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The Throne and the Altar

FRENCH TRANSLATION: Le pouvoir juif aux USA :Le trône et l’autel

Ron Unz did it again. He published a few pieces on the Jewish Question, and caused a veritable avalanche of comments and responses. His strong point is the personal touch. It is not a lecture on Jewish faith or Jewish contacts with the Nazis, but rather a story of Unz’s own Odyssey from commonly accepted truisms to a better understanding. Along the way, Unz breaks out of the box, and we share in his discovery of unknown or well-forgotten truths.

His language is moderate, he never screams, and such peaceful delivery makes the material easier to comprehend. He did not emerge a philosemite, for sure, he is not a man who believes that everything Jews do they do for the Glory of God. He goes quite far, but he does not go to the extreme in his judgements, and this is good thing.

In the prevailing climate of Adoration of the Jew, it is good that some brave and noble persons step forward to speak truth to power and to the masses. Without going too far in history, in the beginning of the present century there were more such stubborn and reckless guys. I wrote here on WHEN VICTIMS RULE: A Critique of Jewish Pre-eminence in America, a huge internet project that regretfully disappeared from its usual place, and it hadn’t been updated for a decade at least, but it still can be found here, albeit under a Not Secure banner.

Ron Unz mentions his predecessors Professors Albert Lindemann of the University of California, Kevin MacDonald of California State University, Israel Shahak of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Elliot Horowitz, Israel Joseph Yuval of the Hebrew University and other researchers. These people of science doubted the eternal benevolence of the Jews for the Gentiles.

Unz bravely deals with the German anti-Jewish polemics of Mein Kampf, as well, and he made it available on his site. Though, if you are interested in Hitler’s thoughts on the subject, you can choose a much shorter (22 pages) and more lucid book, a discussion between Adolf Hitler and his teacher, early NSDAP ideologue Dietrich Eckart, Bolshevism From Moses to Lenin.

Unz did not get yet to the Leftist critique of Jewishness, and there are real pearls waiting for him, like Karl Marx’s On the Jewish Question, a brief (22 pages) and powerful treaty, and Abram Leon’s The Jewish Question. There is Left-Christian point of view by the wonderful Simone Weil, who famously refused to enter the Catholic Church considering it “too Jewified”, and whose Need for Roots combines Communism and rejection of mass migration.

There is a Right-Christian view of G K Chesterton and Hilaire Belloc. E. Michael Jones of Culture Wars is a contemporary bearer of the Catholic anti-Jewish tradition (His latest text had been annotated thus “Catholics and the Jew Taboo by E. Michael Jones. For more than 50 years, the Catholic Church has lost every battle in the culture wars. Sun Tzu said if you don’t know who you are and who your enemy is, you will lose every battle. The record of the Church has proven Sun Tzu right. It’s time for a different approach. It’s time to break the Jew Taboo.”)

Indeed there is no better tool against Jewish supremacy than the glorious name of Christ; but it will take time and effort for Americans to recognise that.

One of the best critical thinkers on the subject was the greatest historian of the 20thcentury, Arnold Toynbee. Any discussion of Jews and Nazis is incomplete without reference to his seminal Study of History, v.8 (can be read here). Toynbee explained why Jews want mass migration from the Third World to Europe: in a European country populated by Somali, Afghan, Syrian etc communities, the Jews will become normalcy itself. Toynbee considered Naqba, the expulsion of Palestinians in 1948, a terrible crime on a par with Nazi persecution of Jews. For his moral position, his name had been erased from the lists of recommended literature, he is not quoted anymore, and practically vanished, while ceding space to his third-grade Jewish contemporaries.

In short, there were Jews and Gentiles, leftists and rightists, who made a go at deconstructing the Jewish narrative and undermining Jewish influence. Today, there are fewer and fewer such voices; and that’s why God bless Ron Unz for picking up the torch. Hopefully he will persist where others dropped of fatigue. The Jews and Gentiles both need it, and especially in the US.

Jews and Bolsheviks

This is not to say that Unz is always right. The Russian Revolution had been allegedly perpetrated by Jewish money, and/or German money, but those claims remained in the realm of black PR. Jacob Schiff was in correspondence with Milyukov, a leading minister in Kerensky government, and an enemy of Bolsheviks in 1917. Claims that Lenin took money from German military had been disproven long time ago. Antony Sutton’s book presents the sum of these claims, and the Russians argued against it convincingly.

Moreover, there is nothing wrong about taking money from wealthy Jews. I did it. Everybody does it. Wealthy Jews give money to all parties that have some chance of success; like now in the US, they support the Reps and Dems, for Trump and against Trump.

Lenin’s attitude was simple and straightforward: take money from whoever gives, do only what you should. Lenin wouldn’t hesitate to take money from Schiff, or Rothschild, or from the Elders of Zion. He believed the capitalists will sell Bolsheviks the rope they will be hanged on. But people who tried to collect what they considered a debt of influence were promptly shot after Bolsheviks’ victory. Jews were involved on all sides in the Russian Revolution: for Lenin and against Lenin, but apparently majority of Russian Jews supported the Mensheviks, the moderate Social Democrats, who lost in 1918 to Lenin’s Bolsheviks. Bolsheviks succeeded to de-Jewify even Russian Jews: they were quickly assimilated, their language Yiddish vanished, their synagogues were decimated; they intermarried, took Russian names, many of them joined the Russian church.

Do not overestimate importance of money. Clinton had much more money than Trump, yet she lost. Bolsheviks had much less money than their enemies, yet they won. Their victory was due to Lenin’s genius, to clear and coherent agenda, to their iron will and readiness to act, and the last but not least: due to popular support by the Russia’s Deplorables.

