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Trump’s Pilgrimage

Life is not boring with President Trump. Perhaps he hasn’t yet fulfilled many wishes of his voters, but he definitely has made their news much more entertaining. Standing a few inches from impeachment, surviving lynch by media, hunted down by rogue Republican senators, the US President broke three taboos established by his predecessors: he removed the major fear of climate change, he voided the trans-pacific and trans-atlantic trade treaties, and he undermined NATO. Those three achievements would win any president his place in the history books.

Before his unexpected electoral victory, the West was rolling towards a Brave New World, led by the United States and followed by Western Europe. Trade treaties were supposed to eliminate democracy and impose governance by major companies. The Transhuman agenda had been prepared to embark upon an audacious project of completely remaking Homo Sapiens. Our life was about to turn for the worse: with greater expenses, as heating without oil would cost more; with less income, as more immigration would lower salaries; and and with less security for workers.

Trump unhooked the US engine from this train speeding to the inferno. The European train keeps rolling on without its American engine. France celebrated a necrophiliac “marriage” of a cadaver to his same-sex (if dead men have sex) partner in the presence of former French President François Hollande. Such a pagan travesty of the natural human order would become normal all over the world, but for Trump. After Trump, this weird act remained a signifier of what could happen in the New World Order.

Trump did these great things in the aftermath of his pilgrimage to the sources of faith. He went to the Guardians of the Two Mosques. He walked to the greatest church of Christendom, the Holy Sepulchre. He visited the Jewish Wall. He had a private audience with the Pope. Afterwards, he teased the heads of the European states, incurring their hostility. At the end, he came back to his capital to be hunted again.

A man of his own will and designs, nobody’s puppet, Donald Trump had been the first ruling American president to visit the Holy Sepulchre. This great church, first built by the Queen Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine in the 4th century AD, and rebuilt by the Crusader Queen Melisende in the 12th century, harbours the sites of the Crucifixion, of the Burial and of the Resurrection of Christ. Crusades had been launched on its behalf, and its liberation from the yoke of infidels had been the best wish and dearest dream of the shining knights whose names – Godfrey of Bouillon, Tancred, Richard Cœur de Lion – are not entirely forgotten.

Usually, American statesmen stay away from the Holy Sepulchre. They go to the Jewish Western Wall, for a photo op that will do them a lot of good with their Jewish voters or supporters. Trump began his pilgrimage in the Holy Land with the Church, where he had met with the Latin and Orthodox Patriarchs and only afterwards, he went down to the Wall. Moreover, he refused Netanyahu’s request to let him accompany the President. “The Wall has nothing to do with the state of Israel – it is a part of East Jerusalem, a part of Palestine”, his people said to Israeli officials. His visit to East Jerusalem and to Bethlehem hadn’t been presented to the Israeli Foreign Office nor of Israeli government. Thus he stated in the visible form that the Church is more important for him, that despite his positive attitude to the Jews, he is not their obedient servant.

His audience with the Pope in Rome was dignified and sincere. The President and the Pope had a long private talk, and only after that, he departed to political meetings with the NATO leaders.

During his election campaign, Trump declared NATO obsolete, and indeed he was right. NATO had been created in the days of Cold War I to confront the mighty USSR, a superpower with 50,000 tanks and 5 million soldiers. The border went west of Prague and Berlin. Now the border runs east of Kiev and Tallinn, Russia has about one thousand tanks, and its army is of an ordinary European size. NATO is superfluous to deal with Russia.

Perhaps if Trump’s hands were free, he would give NATO his Paris accord treatment, and just walk out, but that was plainly impossible. The allegation of Putin-Trump conspiracy is the last and best defence of NATO, and of the New World Order. While being accused of illegal dealings with the Kremlin, Trump could not dump NATO, drastically cut his military expenditure and attend to friendly relations with Russia. He was even forced to say he changed his mind and became a new believer in NATO.

But his plans did not change. Instead of slamming the door, he accused his NATO partners of not paying their dues. He quarrelled with them, until Mrs Merkel said that “Europe will defend itself by its own means”. The result was the same desirable one: NATO is on its way to dissolution.

