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The New Year Gift

No US Presidency is complete without the White House South Lawn peace-making ceremony for Jews and Arabs. The first was Jimmy Carter raining goodwill upon Begin and Sadat; then it was Bill Clinton pushing Arafat and Rabin together; and now we have Donald Trump beaming proudly at Bibi and ABZ (Abdullah bin Zayed of UAE) as they sit before him. It is an excellent photo-op and a potent symbol. “US President saves Jews from Savage Arab Fury”, or “Pax Americana makes Peace between Nations”. It could bring the Nobel Peace Prize; it has electoral value; it will go down into the history books. Coming just after the opening of the first Muslim state Embassy in Jerusalem (Kosovo), it has turned Trump into a major peacemaker and a great benefactor of Jews, for Israel paid nothing for this achievement.

For peace with Egypt, Israel paid with Sinai; for Arafat’s agreement, Israel authorized the creation of the Palestinian National Authority (PNA); for the last deal, nothing at all. Unless you count its kind permission for the superpower to sell its jets to the UAE, or their postponement of the Jordan Valley annexation, something Bibi was keen to put off anyway. A great achievement for Israel, no doubt.

It is a wonderful gift for the Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanah coming Friday, but there is precious little joy in the air in Israel. The ceremony, broadcast in full on Israeli TV, brought little cheer or comfort to the Israelis. Exactly on the eve of Rosh Hashanah on Friday, the Jewish state will return to the total incarceration of the lockdown. The schools will remain closed; people will not be able to venture more than 500 meters from home. Restaurants and shops will be shut down. The Med will be declared out of bounds, despite clement weather and warm water.

Israel is to become the first nation to go into their second corona lockdown, just as Israel was the first in the Western world to enter the first lockdown. Another world’s first, and for sure other nations will follow it into disaster, as they did it first time. The professionals, heads of leading hospitals, prominent infection experts, objected; they said that there is no need for such a far-reaching measure. The head of the Rabin Medical Center said, “A full closure is not required”. This year, fewer people died in Israel than last year in the corresponding period, but the PM decided to lock down the country anyway, to spread darkness into the nations.

Meanwhile it will last three weeks, as long as the High Holidays, the sequence of autumn feasts starting with the New Year continuing with the Day of Atonement and terminating with the Simchat Torah. This year the Jews won’t have the feast; Jewish families won’t assemble around festive tables dipping apple in honey to ensure good and sweet year. They won’t gather at all, as their Covid officials forbid getting together, barring even leaving their homes except for a hasty trip to the nearest shop.

The observant Jews of Israel are against lockdown anytime, even more so at the Jewish holidays, especially at the most important holidays of the Jewish year. They valiantly fought the police during the first lockdown. As the cabinet ruled to introduce the second lockdown, the Orthodox Jewish minister Yaakov Litzman resigned from the government. The new Minister of Public Security, ex-ShinBet (Israeli FBI) agent, the first openly gay cabinet member, Amir Ohana promised to strong-arm lockdown refuseniks into compliance.

This year the Jews of the Holy Land won’t blow Shofar’s horn and they won’t hear the Kol Nidrey prayer releasing them from sins past and forthcoming. Even in the days of the Inquisition, Jews were allowed to observe the commandments. Not so now. The synagogues will be locked, with max 10 believers in attendance. It means the vast majority of Israeli Jews won’t be able to go to the synagogue for Yom Kippur for the first time ever in known history.

The Corona Tsar of Israel, Ronnie Gamzu, is not satisfied with locking Israeli synagogues. Many thousands of Jews from Israel, the US, and elsewhere celebrate the New Year in the Ukrainian town of Uman, where a charismatic mystic Hassidic Tsadik, Rabbi Nachman of Uman, is buried. He taught that by celebrating Rosh Hashanah with him, one fulfils all the commandments at once. Ronnie Gamzu called the Jewish president of the Ukraine, Mr Zelensky and demanded that he forbid Jewish pilgrimage to Uman. Zelensky immediately granted his request and thousands of Jews suddenly found themselves on the wrong side of the Ukrainian border as Ukrainian guards blocked their passage.

