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Sanders Changes the Rules

You have to pay obeisance to Israel if you want to become the US President. You have to swear your full compliance with Israel's demands. You have to run to AIPAC and declare your eternal love of the Jewish state. This is a truism, like “Monsieur de la Palisse was alive fifteen minutes before his death”. Or so it was until Bernie Sanders turned the tables and changed the rules. We do not k[...]
Read in French: Bernie Sanders brise la règle du jeu

God Bless You, America!

New Hampshire is wonderful news. After many years of frustration, we see the America we would want to bless: an America that rejects the money-making machine of Wall Street and the death-churning machine of Pentagon. Both leaders of the Presidential race are good—Sanders for the Left and Trump for the Right are great, exactly what is needed, and now let the best man win, for foreigners either[...]
Read in French: Dieu te bénisse, Amérique
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