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America Descends Into Virtual Night

At 78, after a prolonged illness and without recovering consciousness, Joe Biden succumbed to the Presidency. The last hopes of the last QAnon believers vanished like smoke in the night, with Biden assuming the mighty US throne. This is truly a dark day for America and for the world, as the US example will be followed by many. It is also a farewell to the real world we were brought up in. The new world is virtual, like most of the inauguration. It is virtual and dark, ruled by digital companies fronted by old and tired politicians.

The creepy voice of Biden, the voice of a dirty old man offering sweets to a nine-year-old, delivered some platitudes. Biden was greeted by the dead – by flags marking those who died of Covid – all highly symbolic: he was elected by the dead, so he owes them. They say that a man was so annoyed because his in-laws voted for Biden that he stopped visiting their graves. The King of the Dead, a character out of Game of Thrones, came to govern America on behalf of lifeless machines.

The frail old man will lead the old women. Together, they are the Gang of Four: Harris, 56, Pelosi, 80, Clinton, 73. His first days, his first acts were ominous. He donned the mask, an attribute of Death, and obliged all federal officials and civil servants to wear masks. He invited Latin America to invade the US. He opened the gates for immigrants from the Middle East. He promoted sex-change for boys and girls. He returned the US into the climate-change impending disaster of the Paris Accord. He sent more troops to Syria. He started a new campaign against Russia and sent warships to the South China Sea.

At the same time, Pelosi eliminated the words motherfathersondaughterhusbandwife from the vocabulary of Congress as ‘sexist’. Such purged language would never allow a rendering of Virgil’s miraculous prophecy (Incipe, parve puer, risu cognoscere matrem) into English, or any other sacred text. It does not matter much; in the Covid world, there will be no church anyway, no marriage, no woman or man; instead of making children locally, new Americans will be imported. Indeed, if everything else is outsourced, why stall at reproduction?

The Biden regime is just a front for the power of Big Data, of the five giants that removed Trump and installed Biden in the White House. We shall see soon whether the power-thirsty politicians will be satisfied with fronting for real power. Trump was the last wholly human statesman at the helm of the Republic, and he was defeated by the mail-in vote.

Whenever Trump complained that it is open to fraud, Bezos’ Washington Post screeched, ‘President Trump has peddled false claims or imaginary threats about voting by mail’. Three days after Trump’s removal, Amazon (owned by the very same Bezos) rejected mail-in voting for its unionising employees as the mail-in vote is notoriously unreliable. “We believe that the best approach to a valid, fair and successful election is one that is conducted manually, in-person, making it easy to verify”, said Amazon. The mail-in vote for the Presidency was a must because of the pandemic, but there is no outbreak when Amazon employees try to join a trade union.

Likewise, the looting of BLM was ‘largely peaceful’, but selfie snapping in the Capitol was a work of ‘internal terrorists’. The victors are so dishonest, that I feel pity for Trump – and for all of us.

I do feel pity for Donald Trump, though his last days in the White House were anything but inspirational. He did not dare to pardon people who went for him into the Capitol, he didn’t pardon Assange or Snowden, but surprisingly he pardoned a whole lot of Jewish cheats. The Jerusalem Post published the list of prominent Jews he pardoned. On the list is an Israeli spy runner Aviem Sella who was responsible for Jonathan Pollard; the rest are dishonest machers like Sholam Weiss (who stole US $150 million, sentenced to 850 years) or Eliyahu Weinstein (stole up to $200 million, sentenced to 24 years). See also a detailed analysis here. A devout believer in the demonic power of Jews, Trump had thought to make up to them to avoid their anger. In vain: there are already plenty of cases against him, from potential tax fraud to sexual assault allegations. A legal storm is brewing and Mr Trump may not be able to weather it as he has done in the past, say the US federal prosecutors.

He could be lucky to avoid prison; unless he asks Mr Putin to lend him his excellent if uncompleted Gelenjik Palace. On second thoughts, perhaps the palace was built for exactly such an occasion.

The Jews do not need him: they have very strong positions in the new administration, while gratitude is not a renowned Jewish trait. The Jewish news agency JTA boasted of the Tribe’s achievements: the State Department, CIA, National Intelligence, Homeland Security, NSA, Treasury and in addition “Nine Jews are in the new Senate (including the new Majority Leader) and 25 in the House of Representatives, making up more than 6 per cent of the total Congress. That’s more than triple the percentage of Jews in the general population. There are also two Jews out of the nine justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.”

This is not a good sign: Jews are good when allied with the oppressed. Then they use their energy to promote the cause of the downtrodden. While at the top, they oppress more vigorously than anybody; ask the Palestinians, if in doubt.

Mind you, I do not subscribe to the idea of Jewish supremacy and massive IQ. The all-Jewish country of Israel is devastated by three lockdowns, by the biggest vaccination drive in the world (86% already vaccinated), by an ongoing civil war of Zionist power against Orthodox Jews who refuse lockdown and vaccination; by the forthcoming fourth national elections, as liberals incessantly try to remove the Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu saying he is Israel’s Trump. This week, Israel’s only remaining international airport was closed down; the people were told nobody would get out at least until the summer. In this small country with its huge density of population and poor housing it feels too much like a ghetto for comfort.