The Jews stuck in the bogs on the Belarusian side of the border raised hell and called Netanyahu. He said he never told anyone to stop them; it was entirely the initiative of Gamzu, who had acted outside of his writ. This pathetic story exemplifies the Israeli Corona official’s attitude to faith – they are ready to go far, very far indeed just in order to stop people from getting together and praying to God Almighty. “If you find yourself surrounded by police,” said a Jewish father to his son in the Nazi-occupied Poland, “Go to the German policeman and beg, he will let you out. If there is no German, go to a Pole or Ukrainian; your last bet should be the Jewish policeman for they are very conscientious”, thus spoke Jewish folklore.

It appears that the obscure force (let us call it Factor X) behind the officials, behind the Covid pandemics and lockdowns, is nothing less than a hatred of God and organized religion, be it Christian (they forbade Communion in many countries), Muslim (they banned the Hajj), and in an unusual twist, even Judaism. Usually the Jews are exempt from anti-religious bias because even the strictest atheist is Jewish by birth and saves his hatred for Christ and Allah. Not in this case; our Factor X is an equal opportunity hater. It is a super-Grinch: the Grinch stole Christmas, but Factor X stole Christmas, Eid el Fitr and Yom Kippur in one go.

It is particularly hard on the old men who are thus sentenced to die lonely deaths. Haim Ramon, former health minister of Israel, proposed to lock down everyone over 65 until next summer. “They can see their grandchildren from a distance in the open air once a week,” he proposed. Let us overlook the cruelty of his proposal for the elderly, but his objective fits well with Factor X’s hatred of faith. Old people are the living transmitters of tradition to the younger generations. Stripped of our elders, in concert with the deliberate closure of all the houses of worship, our religious tradition may well die out, and our children will grow up in a godless world, without mercy or grace.

In England, the government has already promised a grim Christmas; people are forbidden to “mingle” on the streets and in the parks; citizens are encouraged to snitch on their neighbours who break the notorious “rule of six” – that is, more than six persons can’t be together inside or outside. Thus two couples with two kids each stopping to chat in a park will be arrested for law-breaking, cheerfully announcedPriti Patel, the Home Secretary of the proud Brits. The church-goers will have to observe “social distancing” and services are expected to conclude as quickly as possible, with worshippers encouraged to leave “promptly” afterwards. No wonder that the Archbishop of Canterbury, the “Pope” of the Anglican Church was horrified and asked the government to reconsider.

All that terror has been unleashed despite the obvious success of the Swedish way, for Sweden avoided the lockdown and now they have no “second wave”, (whatever that means), and they have had fewer sick and dead patients than any of their Nordic neighbours. It seems that the arrangers of the “pandemics” want us to suffer. Who are they, besides being sadists and Satanists? Why should we continue to treat the creators of the virus and the promoters of the punitive measures as two separate entities? Are our lockdown experts lucky opportunists who stumbled into their life’s work, or did they create the circumstances of their success as well? Shouldn’t we follow Occam’s Razor and consider them one entity? Should we not consider that the virus might have been created and seeded by the very entities enjoying the results?

We may be reminded here of 9/11, when the people behind the attack were probably the people who enjoyed the fruits of the War on Terror, including the displacement of 40 million Middle Easterners, the refugee crisis in Europe, the destruction of Iraq and Afghanistan, the global narcotics trade, the US Patriot Act, massive surveillance, the rise of Israel and the fall of the Arabs. The introduction of the scapegoats, namely of Osama bin Laden’s gang of cave dwellers, makes no sense in hindsight. Likewise, the story of the bat-eating Chinese seems superfluous in the progress of the global Covid regime. It makes sense to unite the perpetrators of the virus attack and the enforcers of lockdown, and to consider them as one entity, our Factor X.