But his greatest strike against hidden world governance was in Washington when he dumped the Paris climate accord. The man-made GW (Global Warming) doctrine had been located in the very pinnacle of the single unified narrative impressed upon mankind by the Masters of Discourse, right next to the Holy Holocaust. Ten years ago, a prominent columnist of Boston Globe Ellen Goodman stated that “global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers”. Since then, the twain were frequently compared as examples of what “thou shalt not”.

And now, all of a sudden, Trump broke the taboo and gave us freedom. We do not have to profess our fear of rising seas, melting ice and scorching heat when we live through the coldest spring on living memory. It was snowing today, June 2, in Moscow, and in Sweden, the apple trees came to bloom only now, instead of early May, but without Trump, we’d never dare to admit loudly that man-made climate change theory is sheer bunkum.

Actually, I have never met a climate scientist who believed in the GW theory, though few would say that openly in company, for fear of losing their job and being ostracised. In private, they all laughed off the idea that people are able to influence climate. The climate changes all right all the time, but human contribution to the change is negligible. Russian scientists (the same ones who imposed Trump upon Clinton-loving Americans, perhaps?) had made a working model of climate, and they concluded that the main factor of change is solar activity. Carbon dioxide (CO 2) is rather a by-product of warming than the cause, and anyway it is beneficial for vegetation.

As opposed to historical events, physical effects are observable. We shall see with our own eyes who is right. According to the Russian climate model, we are in the beginning of a minor Ice Age. Observations of the Antarctic ice fields confirm that ice is building, not receding. It will not become warmer, as official scientists claimed; it will be much, much colder, at least for the next thirty years. Winter is coming! The fathers of the Kyoto and Paris treaties will surely congratulate themselves with winning the battle against global warming when we freeze. Our influence on climate is very minor, whether for good or for ill, but we shall need oil and coal to survive.

Why, then, has such a doubtful theory gained importance and forced business-minded nations to pay through the nose or lay off workers? This is not a question of science. By the Paris accord, the World Bank had full control over its implementation. Bankers, the hidden wannabe government of the world, could rule over industries. Besides, bankers’ mind control matrix needed some defining points. Once, there was belief in royal prerogative and in Christ the Saviour, then profit and family, and recently market forces, global warming, gender shift, mass migration (“antiracism”) and Jewish superiority. If you doubt a defining point, your opponent will act insulted and will try to insult you. He may weep and cry and break down in tears.

In my childhood, love to Stalin has been a defining point for the Russians; when Khrushchev removed it, people cried – but eventually they were freed. Even if they came back to their admiration of Stalin, they did it as free men of their own free will.

Perhaps we, or our children will reassess the climate theory, but it will be done by our own free will, and not under bankers’ guidance. The fateful decision of Trump removed the defining point of last twenty years.

I have noticed that prominent scientists who debunked the GW conspiracy tend to be Russians, even if they worked in the West, such as Prof Zharkova of Northumbria University, or Dr A Kosovichev of Stanford University. The Russians aren’t scared by the word “denier”; like Lorelei Lee, the blonde of the Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, they lack mental inhibitions. Their Soviet system was rough but people were free to think what they want. “The Russians did not care what I think, but the Americans did. They wanted me to think as they did”, observed Carl Schmitt, the great German philosopher of law. He had spend time in Russian and in the American occupation zones of Germany after 1945, so he could compare, and he found that in Russian-ruled East Germany minds were free. The Russians – whether in Russia or elsewhere – are still rather independent of mind, as they haven’t been properly brainwashed by the Masters of Discourse.

The Russians never believed in the man-made GW; Russia didn’t ratify the Paris accord, Vladimir Putin didn’t condemn Trump for withdrawing from the accord despite being pushed to do so. He doubted whether the countries of the world were really in a position to halt climate change. This is Putin’s personal point of view: the world climate changes all the time, but human factor is negligible.

“Somehow we here aren’t feeling that the temperature is really rising, but we should be thankful to President Trump. There was snow in Moscow today; [in St Petersburg], it’s rainy and cold – now we can blame all this on him and American imperialism,” Putin joked. Trump referred to the whole GW scheme as “hoax”. Indeed there were many surprising revelations like Climategate, when emails of leading British climate scientists were leaked and the emerging picture has been best described as hoax. The revelations made little impact: apparently the forces behind the conspiracy were adamant on carrying their plot through.

