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The Pink Revolution and How to Beat It

Colour revolutions usually occur only in the countries blessed with a US diplomatic presence. You need an American embassy to find the perspective ruler to be uplifted by a human swell and placed on the throne; you need an American embassy to bring in enough cash to cover expenses of the organised mayhem; you need an American diplomat to protect the revolutionaries and to order the present dictator to desist. Could it be that there is now an American Embassy in America?

The Great American Colour Revolution marches on. The script is very similar to the ones they have used overseas. Usually it includes toppled monuments. The pro-American forces toppled monuments to Saddam Hussein in Baghdad, to Felix Dzerzhinsky in Moscow, to Vladimir Lenin in Kiev, to the Russian soldier-liberator in Tallinn and Warsaw. And now the trend came back home to America like a boomerang, with toppling Confederate statues.

This is not meaningless vandalism, but a symbolic declaration of victory. The victorious side topples the monuments of the defeated. And the defeated spitefully grumble, but can’t do anything. However, watch their hands: everywhere and every time, the colour revolutionaries choose some dated memorials of little importance to the majority. This is a difference with real revolutions, where actual symbols of power go down.

A real revolution in France 1789 destroyed the Bastille, a real revolution in Russia 1917 destroyed the Tsar’s statues and took over the Winter Palace. A real revolution in the US will probably take over the Federal Reserve and topple statues of recent presidents. But colour revolutions are fake, faux-revolutions, so they choose an easy target. Lenin in Kiev, or Lee in Charlottesville were sitting ducks. Lenin’s cause had been defeated in 1990, a quarter century ago, while the cause General Robert Lee fought for had been defeated over 150 years ago. A lot of people are rather upset by their removal, but very few people would care enough to take up arms and defend them. It is a PR action, and a very effective one.

The wonderful Steve Sailer wrote: “The American deep state has taken down various opposing regimes via the mechanism of a Colour Revolution.” This is a good reading, but not a sufficient one. The force behind the colour revolutions, including the present American one, is not an American force, not even the American deep state, but a global one, serving the globalist elite and the shadowy world government. Until recently, they used US power for their ends, now they successfully fight the rising Golem of the United States as they fought much a weaker Ukraine or Sweden. “Golem, know thy place” is the incantation used by the Wizard of Prague, the creator of the Golem, in the medieval Jewish legend. This spell suborns the creature.

People close to power in the US know or feel the global hegemony. Its bearers are heavily Jewish liberal groups, who use their PC, their hostility to the Church, their approval of gender flux in order to undermine the mind and mentality of an ordinary American, of a redneck, of a working class Goy (as in the Goy, Bye headline). They ceaselessly tease and annoy this goy, in order to cause his premature acts of rebellion to be easily squashed. In order to spite the worker, they even put on the latest aircraft carrier only toilet bowls and no urinals ‚ to make it more comfortable for supposed transgenders and to enrage the rednecks.

The world globalists received a serious blow when their candidate Hillary Clinton lost the election, but they didn’t waste time and immediately mobilised for a fight. They aren’t going to give up hegemony. Practically all the media, judicial system, Congress, intelligence services are in their hands. Charlottesville provided an occasion to show rednecks in whose hands rests hegemony.

Hegemonists have their own storm troops – Antifa. This extremist movement was born in Germany. There they walk on the streets on the anniversary of Dresden bombings with Israeli flags and chant: “Death to Germany! Long live Bomber Harris” (the British commander of the Air Force, a big fan of the carpet bombing of Germany). They managed to terrorize the Germans: as soon as someone objects they call their opponent a Nazi and beat him up. And if they encounter resistance, the police comes to the rescue. That’s why in Germany resistance to the mass inflow of migrants was almost imperceptible. It is spoken about in the kitchen, but not on the streets.

And now Antifa came to America. They have the same mode of action as in Germany. Whoever is against them is a Nazi, or a “white racist”. They proved their mettle in Charlottesville, the city blessed with the Jewish mayor who chose the city police. Many Jewish activists came to participate, from as far as Boston. After the scuffle, the newspapers raised a hue and cry: Nazis attack Jews!

President Trump condemned both sides participating in the brawl‚ both white nationalists and Antifa. It is exactly what his opponents were waiting for. His attempt to stay above the brawl was doomed to defeat: liberal hegemonists immediately branded him a racist and neo-Nazi. Trump reminded them that not all defenders of the monument were white racists, but this argument didn’t work.

The public response to the dog-whistle “racist” was overwhelming. The Jews responded first. Rabbis said they do not want Trump to telephone them and greet them with the forthcoming Jewish High Holidays. 300 Jews, former Yale classmates of Mnuchin, the treasury secretary, imploring him to resign. (Aren’t there too many Jewish alumni in Yale? What about some diversity?)

A known Jewish writer Michael Chabon called upon Ivanka to kill her father, by magical means of going into full mourning for a still living President. Jews believe this should kill a living man as sure as a bullet. Chabon’s hysterical screed must be read to be believed. “Now you know [Trump is] an anti-Semite — a Nazi sympathizer, a friend of the Jew-hating Klan,” he declared. And more and more Jews came in calling to impeach Trump the racist and anti-Semite.