If Jews were as clever as they think they are, they would not get themselves into this no-win Covid war. The Swedish way remains the only way to deal with it, as a recent study has proven beyond all possible doubt. Israeli Jews have been whipped into such a degree of Covid hysteria that there is no way to get out of it. Now they, and the Brits were told that “having a coronavirus vaccination is not a licence to abandon lockdown”. Even if all will be vaccinated, the masks, lockdowns and social distancing will be with us forever, if the people who decide now remain in power, because Covid is just a justification for the Great Reset, or Digital Revolution, or the Brave New World or whatever you call it. Jews got convinced and convinced others, and now they are being screwed up like everybody else. If lockdown is a punishment meted out by the global force, as C J Hopkins says, perhaps it is Netanyahu’s retirement they want to obtain.

The Jewish cause works fine when allied with the wishes of the real power. They could remove Jeremy Corbyn for his alleged tolerance of antisemitism because the bosses hated his plans to improve the lot of the workers and cut military spending. But Jews have to shut up or even support Alexei Navalny who expressed his dislike of Jews right before he learned to keep his mouth shut.

In this screenshot of his response in 2007, Mr Navalny bans somebody for being “a bugger and a kike”. Still, Jews supported him all right when told by their betters. They didn’t even mention his real anti-Jewish prejudice for they were (reasonably) afraid the Russian masses would see it as rather a feather in his cap. The Jews are in line with the obscure real power, and have to follow its demands, like the jesters before the king. The Covid plans for the world reset are more important for the Masters than Jewish sentiments, and Jewish leaders recognise that.

The Biden regime considers Russia its enemy Number One. Russia is in relatively good shape. Russians are on their way out of Covid mass hysteria. They have begun to dismantle the Covid measures. The rules are still there, but people sabotage them as they sabotaged Brezhnev’s rules. They also have their own vaccine Sputnik-V which is an old-style vaccine without gene modification, as opposed to much of the Western stuff. I do not think it is necessary for health, but it could help citizens under the spell of Covid to recover and forget the lockdown nightmare.

Things began to move very fast after Biden was installed in the White House. After a year of delays caused by US sanctions, on Monday 25/01/2021 the Russian pipe-laying vessel Fortuna resumed its work off Denmark’s shores on the undersea pipeline Nord Stream 2 to sell Russian gas directly to Europe bypassing the latest US colony, the Ukraine. The US wants Germany to stop the project and buy (more expensive) American gas instead. It would make Russia more vulnerable. Despite the sanctions, Germany refused to stop the project. At the same time, the Russians began to supply gas to Serbia creating a new line bypassing the Ukraine. At this time, the Biden regime employed the Navalny card.

The return of Alexei Navalny to Russia is part of a plan to undermine Russia. The immense power of Big Data and its social networks promoted his return as the new savior. But somehow it didn’t work. Instead of the expected tens of thousands, only one or two thousand followers turned up at the airport, fewer than for a pop singer. He was promptly detained and arraigned for thirty days. It was anticipated, and his people published his new Gelenjik Palace film together with his call to demonstrate on 23/01.

The Russian internet had been saturated by YouTube pushing people to view it. The video had been offered endlessly, time after time, and the numbers of viewers allegedly grew into the billions. It was basically a psyops played by Google (the owner of YouTube) against Putin. Again, it didn’t work.

I witnessed the demo on Saturday 23/01, and it was not particularly impressive. Being a day off, with a lot of people walking the streets and practically nobody carrying a poster or a slogan, it is difficult to estimate how many were actually demonstrating, but it was in the low thousands, as far as I could see. The police were well behaved; none of the rough justice we see meted out in Paris or Amsterdam, let alone Washington. The Navalny activists were also rather peaceful, excepting some marginal figures who were promptly arrested.

It seems that the Russians are not as silly as the Western planners expected them to be. In 1990 they, or their parents listened to Yeltsin’s calls to throw off the privileged Communist rulers because they, the rulers, had it so good with cars, dachas, Western goods. They paid for this response with ten of the most awful years our generation experienced. Now they and their children are unlikely to smash their state and their life just because their president has (or has not) a palace. We shall see what the Russian state will do against inevitable future assaults.

Putin is a cautious statesman. He does not want to aggravate relations with the Biden regime, but the digital giants do not leave him many options. A Russian company gave a hand to the Parler social network that was deplatformed by Amazon, and it came back into being. Another Russian social network, Vkontakte, began to attract Western users. And Russia is not alone: Turkey’s Erdogan hit Twitter, Pinterest and Periscope with advertising bans after they refused to follow Facebook and appoint a local representative to take down contentious posts under a new law aimed to pass the right to censure from the networks to the Turkish state. Russia plans to follow the Turks. China has its own networks and is immune to the Big Five pressure.

Now there is the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting online, where the victors will decide how to proceed with their Great Reset. Trump is not invited. In a few days, we shall know more about their plans, and whether there are any forces we can hope and cheer for. At present it does not appear there are. Despite their multiple disagreements, they agree against us, so we all can disagree with them.

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This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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