We observe that Factor X wants to separate and isolate us, for religion, feasts and family gatherings unite people. ‘No Man is an Island,’ said John Donne, a man of the cloth himself, but Factor X wants us to be on separate islands in a vast ocean. It is plausible that it wants humans to die out, as a breed; to cease reproducing; to commit suicide, to have no hope, no God, no neighbour to love.

Who Done It?

What is this killjoy Factor X? Could it be China, releasing a virus and then pioneering the lockdown as the shining model of dealing with it, in order to undermine Western economy? It is unlikely that China could be able to influence Western minds to such an extent. They may make iPhones, but their impact on Western discourse is next to nil.

Our own Ron Unz in his recent piece connected Factor X with the Cold War between the US and China. He cautiously dismantled the case against China. While the national health authorities in China only learned of the growing Wuhan disease outbreak at the very end of December, in late November a unit of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) had already distributed a secret report describing a “cataclysmic” disease outbreak taking place in Wuhan. It means the Chinese could not possibly be guilty, while the DIA’s early knowledge implies a very sinister conclusion. In the words of Ron Unz, “Unless our intelligence agencies have pioneered the technology of precognition, I think this may have happened for the same reason that arsonists have the earliest knowledge of future fires.”

The intelligence agencies could be evil enough to release the deadly virus upon the world. They could be silly enough to overlook the possibility and probability of the virus smiting their own people. They could be coarse enough to disregard this probability. They could facilitate arrival of a sick Iranian businessman (his name is known to Iranian services) from Wuhan to Tehran. But it is hard to imagine they could force lockdowns, press the IMF and WHO to support this plan, organize massive fake reports, and fight religion and God. I respect (if this is the right word) the spies for what they are, but I consider they would be out of their depth in an enterprise of such magnitude. They could do some parts of it (poisoning the wells, employing their spying applications), but the whole thing is too big for them.

Our friend Gregory Sinaisky in a long piece wonders who could fabricate the pandemics and why. He turns to media campaign as the key element of the mega-event, and asks, “Is there somebody out there who is capable of organising a world-wide media campaign supported by governments and international organisations?” and he answers: “Yes, we can be sure that such players exist because we have a recent example of one such media campaign that was clearly artificially created. Coincidentally, this campaign was also aimed at convincing the population that we are in immediate danger, and that it will require drastic measures to save us. I mean, of course, the Greta Thunberg campaign.”

This is an astute observation. Greta Thunberg’s campaign is indeed the precursor of Covid, though on a much smaller scale.

Sinaisky blames the false pandemics on “US plutocrats [who] conveniently control most of the world’s media and have a huge network of ‘charitable’ foundations and affiliated NGO institutions all over the world. This network has been used for generations as a tool for influencing media, educational institutions, governments and international organizations, for social engineering and ideological control… We will simply call all the foundations, together with think tanks and NGOs, the Plutocratic Influence Network.”

Do the US plutocrats (that is, the American über-wealthy) control all that? I think they would be amazed to learn that, especially “for generations”, bearing in mind that the US was not a very significant factor before the WWI. In my view, the rich are not that smart. But the network exists; I have called its obscure controllers The Masters of Discourse.

Sinaisky claims that they brought the pandemics upon us because of the high debt problem, or by their inability to continue colonial plunder. Alternatively, a notable commenter to his text suggests that it was done because of overproduction of capital. In other words, the bank-lending rate is so close to zero, or even negative, that the whole machinery of capitalism was deluged in a flood of capital, and needed a major war, or indeed a global pandemic, to use it up.

Finally, Sinaisky claims that “atomization of society, breaking up community solidarity, eroding all non-monetary connections between people, destroying family relations and weakening blood ties, is a long-standing plutocratic project. Now, using this fake pandemic, the plutocrats have gone even further, now they train us to see each other not as friend, not as brother, not even as a source of profit, but mainly as a source of mortal infection.” I wonder what makes him think that is an object of plutocratic desire? Certainly rich people want to make money and have more power, agreed. Is it necessary for them to atomise society? Who will they and their kids socialize with in such a ruined world?

