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Deep Pockets Love Lockdown

Some people enjoy isolation and self-seclusion. The Jewish billionaire David Geffen is one of them. He posted the above picture of his yacht onto Social Media saying: “Isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus, I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.” It is probably very different from your self-seclusion, and surely different from the seclusion imposed on a slum-dwelling family of five in their two-room tenement. But very rich guys are used to it. They never go to Walmart. Anything they purchase is delivered. They fly in private jets. They have never shaken hands with a stranger. They live in gated compounds. They are naturally self-isolated.

For them the lockdown brings new prosperity. If you are down to your last dollar, probably you will be cheered to learn that American billionaires added $280 billion to their accounts thanks to the lockdown, and now they are worth $3.3 trillion. They like the lockdown so much that they consider objectors to be white supremacists and ‘Nazis’, and that is the worst label they can imagine.

The emergency situation is mighty good for people in charge. They rush through regulations; grab lands; form governments; create the “new normal”, eliminate our rights, all using the virus as justification. Even though the seasonal mortality of many countries fell to below last year’s numbers, they are already threatening us with a second wave. Enough is enough, I wrote a fortnight ago, but it is still not enough for some. The world slowly, too slowly, exits the Lockdown Ice Age, for there are forces that want the fun to continue forever. Medical indications and counter-indications be damned, the objectives are political.

The medical part of the Corona crisis is not especially impressive. Now we know that the virus is with us to stay; no country can hide from it forever. Lockdown or not, some people will die, but at least they can die free. Consider the UK. They rushed into their lockdown on Dr Ferguson’s advice. Now they have more deaths than Sweden which had no lockdown at all (UK – 384 deaths per million, Sweden – 244 deaths per million). In addition, Britain is now in the throes of a severe recession, the worst in 300 years says the Bank of England, as the direct result of lockdown.

The British government didn’t have to listen to the infamous Dr Ferguson. He was wrong many times before, and he is wrong now. Look at the list of his previous recommendations:

  • In 2002, Ferguson predicted 150,000 deaths of Mad Cow disease but there have only been 177 deaths.
  • In 2005, Ferguson claimed that up to 200 million people might be killed by the Bird Flu, but only 282 people died worldwide from the disease between 2003 and 2009.
  • In 2009, Ferguson and his Imperial team predicted that Swine Flu would lead to 65,000 UK deaths. In the end, Swine Flu killed 457 people in the UK.

Why did the Brits choose this bearer of bad predictions as their guiding light? For the same reason other European countries entered the maelstrom of lockdowns, destroying their own industries and causing distress to millions: they were convinced or pressured by the global liberal media consortium, the tool of the Deep Pockets.

Why did Sweden refuse to submit? They were lucky. The liberal media of Sweden is mainly concentrated in the hands of the Bonnier family. They are extremely wealthy and powerful. They like to stress their Jewish origin, at least since 1944, when they did it to erase the stink of their collaboration with Nazi Germany. It helps them now: whenever they are condemned for controlling 80 percent of all Swedish printed media they scream anti-Semitism, and the critics disperse in shame. You may rest assured that Bonnier’s newspapers and magazines did call for the national lockdown.

But the printed media is not all that influential nowadays in Sweden compared to television. A few years ago (2005-2007) the crafty Bonniers bought TV4 for pennies on the dollar in the usual scheme of crooked privatisation. Last year they succumbed to greed and sold it back to the state (via a state-owned company) for a huge profit. The deal was concluded in December 2019. Thus the corona crisis fortuitously caught the liberal media without its own television channel; and the state defeated the printed media by using the power of their own TV4. This was the main reason why Sweden managed to stick to its free model of fighting disease without lockdown.

It was not easy; the pressure on Sweden was exceptionally strong. The MSM published thousands of articles with blood-curdling predictions of Swedes dying in droves from the virus. The Swedes were condemned for sacrificing their elderly. None of this was true, but since when does truth interfere with the propaganda machine? Now, as Sweden’s neighbours belatedly begin to open their schools, one can say that Sweden made the right choice. Even the strict WHO admitted: “Sweden represents a future model… if we wish to get back to a society in which we don’t have lockdowns”. Even the main liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz published a long feature by the prominent virologist Eyal Shahar, titled Sweden proves the world erred. Bear in mind that Israel experienced a very strict lockdown. Even the NY Times published a piece by Tom Friedman suggesting we should have followed the Swedish model.

Swedish experts think there is no other way to defeat the virus; we simply have to live with it for a long time, like we live with other viruses. Lockdown is unacceptable for any extended time; it can only postpone your encounter with the virus, unless you are able to withdraw from society as Howard Hughes did. So we must continue to live without resorting to such extremes as lockdowns.

However in the UK, like the US, the liberal mass media is all-powerful. It belongs to the Deep Pockets who are just as powerful as the Deep State. The destruction of economies, unemployment and recession are all good for the Deep Pockets. The governments will be forced to borrow or sell assets, and the Deep Pockets are quick to lend money and buy assets. All over the world, this artificially-induced recession will drive states and citizens deeper into debt, and for years to come they will be repaying the borrowed money with interest and compound interest to the Anglo-American Deep Pockets.

