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We do not yet know what has happened to Alexei Navalny; he is still in a medically induced coma in a German hospital. If it is poisoning, (and this is far from being certain) it is not clear yet what poison and under what circumstances he consumed it. Yet even so we are just as capable of speculating on what is “highly likely” as Mrs Theresa May, the former British Prime Minister during Skripal Affair. We must look for the usual (and politically convenient) suspects. You know the routine. A Christian baby is missing – it’s “highly likely” a Jew stole him for his nefarious rituals. A nursing mother’s milk goes dry – a witch is “highly likely” to be the problem. An enemy of the Russian authorities has fallen ill – it’s “highly likely” that Putin poisoned him.

Why wait for the medical reports when the story has already been written? The poison libel is well established. A KGB renegade Litvinenko was poisoned by Polonium-210 and expired painfully in London. Who shall we blame? Putin. (Yasser Arafat, the Palestinian leader, had been poisoned by the same radioactive material at the same time, and it was suggested that Israelis are behind it, but such details would just confuse the reader). A retired spy, Mr Skripal (who allegedly authored the Steele Dossier with its pissing prostitutes that almost derailed Trump’s presidency) was supposedly poisoned by the military-grade nerve poison, Novichok. It happened in vicinity of Porton Down, the British chemical warfare centre, but don’t let it confuse you. Let’s blame Putin.

He quickly recovered but that was just further proof (as if we need any!) that Putin and his intelligence community love non-lethal poisoning with intricate poison.

The Washington Post recently drew a litany of the poison cases: Piotr Verzilov (the Pussy Riot leader), Vladimir Kara-Murza (a dissident) et al who were allegedly poisoned, but survived. These are people so minor that you have to be desperate to attribute their stomach troubles to Putin. Still, this is used to demonstrate Putin’s evil genius rather than his incompetence. The Washington Post claims that efficiency has given way to theatricality, and that dramatic, non-lethal poisonings with exotic poisons is proof positive (as if we need any!) that Putin was behind it all.

The poison libel is a well-established media narrative. Viktor Pelevin, a bestselling modern Russian writer, included in his thriller a rogue KGB general who had been “poisoned with a rare chemical compound, which is quite easy to trace – at the end of the last century, its batch was made by the secret laboratory of the Krasnoyarsk-PromChimstroy Co” – and he falls into a coma, and after him a potential KGB traitor was “poisoned by unique poison – such a composition had been made only at the chemical plant Yenisei around 2010” and he also fell into a coma.” This was published a year before Navalny fell ill.

This intricate baroque nature of poisoning is intended to emphasize the difference between the backward Byzantine regime (they cannot even poison properly, despite all their efforts) and, say, the efficient American “Company”, which has completely mastered the ability to infect its enemies with deadly cancer, as evidenced by the late president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez. In 2011, the Latin American presidents were struck by the cancer epidemic. The ex-presidents of Brazil, Luis Ignacio Lula de Silva and Dilma Rousseff, were diagnosed with cancer. In the same year, the President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Kirchner’s husband, who also served as President of Argentina and was a friend of Hugo Chavez, had died of cancer the year before. The first Indian president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has suffered from cancer. Hugo Chavez had died of cancer, and he was certain the CIA did it. A long time before Chavez, Jack Ruby, who killed Harvey Lee Oswald, the alleged assassin of President Kennedy, died of cancer, but before his death, Ruby recounted in detail how he was implanted with a malignant tumour in the prison hospital.

The CIA is famous for knowing how to silently induce a fatal heart attack. This art has recently been employed against the healthy, vigorous Chinese ambassador to Tel Aviv. He suddenly dropped dead of a heart attack and no embarrassing questions were asked. No follow up was required. No skulduggery was even mentioned. This is how professional craftsmen operate, in contrast to (see above).

However, in the case of Skripal and Litvinenko, this fanciful method was applied to intelligence officers who went rogue. An ex-spy and the prolific author of spy thrillers, John le Carré, made the point that poisoning traitors was a Russian (and British!) favourite strategy. Alexey Navalny was/is a prominent dissident, why would they poison him? Such guys are usually shot at, like Mr Nemtsov was. Could Alexei Navalny be an employee of one of Russia’s special services? It’s surprisingly hard to rule out.

The role of the leading dissident is usually not given to a random dude, but is assigned to a reliable agent. This would explain the ease with which Alexei got himself out of difficult situations. He may be the only man in the history of Russian justice to be arrested in violation of a conditional discharge and walk free. “A conditional discharge is an order made by a criminal court whereby an offender will not be sentenced for an offence unless a further offence is committed within a stated period.” Usually a second violation activates the previous conditional sentence, and the culprit goes to jail. Not so Mr Navalny. Despite routinely breaking Russians laws, he always walked away scot free, only being held just long enough to arrange his release.

