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Ideas that will Derail the descent to Barbarity

Netanyahu Besieged

The best Prime Minister the country has ever had. This is how Benjamin Netanyahu is referred to by his numerous supporters. He is the longest-serving one, since the founder of the Jewish state, David Ben Gurion; he served longer than Vladimir Putin. But now apparently he is on the way to follow his predecessor Prime Minister Ehud Olmert t[...]

Read in French: Netanyahou, la traque

A Russian Trump?

Do you remember the terrible onslaught of the mainstream media on presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2016? Dozens of revelations about his fake hair, pussy grabbing, tax avoidance and what not; dozens of public polls proving that the nation wanted Hillary and hated Trump, opinion pieces convincing you that only racist white trash coul[...]

Read in French: Gru, un Trump en version russe?

The Rich Also Cry

While you have probably already forgotten the feast, Russia is only now slowly coming back to life after its overlong Christmas break completed on January 14 by the quaintly named Old New Year, or even perhaps by the Epiphany on January 19. Everybody went somewhere, even candidates for the presidential race coming in on March 18: the Comm[...]

Read in French: Les riches pleurent aussi

“You Are Now Entering the American Sector”

Russia avoided the Syrian quagmire despite dire predictions. Putin minimised his footprint, his war is almost over, ISIL has been defeated. Trump could also exclaim “Mission is completed!” – and fly home. But it seems he is eager to rush in where angels fear to tread. Trump does not mind doing for the Israeli Prime Minister what his prede[...]

American Gestalt (Short Version)

Tramp’s recognition of Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem had made a lot of good for many actors: for Russia and Iran, for Palestine and Europe, and even for the people of America, though perhaps it was not expected by the Israelis who pushed for this decision. Now the old mischievous pretence of the US being a neutral broker is gone; the true feelings of the US establishment towards the Mi[...]
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