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Against All Odds

Mike Moore’s flabby mug always looks indecently exposed, like middle-aged female genitalia. The fat slob could lead the old hags’ march without the pink pussyhat. Just his own visage would suffice. He is actually similar to George Soros: the same obscene pussyface. For me, his appearance would doom him: like Oscar Wilde, I believe that ugly creatures are immoral as well. It’s enough to look a[...]
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From Yin to Yang

The ascent of Donald Trump is more than a change of tenant of the White House on 1600, Pennsylvania Ave. It is a momentous swing from Yin to Yang, from dark feminine to bright masculine paradigm, from Cybele to Christ. Tremendous resistance to the regime change proves its unique importance. That’s why the American colour revolution, the attempt to prevent the new president’s reign, took a [...]
Read in French: L’ère Trump : du Yin au Yang

The Liberation of the Slaves

Donald Trump’s electoral victory unleashed pent-up tectonic energies on the unprecedented scale. The world has been changed, much more than could be expected from any election of a US president. Just a short time has passed since election day, but it appears that the New World Order has received a shattering blow. There is a great feeling of freedom in the air, as if the vote broke the chains[...]
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Congratulations, Folks!

What could be better than waking up in time to witness the last few minutes of the historic race between the Champion of Deplorables and the Best Friend of Banksters, and to see Trump emerging victorious! Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to see these scenes at all and especially in sunny Jerusalem where I am now, and thank you, our American friends, for achieving this v[...]
Read in French: Félicitations, les gars!

Nuclear Poker

If the greatest poker game of all times will end by nuclear grand slam, and the survivors will review the causes of WWIII, they will die laughing. The Third World War had been fought to save al Qaeda. Yes, my dear readers! Uncle Sam invaded Afghanistan in order to punish al Qaeda, and now he started the World War to save al Qaeda. Positively a great ambivalent passionat[...]
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A Crooked Mile

The “crooked mile” from the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes (“There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile etc”) is Fleet Street, which is well known to London journalists. So I was told when I joined the BBC at Bush House, at the very end of Fleet Street. Not only is the street itself crooked, but so are many of its occupants. Crookedness is a professional problem for the media. Howe[...]
Read in French: Redresser les médias tordus

Three Churches’ Summit

As the Russian Easter approaches – it will symbolically coincide this year with May Day – it is the right time to speak of a very important recent spiritual event that received too little publicity in the West, but it kept Russia all agog. This was not an Oscar nomination, after all. Two old men, heads of two great churches had met on the territory of the third church. These were Kyril and Fr[...]
Read in French: Le sommet des trois églises

Bernie Sanders brise la règle du jeu

Celui qui veut devenir président des USA doit prêter allégeance à Israël, jurer pleine et entière soumission aux exigences d'Israël. Il faut se précipiter à l'AIPAC et déclarer son amour éternel de l'Etat juif. C'est un truisme, Monsieur de La Palisse était bel et bien vivant un quart d'heure avant sa mort. Jusqu'au moment où Bernie Sanders a renversé l'échiquier et changé la donne. Nous n[...]

Russians Ride Fast

The area around the Central Moscow tube stations looks like Aleppo after an air raid. Ruins, destroyed buildings, bulldozers gathering the shambles. No, Moscow was not hit by terrorists: this is a planned demolition of hundreds of small and not-too-small shacks erected (in defiance of planning law) in the vicinity of tube stations in the notorious Nineties, when the Law was vague and easily b[...]

Moscow Snowbound, Litvinenko Poisoned, and the Syrian War

TOP NEWS: Feeling Pinch of Oil Collapse, Some Russians Take to Streets , reported The New York Times . Indeed, at that time thousands of Russians were queuing in Central Moscow. The enormous line snaked around in the park, despite frost and snow. People stood three and four hours, braving winter weather: old ladies in furs and gentlemen in greatcoats, young people in anoraks, all sort of Russ[...]
Read in French: Moscou sous la neige, Litvinenko empoisonné, et la guerre en Syrie
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