There was a man who could have defeated this scheme in the UK; his name was Jeremy Corbyn, but, as you know, he lost the leadership of his Labour party over antisemitism charges. And the current PM Johnson agreed to the lockdown as demanded by the Deep Pockets.

Now the peak of the virus is practically over, as is usual for seasonal diseases. However, the testing continues unabated in a self-fulfilling quest. The more you test, the more you will discover virus carriers. It is not very important, not at all relevant – indeed, Sweden avoided mass testing altogether. By confusing the terms ‘infected’, ‘carrier’ and ‘sick’, the adepts of lockdown are able to claim that the pandemic is still spreading. To improve their case, they supply pre-infected tests. Many test kits were found to be infected with corona virus to start with.

In Tanzania, they decided to test the tests by applying them to a goat, a lamb and to pawpaw. It turned out that the goat and the pawpaw suffered from corona virus, according to the tests. This anecdotal story shows that by using tests, the lockdowns may be extended indefinitely.

In the US, the Deep Pockets and the Deep State are united in their dream to unseat President Trump. They failed with their RussiaGate, they failed with their impeachment, and COVID is their last hope. They claim that he failed to save the US from the virus, that all the deaths in New York are his fault. A Boston Globe editorial said Trump has ‘blood on his hands’ over the coronavirus. Since these media campaigns are not likely to sway the electorate, they intend to so damage the economy by extending the lockdown that even the Deplorables will refuse to vote for Trump in the coming November elections.

In the US, the battle for lifting lockdowns or keeping them is basically the battle for or against Trump, though both sides use quasi-medical arguments. A Mars-based observer of Earth politics might presume that liberals would like to open, while conservatives would prefer to keep the lockdown on. In practice, it is the other way around. The liberals want the lockdown to last forever. It stands to reason: the liberals represent the wealthy elite and the white-collar workers of the new economy; they can work from home, they do not lose either money or employment while the quarantine lasts. The Deplorables, on the other hand, are likely to find themselves on the rocks.

A possible way out can be achieved by breaking the Union. There is no reason now for New York and North Dakota, for Kansas and Washington to stay united, as they have very different and antagonistic tendencies and aspirations. Some liberal states would like to stay in their lockdown dream forever; other states would prefer to free themselves from the federal yoke. This solution has long been contemplated: The New York Times once asked its readers, How would you like to live in the nation of New England?, while Californians and Texans periodically toy with the idea of independence. If Trump wins in November, the liberals are likely to split; if Trump loses, the Red states may secede. Such a breakdown would be a good solution for the Americans on both sides of the divide, and it would be a very good solution for mankind in general as it would manifest the collapse of the Tower of Babylon dreams of the globalists.

In the former USSR, a strong show of independence was made by Belarus and its defiant president Mr Lukashenko. This rather small country of ten million followed the Swedish model with very good results – 13 deaths per million as opposed to 21 per million in its neighbour, locked-down Poland. Belarus celebrated Easter with its churches open, and they had had the only VE-day parade in the entire post-Soviet space. Cautious Mr Putin allowed churches to close down on Easter and cancelled the military parade – his favourite event for the last twenty years. Prudence is a good quality in a leader, but defiance is more exciting and encouraging.

In Russia, the drive for lockdown has been led by Moscow’s Mayor Sergey Sobyanin. His strict measures haven’t been duplicated elsewhere in Russia, despite his admonitions. In Moscow you need a QR-coded pass to leave home and use public transportation system. You are not allowed to walk in the forest ‘to prevent wild fires’. A person over 65 is not allowed out at all ‘to prevent infection’ as if they are not more likely to die of lack of fresh air and exercise in their small Soviet-built apartments. Families are not permitted to take a walk with their children, though guest workers from Central Asia are allowed to work in construction and elsewhere. (Mercifully, the rigour of Russian laws is mitigated by a chronic weakness of enforcement, as the Russian author Shchedrin mused 150 years ago).

Sobyanin is also using the lockdown for his own profit: skipping consultations with the citizens, he fast-tracked a vast expropriation and privatisation of communal lands previously used for recreational purposes. He is so active in extending restrictions that many Russians suspect he is hoping to replace Putin at the helm of state. (Putin allowed mayors and governors to decide for themselves how and when to lift the restrictions.) Conspiracy-minded Russians think that Putin has already lost his power, which may be far from the truth. Perhaps Muscovites might have begun to protest, but the lockdown makes this impossible to the great satisfaction of the men in charge.

That is true of other countries as well. Like cowboys and Indians we ferociously fought, squeaking and scratching until nanny stepped in and imposed peace on the warring nations of our kindergarten. Did you notice that with the Corona Crisis, the current crop of revolutions ceased as though by a magic wand? The Gilets Jaunes do not march anymore in Paris, nor do the Hong Kong revolutionaries smash vending machines. In Beirut the strong revolutionary wave died out. In South Africa, the government banned alcohol and tobacco, but thanks to their lockdown there are no protests. In England, police broke up a peaceful demonstration for Julian Assange claiming it is against the quarantine rules. This is an additional stimulus for the rulers to keep corona crisis dragging on.