In 2003, Senator James Inhofe asked his famous question: “With all of the hysteria, all of the fear, all of the phony science, could it be that man-made global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people?” He further stated, “some parts of the IPCC process resembled a Soviet-style trial, in which the facts are predetermined, and ideological purity trumps technical and scientific rigor.” Inhofe has suggested that supporters of the Kyoto Protocol are aiming at global governance. Perhaps he was right.

Symbolically, a man who spent a lot of money and effort on imposing the Global Warming dogma upon mankind, died just very recently in March at the ripe old age of 102. This was old David Rockefeller who had changed six hearts, according to popular belief. The geezer was very keen on the idea. Two years ago, when Rockefeller has been but an energetic 100 y.o., Dr John Spritzler of The New Democracy wrote that Rockefeller wants us to believe in Global Warming for nefarious reasons, namely he needs a “new Big Idea with which to get the masses to follow the leadership of the upper class”. They want to frighten us – with GW or terrorism or whatever – into submission.

The European train keeps rolling; the European leaders insist on following the Paris Accord. It will cost more money for their populace, but until now, they had their defence cost-free by gracious leave of the American taxpayer. That’s why Trump’s GW rejection is strongly connected with NATO rejection.

Now the European clowns are running under their own steam. They continue to enforce the NWO program. They manufactured a new line of leaders: youngish, homoerotic, childless, good-looking. And Russia-bashing. Hostility to Russia and to Trump, total loyalty to their defining points – this is the bankers’ writ to Europe. How far will they go without the US?

Their first trial is the UK elections, where the wonderful Jeremy Corbyn weathers the same media assault that Trump survived in the US. Corbyn has a chance: the media now publishes endless streams of fake news about and against him. But as we learned on the US example, this trick doesn’t always work. If Corbyn wins, the NWO Europe will shrink down to the EU core.

Unless they can get rid of Donald Trump. The photo of Kathy Griffin in the role model of Judith presenting Trump as Holofernes is a terrible reminder that things are very serious. In our culture codes, Judith was a righteous woman who beheaded the enemy of her nation. Griffin presented Trump as Holofernes, as the enemy who should be killed. Such a presentation can unhinge a would-be assassin. This is very dangerous – bearing in mind the endless media assault and betrayal by Republican Congressmen and Senators. Will he survive?

This depends on the American people. Changes produced by Trump amount to revolution; he will do many good things if he has a chance. Luckily, the Americans have their guns. This is the best defence for the Donald. Vladimir Lenin in his most important and short book The State and the Revolution calls for arming people the American way. This is the real leftist attitude. The American pseudo-left calls for disarming, but the real left is for people with guns who decide their future. I am surprised that supporters of Trump haven’t yet formed their militia, call it the Trump Guard, to prevent any attempt at a coup d’état. If they won’t do it, I’d say, they do not need guns at all.

The Republican Party should be cleansed of traitors. People who do not support the President should be kicked out of the Party. Let them be independent, if they were already elected, and vote them out at the first occasion.

Donald is doing well, but he should think more of his voters. More populism! He should give his supporters something they wouldn’t like to lose. Not the rich people – the ordinary working class Americans should be given a bonus. A compensation for so many years without pay rise. Pay their debts, their student loans. This is the right time to build a good steady base of support.

His military pursuits won’t help him, nor America. After unnecessary involvement in Syria and Iraq, where American bombers kill civilians by hundreds, now Trump goes deeper into the Afghanistan quagmire, sending troops and supplying the Taliban with weapons. Afghanistan is already a very unhappy and ruined country, 16 years under American occupation. CIA thugs have made billions smuggling and selling drugs produced there. Given that the CIA is hostile to Trump, does it make sense to pump more money, arms and soldiers to Afghanistan? Better forget about the place, take the soldiers back home and let the Afghans sort their problem out themselves. His anti-Iranian posture is equally useless: Iran isn’t looking for trouble, but it is not a soft target. Saudis, with all the weapons in the world, will never be able to fight Iran. Ditto North Korea. War-mongering in Korea will give Trump no brownie points, just troubles.

Trump should concentrate his mind on his survival, on reshuffling the government, on promoting his supporters, and undermining the Deep State. This task is big enough without going to unnecessary wars.

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This article was first published at The Unz Review.

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