Even more suggestive is the previously unknown fact that Navalny’s wife is the daughter of a powerful ex-KGB operator and banker in charge of Russian assets in London, Mr Boris Abrosimov. Abrosimov is a colleague of the better-known ex-KGB colonel and a Russian oligarch Alexander Lebedev, the owner and publisher of a few British newspapers, and his son recently became a peer of England. Mrs Navalny (nee Abrosimov) may have had her past erased from the internet, but the story of her mighty father was leaked by the Russian socialite, Putin’s godchild Ms Ksenia Sobchak.

All this goes to confirm that Navalny is deeply connected into the murky places where Russian and Western intelligence services and their bankers forge their secret bonds and wage their secret battles.

This is a more or less solid conspiratorial theory that a suspicious person might fall back upon if dissatisfied with the mainstream “Putin kills dissidents” version. But let’s give it a pass for now and go for a less obvious but much more sensible reason.

Since the Russian poison libel has been so well established and scientifically worked out to the tiniest detail, it would be foolish not to make use of it. And indeed in the case of Alexei Navalny, the Americans took full advantage of it – in order to block the progress of the Russian vaccine Sputnik V. This vaccine is named Sputnik for a reason. Like the legendary satellite of 1957 fame, the Russian vaccine threatens to bring down the whole picture of the world, so carefully built up by Western craftsmen. In 1957, as in 2020, the Sputnik destroyed the myth of the ignorant Russian bumpkin. With a great shock, the Western elites discovered that the Russians are still able to do great and unexpected things.

Sputnik V threatens to nullify the cash profit of Bill Gates, the priesthood of the WHO and Big Pharma, who are already smacking their lips in anticipation of harvesting heaps of money at the final bell of the COVID hysteria. We are talking about hundreds of billions of dollars, about a global “Certificate of Vaccination” (the identification system ID-2020, or “the digital concentration camp”), about eternal COVID state of emergency for billions of the world’s inhabitants, about the New Normal, about the kind of annual updates that made Microsoft so hated and Gates so rich. And it all goes down the drain, because the damn Russians rolled out their cunning vaccine.

The plane with Alexei Navalny had not yet reached Berlin, but the United States had already imposed a ban on the institute producing the vaccine, and a secondary ban on the vaccine, and a tertiary ban on everyone who sells, buys or takes this vaccine under the threat of being banned from using the US dollar, disconnected from SWIFT and Twitter, from the entire American-led world. It is a threat not to be trifled with: when the US banned the Nord Stream-II, all European companies dropped the work like a hot potato despite the heavy sanctions they were sure to suffer for breaking their contracts with the Russians. They are scared to touch Iranian oil or Venezuelan money, for the US banned it.

If the choice were between the pandemic and America’s enmity, most countries and companies would promptly forget the platitudes about the suffering old people and the cruel selfishness of the maskless sceptics they have fed us with for the past six months. Let the old folks die; let kids sweat in the masks forever, but God preserve us from US fury.

This scheme may yet backfire. The American people are good and scared of COVID. They may not object to salvation coming from Russia, as the US astronauts scuttled over to the Russian compartment of the Space Station when theirs developed leakage. The pressure of US voters, the indignation of downtrodden people who are sick of muzzles and social distancing, and the fear of long awaited imminent global death might overpower the US ban. The nations of Europe and the world are already tired of these US bans and the costs they incur. The bans on Syria, Iran, China and Russia were carried out at Europe’s expense. The fight against the Russian vaccine may be the last straw that breaks the camel’s back.

In this titanic struggle for the fate of the world, for life and health, for billions of people and dollars, the fate of Alexei Navalny plays a very small part. It is a measure of the desperation of the authors of this global warfare that they have been forced to use Alexey as a lever to push back the Russian vaccine. Now his work is done. The game has started. With the US ban in place, Navalny may recover and fly to New Zealand, to settle next door to Skripal, or even return to Russia. We cannot ever really know what actually happened to him, and it does not matter any more. What is important is the vaccine.

P.S. Personally, I do not think the Coronavirus is worth the effort spent on its containment, nor do I think a vaccine is necessary. But billions of people had been agitated into a condition of hysterics, and it is not likely to pass away without a vaccine, be it even a placebo. I trust that the Russian vaccine, created by the best ex-Soviet experts, who had rid the former USSR and Eastern Europe of many diseases, is at least safer than anything Big Pharma and Fauci (of AZT fame) is going to produce, and it would not identify us and demand for an update as the Gates’ Windows do.

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This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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