyahu and fell into Orodruin together with the Knesset.

This sheer spite seems to be the Jewish thing. The Second Temple had been destroyed out of sheer spite, (שינאת חינם) the Talmud (Yoma 9b) says. R. Yohanan (BT Gittin 55b) spreads the whole story of Kamtza and Bar Kamtza, whose wanton enmity caused the war with Rome and eventual destruction of the Temple. R. Yohanan b. Torta (PT, Yoma 4b (1:1) improved on them saying the Second Temple was destroyed due to love of money and wanton hatred.

Love of money and wanton hatred of Israeli leaders played out again, arresting a very dangerous development in the nick of time. Probably building of the Third Temple has been delayed, as has happened many times in history. The most memorable occasion took place in the days of Julian the Apostate who allowed Jews to rebuild the Temple; they began to build it but an earthquake had demolished the unfinished building. Lieberman had been less spectacular than the earthquake, but equally effective.

For the readers dissatisfied with the simple explanation of sheer spite, I can offer another version rumoured in Israel. They say Lieberman did it following wily Putin’s orders. Putin was not keen to be pushed by Netanyahu and Trump to act against Iran; he didn’t want to quarrel with these two leaders either. He activated Lieberman and torpedoed the new Netanyahu’s government. Se non è vero, è ben trovato. If it is not true, it is a good story.

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This article was first published at The Unz Review

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