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Shamir-bashing is a popular pastime for supporters of Judaic supremacy on the Web, and you may find many accusations and claims about Shamir. Before writing to Shamir and asking him ‘whether it is true that…” refer to these discussions, arguments and contrarguments offering answers to the Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it true that Mr Shamir’s real name is something else and that he is actually a Swede?

Here is a letter Israel Shamir had sent to the Swedish Radio:

Dear sir/mme,

It has come to my attention that Swedish Radio has chosen to reproduce a slur against my person, which has been circulating in the deepest abyss of internet hatemongers. The slur I am referring to concerns a statement that questions my heritage and my persona. A few years ago, after receiving severe death threats I chose to get a name change in the Swedish registry. This was done in order to safeguard my private life and to manage to travel without harassments from political adversaries. A Swedish magazine (Expo) decided to use this as an opportunity to “expose my true identity”, as they claimed that I was in fact not Israel Shamir, neither an Israeli, but rather a Swede by the name that i changed to in order to avoid persecution. All of this is thoroughly documented both on my website and other places, and the issue could easily have been averted if the editors of the program had chosen to contact me by email or my phone in Israel.

I do have Swedish citizenship, as I have been married to a Swedish woman for some 15 years and also have Swedish sons. My name is however Israel Shamir, as it is written in my Israeli passport. To question my identity is in this context obviously nothing else than an attempt to discredit me.

Since Swedish Radio, as to my understanding has certain regulations regarding accuracy and objectivity I find it troubling to see that they have chosen to so obviously mislead its listeners.

I truly hope that you will take into account the statements that have been published on this topic, and once and for all discern for the Swedish listeners that a lie that is repeated a hundred times does not become reality.

Please refer to the following links as examples of available texts that the editors of the radio program could easily have accessed and avoided the embarrassment.

“I was even less impressed by Pollard’s reference to my assumed Swedish name. Next time he may call Salman Rushdie “actually a Mr Wiggins, a resident of Bienfait, Saskatchewan”. Writers’ lot is not always an easy sailing. I walk under a fatwa not less scaring than that of Rushdie, for my name is on the hit list of Jewish Defense League, and I do not intend to be as accommodating to them as Mr Pollard perhaps would like. (This comparison goes a long way, for I am not less critical to Judaism than Mr Rushdie to Islam; but Jewish assassins are more successful than their Muslim competitors, and the British readers may remember Lord Moyne and many others.) Israeli newspapers are quite critical of me, but they never published such rubbish (“actually, a Swede…”) for I am quite well known locally.”

“De Haas makes a lot of mileage out of old hat, that I supposedly do not live in the Holy Land but in Sweden, and that my name is something else. This silly stuff was first published by the ADL-financed Expo website, whose ties with Israeli intelligence were made public. Then it was republished by its sister publication of Searchlight, which proudly describes itself as a ‘Jewish antifascist magazine’. Somehow this nonsense never made it to Israel. There, the right-wing, extremely nationalist daily Maariv recently published a five-full-pages-long expose of my modest self, which included interviews with my elderly mother, a prominent member of an Israeli nationalist party, and everybody who had ever met me. But even this hostile article did not lower itself to publish such obvious nonsense. In my home in Israel, I receive visitors daily, including those from the Netherlands; I feel comfortable enough, and if I am to be tried for my betrayal of the Jewish cause, for my belief in equality of Jew and goy, I’d rather be tried in Israel than in once-Christian Europe.”



Israel Shamir




Witch Hunt



Response to claims by Sue Blackwell
Sue Blackwell is an activist and a teacher who tried to organise boycott of Israeli universities. She was surrounded by Jewish Trotskyites, spread lies about Shamir and eventually dropped this boycott idea like hot brick causing quite a lot of damage.


Webster – Blackwell
Response to claims by Nigel Perry, a full-time agent of Jewish influence who prowls the web days and nights preading lies about Shamir.


Response to Nigel Perry
Response to claims by Abunimah and Ibish


Lana Turner


Response to claims by Searchlight:

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