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Two Lines in the Struggle against Zionism

At this point, the real dimension of the danger that Zionism represents for peace and for human coexistence should be clear. If the Jewish lobby supporting it didn’t exist, Zionism itself wouldn’t be such a big problem for mankind. Let’s imagine for a minute an isolated Israel, secluded in Palestinian territory, hated by the Arabic people, despised by democratic people and anti-racists around the world; without any great power supplying it with weapons, nor defending it; countless times condemned at the UN (without the Usamerican vetoes); without the team of journalists, newspapers, and televisions fighting today tooth and nail to defend it.

The international community could have eliminated the Zionism/Israel problem in a second with a UN Resolution establishing a democratic state in Palestine. The problem persists only because the Usamerican-Israeli lobby — supported to a large extent (although not by all of it) by the Jewish community— has succeeded, according to the words of Sharon, to “control” the Congress and the Usamerican culture. This fact has created an imperialist monster — by now most people call it “USrael”— which has adopted the racist, colonialist and warlike ideology of Zionism, especially with the neoconservative Likudniks on the summit of the Usamerican power and firmly heading the two political parties of Congress.  

What is left for the activist, for the democrat who wants to fight against Zionism to do? What can possibly be done against USrael and against the dangers of the current war — more threatening day after day — given the situation in the Middle East and the possibility of an Israeli assault on Iran, something that would drag Usamerica and Europe into a generalized war?  

First of all, to eliminate internal enemies. This is a necessity and a characteristic of all struggles. It is an absolute necessity because, internal enemies, the gilders of the Zionist pill, paralyse the struggle, they disparage the generous efforts, they divert the fight from the right objectives, they sabotage and they derail the train of the struggle for peace. Who are the internal enemies?  

They are all those: 

1) sustaining that to attack Israel, Zionism or even the Jewish lobby is “Anti-Semitism.” You will particularly find false anti-Zionists who say they fight Zionism but at the same time defend the “Israel’s right to exist” as a Jewish state, and they deny the existence of the Jewish lobby; or they accept its existence, but they do it only to diminish its role and its power. Not by chance these people are against the idea of a single democratic state in Palestine.  

2) sustaining that the people who condemn the Jewish lobby and its power in Usamerica and in Europe resort to the “theory of the Jewish plot,” a secret plot of the Hebrews to dominate the world. They don’t call it the “Elders of Zion” but the concept is the same. Beware of those accusing the anti Zionists of being supporters of the theory of the “Jewish plot,” because they are accusing them in an indirect way of “anti-Semitism.” There is no secret Jewish plot. Everything happens in broad daylight. The bond between Israel and the majority of the Usamerican Jewish community is of course founded on racist-ethnic-ideological relations, but also, and above all, on material relations, because of the common material interest that Israel and the lobby draw from their control over the Usamerican superpower politics.  

3) sustaining that the war in Iraq is not a Zionist war to benefit Israel, a catastrophic war from the point of view of the Usamerican people and of the material interests of the US imperialism itself.  

4) sustaining that the war in Iraq has been made for US oil interests. Usamerica would have been able to have more Iraqi oil, much more, by coming to an agreement with Saddam Hussein, instead of imposing sanctions which have limited the Iraq oil exportations to less than 1/5. This is valid for the war too. Due to the disorder and the sabotages, the Iraqi oil production hasn’t been able to take off. The shortage of Iraqi oil in the world market brings about the extraordinary increase of oil prices. We thank Israel that the price of gasoline is sky-high.  

And then, all those who:

5) speak of the “escalation of war-terrorism.” These words are dangerous. There is no war on terrorism. It is a war against the peoples and the nations that don’t submit to USrael. A great part of what is defined as “terrorism” are indeed liberation struggles. The true terrorism is the aggression of USrael against those peoples. In Palestine there is no terrorism, there is resistance to the Zionist expansionism. In Lebanon there is no terrorism, it is the defense of the national community, the desires of self-determination of the oppressed Shi’i masses, and the resistance to the Franco-USA-Israeli project to bring Lebanon in the western orbit, using the Christian Maronites and Saudi Arabia against the Shi’i majority (in strong demographic growth, furthermore). In Afghanistan there is no terrorism, but a struggle against a corrupt pro-western regime imposed by the NATO. The government of Karzai consists of heroin traffickers and of masters of war. The outcast masses identified with the Taliban resistance. In Iraq there is no terrorism, there is a struggle against the Usamerican-British military occupation. This struggle is destined to become larger, gradually involving the Shi’i masses, which until now has remained still, encouraged by the Shi’i leaders who expect the Usamericans to eliminate the Sunni resistance for them.  

6) who openly or covertly sustain that a corrupt secular regime is preferable to a popular, genuine and anti-western Islamic government.   

7) who directly or indirectly encourage or support the war of civilization against Islam, defining it as “repressive,” “antifeminist,” “fanatical,” “violent,” “expansionist,” etc.     

Beware of anybody in the ranks of the antiwar movement or supporting Palestine sustaining and spreading similar positions. They are the ones who have made a movement which has involved millions of people powerless, and that had enormous potentiality. Those who consciously or unconsciously have sustained (or still sustain) similar positions, have acted (or act) according with a political line settled by Zionism. The correct, winning line is the one that carefully avoids all these traps and obstacles.  

Mauro Manno, Barbara Maseda and Mary Rizzo are members of Tlaxcala (, the network of translators for linguistic diversity. This translation is Copyleft.

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