However, non-Jews meekly followed while Jews played them like a fiddle. Industrialists resigned from the presidential council, generals issued a rebuke to their Commander-in-Chief, thousands of non-Jews participated in marches and demonstrations against “white racists”. In short, Jews played as a team, and they dictated the rules. Very, very few persons offered a learned defence of Trump. They would be ostracised, if they did, and Trump proved he is not going to stand for his friends. If his position on Flynn didn’t make it clear, his dismissal of Bannon supplied the sterling proof.

In the present political climate, you are not allowed to speak against the hegemonist view. If you do, you are a white racist, i.e. your opinion is not simply rejected, but it is declared as an unlawful and inadmissible view. This is what hegemony is: when an opposed view is delegitimised.

One can argue for racism (it is anyway better than greed, a mortal sin; it is a natural defence of a tribal territory), but it is a hard way, and quite futile. Before Trump the Racist, there was Trump the Russian Spy, and he was preceded by Trump the Pussy Grabber. New reasons for impeachment will be found, surely.

It is easier to turn the racism weapon against the adversary, for the Jewish adversary of Trump is as racist as any KKK member is likely to be, or worse. Last week it became known, that in Israel, Jewish settlers established a road sign saying: “The area where you are located is under Jewish control. The entry of Arabs is absolutely forbidden and constitutes a mortal danger to you!” You couldn’t find such signs in the Deep South even in Jim Crow days! Was there any response from “antiracist” American Jews? (This is a rhetoric question).

One issue of a Jewish newspaper daily would supply you with sufficient amount of Jewish racism exemplified. Here is a Rabbi calling to exterminate goyim (like vermin they are), here are Jews stealing Palestinian land, here are Jewish judges who approve of a obvious thievery as it delivers Christian houses into Jewish hands.

Is it something Trump doesn’t know? If he knows why doesn’t he use it for his defence? This is not a rhetoric question. The answer to it is that he decided to ally with the Zionist Jews against Liberal Jews. This is the method tried by the Far Right in France, Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden. Perhaps it was useful for a while (to get access to the mainstream media) but like every immoral device this one has a limited shelf life. Zionists are a hedging fund of the Jewish People, betting against the governing paradigm. They can’t endear you with the owners of mass media, their status at the World Government is dubious to the extreme. Zionist Jews can – for a while – defend you from an accusation in anti-Semitism, but they will stab you in the back whenever expedient.

It’s not that the Zionist Jews are good for nothing. Zionists are good for one thing. They are excellent for revealing the hidden Jewish racism. Palestinian activists – and there are Jews among them, too – can explain that to the Americans. Alison Weir’s book and site are called If Americans Knew, and it is built for such a purpose. Norman Finkelstein can add to that, and so can quite a few Jews and non-Jews with experience of pro-Palestinian activism.

It is possible to beat the Jews and their entourage in the Blame-the-Racist game by attacking Israeli racism. Actually, this is the only method that works, as the other methods do not. Bannon proclaimed his Zionism, and he ended with Goy, Bye. Richard Spencer said he loves Israel, and became a pariah. Now President Trump went down the same path leading to defeat and oblivion. American nationalists who support Zionism lose their moral superiority and get nothing in exchange.

Taking a position against Israeli racism is not only moral, it is practical and realistic. It is the way to solve the Israeli – Palestinian conflict. Demand that Israel drop its Jim Crow laws. Let the Palestinians have equal rights, the same as Jews in the Holy Land. Let them have a right to vote, equal employment, freedom of movement in the same buses as the Jews.

A separate independent Palestinian state is not good enough, especially bearing in mind that the Jews aren’t likely to grant it. Remind them that the Jewish Freedom Riders did not support an idea of separate Bantustans for the Blacks, but demanded equality for Blacks and Whites in the whole United States of America. The same attitude should be applied in Israel/Palestine. This is the solution to the problem.

If you want to troll them a bit, call for removal of a memorial for a Jewish slave-driver David Levy Yulee, who was called “the Florida Fire Eater” for his inflammatory pro-slavery rhetoric in the U.S. Senate. He resigned his US Senate seat to support the Confederacy, but his statue still stands high in Fernandia, Amelia Island, Florida, reports Michael Hoffman who notes that neither the ADL nor the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) called for it removal. This is the time to demand Florida to overturn its (year 2000) designation of Yulee a “Great Floridian”.

I’d advise president Trump: Appeal to the better side of human nature. If your fellow Americans want less racism, give it to them – by rejecting Zionism. And proceed with your agenda. I watched with great satisfaction that you laid off North Korea and referred to Jeff Bezos, your enemy. However, your Afghanistan proposal is a mistake. It will give you no kudos. It would be better to stick to the original plan, that is to cut losses and withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria before shrewd Netanyahu can embroil you in a war not of your choosing. Begin to pull back home troops and bases. Go Obama one better: demolish Guantanamo and return it to the Cubans, with the remaining inmates. Let them deal with the tenants.

It is quite unnecessary to antagonise Blacks. There is no profit in it. They are not against you, they are not against whites, they are not even against white nationalists. They are partly white, as a rule. Yes, present diversity-driven overestimation of Blacks’ contribution to the American civilisation can be annoying, especially as it is supposed to provide cover for the exceedingly high rate of their incarceration. Deal with it. There are by far too many inmates in the US Gulag. Bring their number down to the level of, say, 1970. Undo Clinton’s draconian laws. You will be called Trump the Liberator, and the main reason for artificial aggrandisement of the blacks will vanish.

A colour revolution can be defeated by being stern of purpose. You are a golfer: keep your eyes on the ball, Mr President.

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This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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