The Jews moved from their hamlets to Moscow and Petersburg after the Revolution, and they were very visible, like Latinos in New York in 1970s, or like the Blacks after the Civil War. However, they couldn’t and didn’t take over the Russian state. The anti-Communists (“the Whites”)who had lost in the ensuing struggle blamed their defeat on Jewish intervention – like Dems blame their defeat on Putin’s Russia. In reality, they had to blame themselves.

Jewish Church

The Jews aren’t only about money. For many generations, clever Jewish kids were trained to be lawyers, theologians, priests, while second-best went for business. (The nearest comparison is provided by Brahmins of India.) And for many generations, their abilities were of little use beside arguing in the synagogue. Only in 19th century, when the Jews joined gentile society en masse, they could practice these well-honed skills on the large scale. They began to build a theocratic society, the only one they were trained to build. In this theocracy, they were supposed to be lawgivers, judges, preachers; and thus Jews took positions in the legal profession and in media, judging and preaching.

Jewish success means they succeeded to build this society, where they form the Church and the Law. On the way, they had to break the “old” Christian church, and they had to establish the supreme position of the Law, undermining the political structure of executive and legislative powers.

Perhaps the first struggle of Jews for superiority was the fight against tobacco companies. They could not pass laws against them, but they could ruin them by accepting frivolous suits against them. When the US Courts began to rule against tobacco companies to the extent of many billions of dollars, the companies surrendered. Like the abortion law, tobacco law had been given by judges, not by Congress or the President administration. It could not be done without the active support of media: the gentlemen of the press convinced the public that tobacco is bad, and that the courts act in the public interest. Since then, the Jewish church, that is media, and the Jewish courts (Jews have almost-majority in the Supreme Court and in the media) together rule the US, just like the Jews did in the Biblical times.

This arrangement is profoundly anti-democratic, and it could not but cause great dissatisfaction. This explains the nature of the current fight between President Trump and the US media and law establishment. If for a moment we overlook the Jewish aspect of the media and law, it is a struggle between the Power and the voice of critical public. This is how the media gentlemen would prefer us to see it, for a person of a free mind will side with critics of Power.

But if we take into account the Jewish aspect, we shall get a totally different picture. Trump is a spiritual heir to Henry the VIII and other great kings who had fought the Church. The Western Jewish and Jewified media is a modern Church that displaced and replaced the Christian Church in the West. And in the struggle between the Throne and the Church, a free person will rather choose the Throne.

Regarding freedom, the Jews had made a U-turn. Traditionally, the Jews allied themselves to the Kings, against the Church and against the Commons. They were enemies of the Church, and as they exploited the common folk, they needed royal protection. As they were enemies of the Church, they were considered allies to men of free spirit, who struggled to free themselves and the society from the church shackles. Films and books (notably by Umberto Eco) present Jews as the best friends of first European free-thinkers opposing the Inquisition.

The Jews did not love freedom for freedom’s sake. They wanted to become the dominant Church themselves, and to rule the spirit of the world. They made it in the US, the only country without a church of its own. The US has, instead, a lot of churches, but it has not one single church to unite the citizenry in one communion. In the competition against these splinters, the Jewish Church did win its dominant position in the society.

After achieving this historic victory, the Jews rolled the world back to pre-Christian times, to the rule of their church and their judges. The King had his power severely undermined, and democracy almost lost its meaning. Before, Jews were for freedom; now, the Jews are against it and for obedience to their rules.

The Supreme Court is the real highest authority of the United States, exactly as the Jews prefer – especially that there are three, or four Jews. Now President Trump wants to bring in a Catholic in place of a resigning Catholic, Justice Kennedy, and the Jews are upset. The old witch of California, Senator Dianne Feinstein attacked the Catholic Judge Amy Coney Barrett for her faith. They wanted another Jewish judge, and Obama nominated him; alas, the Republicans blocked his appointment, otherwise there would be Jewish majority, and they would be able to declare the US as another Jewish state by claiming that it is what the Constitution means. After they declared that the Constitution means a union of two men is marriage, or that every woman is entitled to murder her unborn child, or that the President is not allowed to stop illegal immigration, they can decide anything.

Trump does not dare to say he wants to get a non-Jew to the Court, so he speaks in terms of Liberal vs Conservative judges. Certainly it is important, but even more important to defang the Supreme Court, to force it to give up the authority it usurped.

The FRS is too independent, and also in Jewish hands. Shouldn’t Trump try to pry it away? And the Security Agencies: how many of them are being led by Jews?

Hate speech laws are a modern equivalent of medieval blasphemy laws. The Jews want to decide who can – and can’t govern. In the UK, three Jewish newspapers attacked Jeremy Corbyn, but other mainstream newspapers, ostensibly non-Jewish, also are sticking to the same tune. In the US, the Jews decided that Trump may not be president, that is unless he is doing everything Israeli Prime Minister asks for.

So indeed there is a great need to bring democracy to the US by restoring President’s constitutional powers and by severely curbing unconstitutional Jewish powers. And fine articles by Ron Unz could be a great start for this road to real American independence.

P.S. It hurts to defend a serial killer, especially for free, but the recent Monsanto case, where the rogue giant was ordered to pay up $290 million to a sick gardener, calls exactly for that. The law establishment wants to demonstrate its humaneness and responsiveness to our feelings. This is a way of good tyrants to endear themselves upon the people.

Monsanto deserves to be destroyed, but so is the tyranny of the legal establishment. The law gentlemen (and ladies) should be cut down to size, while the political decisions (and fighting Monsanto is a political decision) should be made by people and their elected politicians.

An American revolution should free people of law dictatorship; let courts decide in normal cases, normal damages, like it is done in Europe where courts never issue similar rulings, and you will be free. It is clearly absurd to decide millions to an old gardener, with all sympathy. The money will anyway be shared between lawyers, and he will get pennies.


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This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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