Beyond these practical and political considerations, the lockdown leads to a new lifestyle, a “new normal”. The longer the lockdowns last, the more likely this final solution becomes.

We can now see the road ahead, as mapped out by the Deep Pockets. They seem to want us locked down in individual cells, communicating through electronics. Together Alone. No marriage, no family, no religion. Just TV and online chat and free porn. Everything wrapped in plastic. Rationing, privatisation and permits will keep the streets and parks from being crowded. Every driver will be tracked, ration allotments checked, permits checked, employment status checked, politics checked, criminal history checked, use of free time checked and rechecked in real time. Abuses will be noted and will affect the driver’s monthly ration budget. The police presence will be typically invisible, relying on fees and fines to keep order. Even a bicycle will require a legal owner, insurance, permit and a tracking device.

No more travels for us. The very rich folks will regain their solitary possession of Venice, the Côte d’Azur, and all the other elite destinations so recently inundated by mass tourism. Once again they will have it as good as they had it in the 19th century. Travel is a luxury, and ordinary people do not deserve luxury. They tried to keep us away by making travel as unpleasant as possible with body searches, but it didn’t help. If this global pandemic doesn’t stop us, they are simply going to cut us off. Do you want hordes of drunken Germans, pushy Indians and inscrutable Chinese crowding your favourite beaches and hidden mountain retreats? Neither do the rich and they make the rules. We shall need a visa and a permit to go anywhere, and our tax returns must fully justify the expense. If you are not wealthy enough you’ll be refused a visa, even if you saved up for a foreign vacation like the elite do.

This tendency exists in Russia, too. The Russians stopped issuing passports and closed the borders. A Russian citizen can’t go abroad at all; dual citizens and foreigners can leave but they can’t come back. The Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Ms Zakharova said in an interview that foreign travel is for the wealthy and well-connected, not for ordinary people with mortgages to worry about (she claimed afterwards that she was misunderstood). It is not very relevant now as the majority of destinations are closed for traffic. One is not allowed even to cross the bridge from Sweden to Denmark. We shall see whether this will continue.

We are now at a historical crossroad. The choice is laid bare; and it can go many ways depending on the efforts we make today. We can end up as plastic-coated digitally-controlled nonentities; we might become test subjects for Bill Gates’ experiments with vaccines; we could burn in a nuclear holocaust, but we also can become free people. There are many ways to be free, and probably the most important thing for us is to preserve a plurality of choice. Do not succumb to the Empire, remain free. Many states, many cultures are important and necessary for the Planet Earth, just as so many compartments are necessary for a submarine. As long as this variety is preserved, we will be free to compare and decide what is better for us. Do not put all your eggs in one basket.

The point of faith – do not read it if religion disturbs you.

Beyond hard facts and scientific claims, there is the religious point of view. The first victim of the lockdown was the church. Wherever the country was locked down, so were the churches. Even when shops and factories were opened, the churches remained closed. The princes of the church collaborated with the closure. The Pope of Rome celebrated Easter alone in the St Peter, the Patriarchs of Moscow, Constantinople and Jerusalem celebrated their Easter without worshippers. The Muslims did the same: Mecca was closed, Medina was closed, al Aqsa of Jerusalem was closed. Easter and Ramadan passed by without people, as if divine service were as important as baseball.

This is probably the biggest success of Satan since the Crucifixion. It is the great apostasy, as was prophesised. We can’t possibly estimate the result of this mega-event, but certainly some of the people behind the lockdown are aware of it. It is hardly a coincidence that Bill Gates chose the number containing 666 for his patent, that he called for stamping (tattooing) all men with an invisible seal, just as the prophecy suggested.

We are not powerless. The DOJ has been mobilised by President Trump to support opening of the churches. The churches and the worshippers are meek, while its enemies are brazen. The faithful should be more insistent, unless we agree that our faith should vanish or take a very modest place next to other entertainments. The examples of Church of Sweden and the Church of Belarus prove that it was possible to observe Easter. It was our fault that it was not done everywhere.

The promotion of PornHub is a clearly Satanic quality of the lockdown. The love between man and woman as it was started by Adam and Eve is the first great mystery. The Jewish Cabbala deems it the most important. Not only are same-sex relations sinful, they damage the very structure of our world and its relation to the Almighty. Cabbalists say that the sexual union of man and woman, of husband and wife, is a mirror image of divine love. Locking people up in their homes, the prohibition of closeness, the promotion of pornography, feels like an intentional attack on a very important mainstay of humanity and its relation to God. These attacks should be halted as soon as possible so our sons and daughters will once again be able to run to their beloveds.

Opening churches and allowing people to meet and join together is not just important, it is paramount to save mankind from the second Fall.

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This article was written with the assistance of Paul Bennett and first published at The Unz Review.

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