I am not sure that there is a human agency with such goals. A non-human factor is a much more suitable culprit. In the old days, such a culprit was called Satan, and there were mighty organisations aka churches that fought Satan. In a charming movie, Luc Besson’s Fifth Element, ‘Love’ defeats ‘the Shadow’, the personified evil that was about to obliterate Earth. Call it Satan, call it Shadow, the thing surely has human collaborationists in the mainstream media. I wrote about it in a piece called The Shadow of Zog. Indeed media should be sorted out in order to deal with it.

Sweden, this lucky country that avoided lockdown and its consequences, was saved by a rare media misstep. (This story has never been published though it is known to many Swedes.) Corona propaganda was carried out by the same liberal Bonnier-owned newspaper, DN (Dagens Nyheter), that played up Greta Thunberg. (Sinaisky’s senses served him right: indeed Covid is a new Greta multiplied by a factor of 50). The Greta campaign had as its favourite high horse flygskam, or flight-shaming. Stop taking flights to lower carbon emissions, was the idea. Now we have no flights at all, so this movement disappeared after achieving its goals.

In February 2020, the DN organised a week-long sleeper train culture trip to North Italy for the Greta-following liberal elite. A berth on this train was priced starting at ten thousand Euros. The group went up to the Italian Alps and down to the Carnival in Venice and finally returned home, full to the brim with interesting experiences and coronavirus infections. A few days after the train returned to Stockholm, the disease broke out at large. Many of the liberal journalists that travelled on the Corona Express (as the train became known) fell sick, and their close relatives suffered, too. This incident caused the death of many elderly Jews, parents or uncles of those liberal journalists. It was a media phenomenon, and the Jewish media reported that the death rate among Swedish Jews was 14 times higher than their share of the population (well, it is not as bad as it sounds; only nine very old Jews died, all over 80).

As the people in authority knew all about the Corona Express, the liberal lobby was too ashamed to call for quarantine against the disease they has carried to Sweden. (Or they did call, but in sotto voce.) Furthermore, the DN was their only significant liberal media outlet, as Bonnier had sold his TV channel to a state-owned company in December 2019, making heaps of money but losing his ability to influence people. Because of this freak combination of forces, Sweden left its health policy in the hands of local professionals and remained free, while its neighbouring countries transferred the responsibility to globalist politicians and embraced quarantine.

Thus the liberal Blairite media (beginning with the NY Times and the Guardian) played a key part in the Corona crisis. They were the piper; but who ordered the piper? In my view, it was a non-human agency.

I have no problem calling it ‘infernal’, but many people would rather die than admit such a possibility; they should feel free to consider it an involvement of a more advanced civilisation that has decided to curtail human presence on our planet. Choose the theory you prefer: aliens, AI, VR, computer simulation.

Actually, there is a scientific… proof it is not, rather support for Intelligent Design. An old (he is 90) Russian scientist Simon Shnoll, for fifty years recorded and analysed the white noise background signal of the world. (Probably the USSR was the only place in the world where such investigation could be entertained. Who else would pay for such useless research for half a century?) In a “real” infinite world, the white noise would be perfectly random; in a “designed” world the signal randomness would begin to show a pattern, for no random generator could produce an endless sequence of random signals. He published his conclusions in this report (PDF in English, or PDF in the original Russian). It is not easy reading, but Shnoll discovered that the universal white noise is not truly random; there are peculiar correlations that can’t be explained if our world is as we are being taught. It is not conclusive, but his disciples claim it to be evidence that we live in a computer-designed world.

A virtual world sounds probably even more hopeless than an Angelic world. However, as an eternal optimist, I believe in the human ability to cheat any adversary, be it Satan or AI or any of the more advanced civilisations. Last month, I travelled in Russia, and I discovered a country where the vast majority does not give a damn about Covid requirements. They carry their masks in their pockets to put on while entering a house, and immediately take it off. The fine art of sabotage is our best response while dealing with our cruel master, the Factor X.

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This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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