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Erdogan Consolidates His Power

Turkey is restless. President Erdogan is consolidating his power, trying to get rid of Parliament’s bothersome interference. He intends to reformat Turkey into a presidential republic, assuming the powers of an American president. He wants to be a Caliph, the people in Istanbul jest, and call him “Sultan Erdogan”. And the failed July coup has been used as the pretext for a huge purge in the p[...]
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Poker nucléaire

Si la plus grande partie de poker de tous les temps devait se terminer par une grandiose claque nucléaire, et si les survivants passaient en revue les causes de la Troisième Guerre mondiale, ils en mourraient de rire. La Troisième Guerre mondiale, ils l’auront  déclenchée pour sauver al Qaida. Oui, mon cher lecteur, l’oncle Sam a envahi l’Afghanistan pour punir al Qaida, et maintenant nous av[...]

Nuclear Poker

If the greatest poker game of all times will end by nuclear grand slam, and the survivors will review the causes of WWIII, they will die laughing. The Third World War had been fought to save al Qaeda. Yes, my dear readers! Uncle Sam invaded Afghanistan in order to punish al Qaeda, and now he started the World War to save al Qaeda. Positively a great ambivalent passionat[...]
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Les secrets de l’accord Pizza-Vodka

L’accord récent sur la Syrie, signé à Genève par Kerry et Lavrov, qui passera probablement à l’histoire comme l'accord « Pizza-Vodka » (parce que c’est ce que chaque camp a servi aux journalistes tout le temps qu’ils ont attendu les résultats) comportait cinq documents, outre les points divulgués par les deux ministres des Affaires étrangères. Les US ont insisté pour en garder secret le conte[...]

Pizza and Vodka Secrets Coming Out

The recent Syria agreement signed in Geneva by Kerry and Lavrov (probably it will be remembered as “Pizza and Vodka deal”, as the journalists have been served these delicacies by the negotiating teams during the time they had to wait for the results) beside the points disclosed by the foreign ministers included five documents. The US insisted on keeping the content secret, despite Russian ins[...]
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Moscow Snowbound, Litvinenko Poisoned, and the Syrian War

TOP NEWS: Feeling Pinch of Oil Collapse, Some Russians Take to Streets , reported The New York Times . Indeed, at that time thousands of Russians were queuing in Central Moscow. The enormous line snaked around in the park, despite frost and snow. People stood three and four hours, braving winter weather: old ladies in furs and gentlemen in greatcoats, young people in anoraks, all sort of Russ[...]
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Secrets of the Syrian War

ID1974 /
The greatest secrets: the West has no people on the ground in Syria to take over the liberated territories; the Russians still seek partnership, Erdogan has bitten more than he can chew, and ISIS is a phantom, after all.
Russians are enjoying their Syrian adventure. Twenty days after its start, their entry into the Syrian war has paid off and brought some dividends. [...]
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